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FM21 - Make England Playable Again - FIX

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I've managed to do a "insert a club" successfully into the English league structure

see attached (main change is creating a club/city and plonking them in Prem - passes all validations for England, but can obviously move clubs around freely)
obviously with me creating a brand new Prem club, I've had to scale it accordingly (WestBrom, Preston, Mansfield all got randomly "relegated", but it does pass the validations)

to fix: make created team "Hillbury" useless, and modify their finances/rep and stadium "Link Plaza" accordingly
unless you want the challenge of a completely blank squad that's meant to contend for the title... (150m transfer budget to do so)


if you're interested in your own adjustments for England (removing Brexit / creating other club), then you can adjust the DB accordingly

DOWNLOAD AT OWN RISK, I am not debugging your saves/errors (I managed to survive a season update for 21/22, seeing a test save completed in July 2021 and running until September 2022)


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The key issue is that as soon as you go to the advanced rules and to remove Brexit this is essential the game fails to validate. The reason being minimum clubs in Van National and the knock on.
Ive posted in another thread my thoughts on fixing this but it certainly should be easier. Last year was a headache but I had a Brexit fix out within hours as the game didn't have code which was not even verified to begin with?!!

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2 hours ago, Wolf_pd said:

Let me know if you want to keep this in the main forum or moved to the FM21 download forum.

you can move it to the downloads section


but the idea of the post is that it effectively "fixes" the English leagues (down to the VNS/N), which allows them to be freely editable (and makes it selectable, my holiday save with them made it to 2050 without issues)
It's arguably how it should have been released as

I've made some adjustments (I intended to create my own club) - hence the "fix" is undoing that initial adjustment
As the general thread has detailed in spades, there's a whole heap of issues associated with the English system

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