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[FM21] Another year, another Rotherham United save.

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Oh damn, i've booted the game up this afternoon to this.


It's so tempting, I can do both jobs.

And maybe in the future I will but I need to concentrate on getting Rotherham and winning the Champions League.


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Transfers so far...

(I'm scouting extensively for youth players)

I spent more than I expected but I'm probably broke even.  154million came in and I've spent 150mil.

Out first as norm



Almedia - he's alright but he's my 4th CB and I wanted HG

Poulsen - Alright, could get better now, felt like cashing in 'cause that is alot for him.

Persson - Was never going to make it here, 8mil is a steal.

Biasoli - He's got potential but I don't need him, I don't have much interesting in helping him become better when he won't be trained at club.  I have a 25% profit clause aswell. 

Hickey - 37.5mil is stupid money for Hickey, he started well and his performances declined alot and he's been replaced by much better.

Macedo - 32mil for my 4th striker? Okay.

Laird - We just didn't need him.




We all know Kane, look how class he still in.  I think that's a steal.


Garcia is a homegrown CB who will play with Vinhas.


Okay so I prefer training youth, HG all that but when a player who has been consistent for years is transer listed way below his value, he has to be purchased.




Homegrown player, will be at LB.  Replacing Poulsen.



Absolutely class, absolute steal.  Will be an elite LB, I found him in Brazils U23.  No one else interested which I found mad.



Same again, competition for Meyer.  Mental how cheap I got these fullbacks.  I could have a Portguese talking back 5 playing here :lol:.


Typical pre-season to get things going.  Our first attempt at the Community Shield is due.


Bringing in some money here but still a long way to go to match the top clubs.  We'll need a new stadium for that.



They asked me if I wanted to allow physios to be paid more, I asked for something better and it wad given.  Keep that youth training improvement going.



Right, let's see how we do in the Community Shield and if we can get on with a good start.  Hey, I have a couple of good youngsters comin' in.

Well, I have two coming in for free from Brazil due in January.


I'm interesting what we can make out of this guy.  Even in the end it's just money.  Possibly a winger but needs a bit more flair.



Okay so he isn't going to win the ball in the air but he looks like he could be handy in the pressing forward support role in future years.



We'll see.

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We've started very well.  We absolutely stole the Community Shield from Liverpool 'cause somehow Haaland loves missing against me.  We battered Leciester with Kane getting his first Rotherham goal.  We drew away at Anfield with Liverpool scoring in the 85th minute, was a good goal and fully deserved.  If we'd of taken 3 points it'd of been daylight robbery, they're such a good team.  We beat Southampton, well we battered them but didn't score as many as I'd of liked.  They pulled one back in the 90th minute from a penalty but far too late.  Palace is a strange one, we weren't great but leading, we made a couple of subs and we were on fire.  Could of had alot more than 4. 

How it's looking so far.


Community Shield


We were lucky to win.  Lemar was great then had to go off.  Salas came on as a sub and decided he'd be a ninja, down to 10 and somehow Liverpool didn't find a way through and we played with real character.  We won a penalty but as you can see Saint-Maximin had his shot saved.  Still another one in the cabinet.



If we can, we'll keep improving.




Cup Draws

Not a bad draw in the Carabao Cup, gives us a chance to go through.



Champions League draw, I can't see why we won't top this group.  Milan will be the toughest team to face.



End of Transfer Window

I made two more purchases.  First a young GK for 2million.  Normally I'd never send an 18 year out on loan, I'd want him HG but he has tons of potential and it's more important that he plays.



I bought this player for his 11.25 clause.  There don't seem to be alot of wingers about, this one I can train at MR, make him HG and hopefully he'll be ready to replace Saint-Maximin.


Nice to see us bringing more in more income.



Since our wage bill has risen, alot.



And we love building a better squad (we're probably about 10mil spent with the amoutn we've sold this season)


Biggest Transfers



Right, let's get the season going!  Up the Millers!


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Brilliant month.  Klopp stole manager of the month off me yet again :lol:.

Saint-Maximin got us off to a great start against Norwich and we couldn't find another goal, a win is a win.  Newcastle were the better side and we found ourselves down to 10 men after Rice was sent off for a second yellow.  Vinhas scored from a Lemar corner and Lemar got us two up.  Newcastle got one back but we managed to hold on.  We battered Burnley with Rice, Kane and O.G putting us 3 - 0 up in just 27 minutes.

Lemar is on another level, I thought McNeil was good but Lemar has to be signing of the season so far.

Still anyones title.


Carabao Cup

Easy, their manager complained that we weren't even good, alright dude, okay :lol:


Big ask now though.


Champions League


Two very good wins, where we controlled both games and got clean sheets.



I reckon we can get another green month.



Incoming player

So I was interested in a MC-DLP.  Mine doesn't perform and he's worth 57mil, he's supposedly to be a much better player than Gauld and just isn't.  No one was intereted though so I thought I'll buy this player next summer.  3 weeks or so after the window closes Barcelona become interested so I had to pull the trigger on his release clause of 20.5mil.  He looks amazing and my scouts love him.


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Remember when Brighton were challenging for the league title a couple of seasons back?  Yeah, they're not half as good.  Easy win.  Took longer than I wanted to finally get the goal.  From start to finish, we just battered Bournemouth.  Maybe they should of had a goal but their 1.06xg was overshadowed by our 3.55xg.  It was a very scrappy game at Bramall Lane but Kane scored from the spot just before half time.  Lemar doubled and Sheffield United didn't manage a shot on target all game.  Oof though.  That Debry game.  We were terrible to start with.  We took the lead through Kane with an early penalty but Derby equalised just before the half.  They got a pen of their own which they converted to go 2  - 1 up.  We couldn't find a way through, it was awful to watch.  I just full on attack mode, changed striker roles.  Layton Stewart was set up by Kane and then a ball over from Harding which Stewart till had work to do to slot in.  What a come back.  Fantastic.

Possibly why I finally got another Manager of the Month award.  That and Liverpool and Manchester United have dropped points.




We haven't played the "big clubs" yet but that's a nice gap.


Lemar is so good.  Look at the date!  We're not even half way through the season!




Carabao Cup


Playing great, they pick up their pace and equalise through an absolute worldy from Pulisic.  We manage to win.

But the next match is harder.



Champions League



I didn't put my first team out vs Milan, I underestimated them, we didn't play well and got punished.  They're on next game though so I want revenge.



Let's make it green!  Arsenal may cause a challenge but we should be beating Spurs and Fulham.


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Arsenal were decent and you could of said a draw was fair as they hit the woodwork twice but we came away with all 3 points.  We battered Spurs, what on earth happened at that club.  Lemar scored against Arsenal and then again against Spurs with Stewart getting the 2nd.  They had 1 shot, 0 on target.  Looking at their squad, they've just bought Neco Williams in from Lyon(the Liverpool youth player) and he's listed as their key player.  He's good but I'd of expected Spurs to of been bringing in proper quality.  Fulham game was a mad one!  We went ahead early when Lemar assisted Kane and then they scored an absolute beauty to equalise.  it looks like a draw and it's pure drama.  Murgan goes down outside the box, Fulham fans are shouting he's faking his injury(he was) but we've played advantage, the balls out on the left with Marcos Vinicius my left back, he swings a ball into the box and Marco Dionnet runs in and heads the ball in the back of the net in the 95th minute!  95th! 


Another manager of the month award :cool:



We're doing very well in the league but we're not walking it by any extent, we've had good games at good times.  The next two months will shape everything.  in December we start with Chelsea and end with Manchester City on boxing day and only 2 days later Manchester United.  I expect losses to finally come unless my lads are made of stronger stuff.


Champions League



Revenge against Milan and we should of beat Solvan Brarislava by more than 3, it was total domination.



After the Milan game we got.


Look how many shots!


FA Cup Draw


Call Ups

Love my players making their international debut


And a goal





That time again, where we ask for upgrades after they're completed :lol:

Thankfully training is now maxed out :cool:




Let's see how December goes, it's a tough month.


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Chelsea were poor through out the first half and we didn't punish them.  They ended up winning a penalty just before the break they thankfully missed but they came out the second half a much better side.  Foden put them up and I thought I'd go attacking.  Myron Boadu made Garcia look silly.  Kane got a consolation but yeah, that wasn't good enough.  Wolves were a really tough game, we attacked and attacked but we couldn't find a winner until the 88th minute through my fullback smashing one in!  West Brom was all about putting away set pieces.  Figueira scoring against Wolves and two against West Brom.  We should have won at Manchester City, Kane missed an absolute sitter but we draw a blank for the first time in a long time we didnt score.  We were so poor at the back vs Manchester United.  We made so many mistakes.  Garcia played Greenwood in, not like he needs help.  He got a hat-trick against us with in January puts him 13 ahead of anyone else with 26 goals in 18 games.  He's unreal.  We also lost Lemar for a month at the end of the game which is a huge blow.


I said it'd look different.


Look at Greenwood!



Champions League



Group winners!


And I reckon we can progress in the next round.



Carabao Cup


Lemar was amazing.  Next game is a huge ask.


Let's see where we end at the end of January, alot of games to be played and there will be transfers.

There's two players I'd sell for their value right now.  They may look good but they don't play well.  Can I move them on?


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Posted (edited)



No idea how we didn't win at the King Power.  New signing Ivan Garcia put us ahead with his first Rotherham goal and somehow we weren't putting ourselves two up.  From nothing, Eric Garcia makes another mistake, easily lets Gelhardt past him who equalises.  He's gone in the summer to me.  He is not a 54mil player.  I have the best defense in the league somehow and it certaintly doesn't feel like he's contributed.  Back to positives though.  Within 6 minutes we were 2 - 0 up against Liverpool!  They equalised just after the break but we took home the 3 points when Murgan got his brace.  Southampton was a funny game, both teams were poor in the first half, there wasn't anything happening.  Second half I changed a couple of roles and Murgan got 4 goals!  We were bloody brilliant.

We weren't brilliant at home to Palace though who made us work for our win.  We went 1 - 0 up just before the break and out of nothing they won a penalty in injury time of the first half and we went in level.  A lucky O.G from the ball hitting the keeper put us ahead and gave us all 3 points.  Same again at Burnley, thankfully Saint-Maximin won us the game but we couldn't put the ball in the net at all.  Sometimes it's frustrating to watch us not force much of a save out of the opposition goalkeeper, especially when we're against bottom of the league.

We're second purely on GD, we have a game in hand still.


Atleast Murgan has been been playing well.



Carabao Cup



I thought no problems, we'll get this at home and put ourselves in another final.


We missed so many chances.  Murgan, Stewart, Saint-Maximin.  All missing glorious chances.  I cannot believe we're not in the final.  Frustrating.

FA Cup

Atleast this has been kind.




And next up is


Good draws for us.

Transfer Window

We sold one player for 55mil and one youth player for 30% of next sale.

Looks really good.



Doesn't play really well though.


City spent all their money on Fabio Silva from Wolves, that's alot of money for 1 player!  This was before the window shut, seems another 200mil was spent on deadline say in the Prem.





Let's see a green month.


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Amazing win vs Newcastle.  We were 2 - 0 and cruising but Ivan Garcia got sent off for a bad tackle in the 48th minute.  Tried to change it about but it made us a bit suspect at the back and Luke Baines got one back for Newcastle.  I changed it about a bit and we looked quality.  Rice put an amazing ball over for Saint-Maximin to hit in, lovely.  We didn't turn up in the first half vs Norwich and thankfully Nubel saved a penalty but we cruised in the second half.  Frustrating draw at home Bournemouth.  We had chances but nothing clear cut.  We could of really pushed ahead with that.  Brighton was a Ryan Gauld masterclass, he assisted all 4 goals and got himself POTM.





Champions League



Quality own goals :lol:.  First was a shot that hit the bar, bounced down and it's like he's gone down to catch and fumbled it in.  His second OG was a cross comin' in, Meyer trying to finish but he didn't need to 'cause their goalkeeper spilled it in anyway.  That should be enough to go through.


A player who has been pretty important for him getting in ahead of Garcia at CB, playing better than Vinhas is out for the rest of the season.  Such a blow.


Lemar out for 4 weeks but that's nothing compared to 4 months! Ofc I sent him to a specialist!

This made me feel a little better, Arsenal lost in the final.



March should be green, atleast some players can rest against Colchester.


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We haven't been great in either league games.  Salas scoring from a header from a throw in against Sheffield United and Saint-Maximin just beating better than everyone else against Derby, getting a brace before they pulled one back in the 92nd minute.  Still, both wins which is what we need at the back end.

Somehow I won Manager of the Month.



And we still lead by 3.



Wingers been very very good.  McNeil is on 3 Player of the Match aswell.  Imagine if Lemar had been fit all season.



Champions League

I didn't think we'd lose so I played players for fitness and rested some first teamers for the Liverpool game.


Next up!



Very very tough, we can win though.

And then after that.


FA Cup


Then their boss... you conceded 8 goals dude :lol:



Next game was mental.  We were 2 - 0 up and somehow we let a soft goal in and gave away a penalty, went 4 - 2 up conceded in the 88th and 91st minute so it as 4 - 4 and then it just kept going!


I honestly felt like this dude was trolling me.  How good was a keeper who made 8 saves but conceded 7!? I'm gonna say, not very :lol:


Smashed a record with atleast one game to play.


I think we can get a final here.



Youth intake

Not one decent player, oh well.



New full interntional

Love seeing these :D


Strange business here surely?  In March they bid and both players rejected contracts, it's April 1st and they've bid again.  112mil for Foden and 11mil for Sancho.


Damn English players are expensive :lol:

Hoping to see a green month because May is going to be very difficult.  In May we have Chelsea on the 4th, City on the 8th and United on the 16th which may be a title decider on the last day!


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What a superb month.  We didn't concede in the league all month.  The game vs Arsenal was just even, no one could find a way through and Donnarumma was MOTM.  This was the game that made me drop Kane for Stewart to give us more pace infront and you can see how it's worked wonders.  He bagged a hat-trick vs Fulham.  Saint-Maximin got a brace vs Spurs with Ivan Garcia scoring a powerful shot to put us ahead early on and Lemar also getting on the scoreshoot.  McNeil scored within the first minute against Wolves thanks to an amazing ball from Everton Ganino who has been playing well whilst learning his trade at MR.  Murgan got a late brace which which needed.

So we got into the last month as leaders, by a point and creeping up on GD.



FA Cup


Bournemouth were brilliant, it was so close and then the injuries didn't help.  Thankfully Nubel was an amazing as always and we're into the final where Sheffield United beat Manchester United so it's a Yorkshire Derby!


Champions League


Edwards scored a creamer and a penalty against us.  We scored from set pieces.  I forgot to take a picture of the match report but yeah, we didn't turn up.  Harding getting sent off really didn't help our cause and we were lucky to draw but we took away two away goals.

I didn't forget to take a picture though when we went back to the NYS and battered them :cool:


Then we drew Manchester United and I was like ah bugger, will this cost us?

Stewart playing amazing and we're 3 - 1 up!  3 away goals!


It starts tough due to the fact they may be 20th but I need to play fringe players but I need to win.  We gotta be fit for the rest of the month.  This is a huge ask.  Aslong as I win a trophy, I'll be happy.


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You've gotta love it.

We faced 20th and won 3 - 0.  United faced 20th and lost 1 - 0.

In 2 games, we need 1 point.



I can't complain what we finally conceded a goal either.  It was a 20 yard worldy that no keeper would have saved.

We also battered United in the 2nd leg but somehow lost, we're still through to the final.



Where we play Inter.


Can we get the treble!?


I'll see tomorrow 'cause it's nearly 4am and time for bed :lol:

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Turns out there isn't a title race after all.  United played on the Tues, we play on the Weds.


They lost.  We win.




Talk about a bottle job :lol:


They lost in the FA Cup Semi Final to Sheffield United.  Lost to us in the Champions League Semi Final and drew and lost there last three Premiership games to miss out on the title :lol:

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What a way to end the season.  We look simply unstoppable.







Most goals joint with United.  Least conceded, most clean sheets.  Brilliant season.   We're currently on a run of 19 league games without losing and we haven't lost at home in 30 league games :cool:.


He's an absolute brilliant goalkeeper and there's no one I'd replace him with.  The only time I'd sell him if Bayern wanted him since he'd still like to play for Bayern




I'm suprised to see Dionnet in there since he's been a bit of a make shift player.  Playing at CB and CM.  The rest deserve to be there.  My wingers have been immense.

Now, it's time for some cup games :cool:

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FA Cup


First half:

9th minute: It's 1 - 0 to the Millers!  Sheffield United have a free kick inside the Rotherham half but they take it short and spend far too much time messing about on the ball.  Saint-Maximin take sit off them first but it's Lemar who takes the ball, plays a great ball up to Stewart who still has work to do.  He dribbles down and blasts in the corner.

20th minute:  It's 2 - 0 to the Millers.  Garcia hits it out wide to Lemar.  His low cross is hit by Stewart which is blocked but Saint-Maximim hits in.

Lemar is also being replaced by McNeil as he has a knock and I want him for the Inter game.

23rd minute:  Saint-Maximin knocks a good ball up to Stewart who still has alot to do but hits wide.

24th minute:  Saint-Maximin dribbles himself this time but hits wide.

Huge chance missed.

25th minute:  Vinicius puts a low cross in, it's deflected and Murgan misses a huge gap in the net by hitting wide.

37th minute:  It's 3 - 0 to the Millers!  Dionnet heads in McNeils corner.

44th minute: Vieira crosses in but Murgan heads way over!

It's half time.


Second half:

65th minute:  Gauld and Kane are coming on to replace Garcia and Murgan.

It's a quiet second half.

Really quiet.

It's all over.  Rotherham United win the FA Cup!




Now it's time for the big one...

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Champions League

Huge blow for us before we even start the game.




My Captain and both key players.  I hope I can trust Eric Garcia at CB whilst Dionnet goes to MC.



 I'd like to think we have the better side.  Time to see if can beat them though. 

First half:

1st minute:  McNeil corner but Eric Garica heads over.

5th minute:  Dionnet chips into the box but Murgan heds over.

11th minute:  Inter swing in a corner and head at goal but Nubel saves easily.

12th minute:  Vinicius crosses in but Saint-Maximin heads over.

15th minute: Camavinga drives forward for Inter but hits well wide.

37th minute:  We're passing through and the ball falls kindly to McNeil in the box who hits it but Strakosha saves!  We win a corner which is cleared.

We're ontop according to xG but it's 0 - 0 at half time.



Second half:

47th minute: Stewart has a shot bit it's just wide.

55th minute I'm bringing Kane on for Murgan

Dionnet is injured in the 77th minute.  Harding and Gauld will replace Dionnet and Garcia and I'm gonna put Gauld on corner duty.  It's screaming for a Gauld assist.

80th minute;  A cross falls kindly to inter in the box but they fire well over.  Didn't get to see who it was.

It's 0 - 0 and no team look like winning.  Extra time!


Superb at the back!

95th minute:  Inter smash a long shot in and Lukaku is there but Xavier Vieira with a great challenge no only to win the ball but it to play it off for a goal kick!  Phew, that was squeaky bum time.

103rd minute:   Long throw into the box with Stewart wins and beats the goalkeeper but Inter have a defender in the way to clear for a corner otherwise it'd of been a goal! 

ET Half time:

111th minute:  Gauld hits a free kick but Strakosha saves

112th minute:  McNeil goes down but I think it's OUTSIDE the box.  VAR says outside.

It's penaltys, bloody penaltys!!!

I hate this!

Neither team created a great chance.  We were missing Lemar badly.  Can we win the shoot out!?

Lukaku steps up and slots in..

Kane.. slots in.

Belotti... slots in.

Ryan Gauld... slots in.

Barella... SAVED!!!!

St. Max... blasts in!

Camavigna... slots in.

Xaxier Vieira.. saved! :(

Locatelli... in!

McNeil... saved.

Inter win.



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What a season overall.  I was thinkin' about a new save with York but I need that Champions League trophy before I even think about a new save.   We have some amazing players that we can build around. My fullbacks/wingers are great.  We need better players elsewhere.   I will be selling some fringe players and bringing in a few new faces that hopefully have that Champions League winning quality.

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Pre-season and Transfers


Normal pre-season of playing lots of teams and scoring lots of goals.


This is where it's different because compared to normal years there's not the most activity, first, players out.


Wait for it 'cause there's another 100mil to come in here.


Yeah somehow I got 57mil for my 4th striker I purchased for 4.2mil and 49m for my 2nd RM who I bought for 7.5mil.  Both fringe players to me.  It's showing how mad the money is becoming on my game. 

Silva was backup and wanted, I thought I'd just take the money and let Bale come back and be backup goalkeeper.  Jermein Cabrera needs to play, he has so much potential I don't want him to sit as backup.

Shame I had to sell Gauld but he's getting on a bit, he's declining and on 75k a week to not do alot.  9mil was a good price for him.

Cuervo is a new player that could of easily played in my squad but it was a promise when I bought him to loan him out.   A lot of big clubs went in for him so I was lucky to get him.





My scouts recommended Festus and I was a bit like, huh a Utd youth player?  Yeah, I was able to offer him a contract and steal him from Manchester United.  Bags of potential, could be playing here by the age of 18/19.  He comes with some clauses but they're harmless compared to be the player he could be.




He'd of been a part of my team but promise is a promise.  He's playing for Schalke who are in the Champions League so it's not exactly a bad loan.



Needed another CB so Dionnet can stay at CM.  Not bad for 10mil.


And last but no least!



A pressing forward who can operate as my 2nd RM is needed.  Murgan can always play CM if needed if we miss Gauld for a cup game etc.  We have alot of versatile players and this is a great signing in my opinion.



His form at Schalke has been amazing.  If he can be another Lemar for us(performed very well over in Germany and brought it with him here) then that Champions League might be ours.



We've got a "full squad" so I don't even see any youth players being brought in and this will be the end of the window for us already.



And this is one heck of a month to start the season with.... the board want me to win everything, including the Community Shield.


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And the board can be happy :cool:



Kutucu was great in that supporting role.  It's a position we really did need improving.  :D

Wait.. we're allowed scouts? :eek:

I didn't even know we were allowed 18 but now 19?  Let's get some scouts in that have knowledge we don't!

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1 cup game, 4 league games, 0 goals conceded :cool:.  We've started the league how we finished it, we're playing so well.  It only took 5 minutes for Layton Stewart to put us ahead against City and Saint-Maximin had put us 2 up after 12.  Vinhas finished the scoring after 29 minutes and that was that.  We didn't play as well against Chelsea and McNeil was getting in the right spot but could not finish so he went into the middle and Lemar came on who smashed one in and got us all 3 points.  We just battered Liverpool, I've no idea what has happened there.  Vinhas with another headed goal and Rice getting a brace, he playes superb.  Murgan got the 4th goal and then it was onto Vicarage Road.  Murgan got us an early goal but we couldn't score after that, we kept trying and I was getting nervy they'd find an equaliser but a strange goal which Kutucu put us gave us all 3 points in the 92nd minute.

Brilliant.  Only team to win all 4 opening games.


What's interesting here is see Cabrera the only other goalkeeper with 4 clean sheets?  Yeah, he's a Rotherham player on loan :lol:.  Lemar is so good and hasn't even played every game!



And of course another award :cool:



Cup Draws

We start away at Southend which I can play some youth including my 16 year old winger.



This should be a fun group of games, I expect to come out topping the group.



Transfer Window

I couldn't find any more youth players so the window was done for us a long time ago but for many it wasn't.  I had to sign players down to new contracts so my wage budget has gone way up.  I still have 400k and 85mil left to spend on players :lol: there just isn't anyone to improve my current crop for sensible prices.



I wonder if we'll ever catch up to the top 5


Very good English players have move this summer.  Derby producing both so it'll be a big hit on them staying up.  I was interesting in Thomspon but it'd mean selling Kane and I don't want to disturb the team and it might not work out.



Here they are:




City really mean business.  I was looking at Reyna myself but I didn't feel I needed to spend that sort of money on a player who may not even start.



We missed out on a player.  I bid 82mil.  Bayern came in much lower but with a ton of clauses to make it up to 82mil.  Bayern could offer more money so he chose them.



He was incredibly creative in Ligue 1.


Seems City weren't the team that spent the most either.  PSG bringing in the like of Ryan Gravenberch for 80mil, Neco Williams for 60mil(He's gone from OL to Tottenham to PSG in 4 years), Diego Lainez for 44mil , Luca Pellgrini for 42mil and Victor Mollego for 54mil.  Only one newgen and he's out on loan somewhere.  I wonder what they'll be like in the Champions League.



Time for September, I can't see any reason it can't be a green month.


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We have been awesome.  Complete control vs Derby.  Lemar got us off to an early lead after 4 minutes and Ivan Garcia scored an absolute worldy.  Saint-Maximin continued his form and Jonathan Frascone was placed into the starting 11 after Garcia was injured.  He was picked due to how well he'd playd over the international break otherwise normally it would have been Orlando Figueira but he scored on his debut.  Frascone has been class this month.  I can't complain at the goal scored against us either, it was a sensational strike.  We took the form into the Burnley game with Lemar giving us another early lead after 5 minutes, Murgan getting a brace and another worldy by Ivan Garcia.  Former Miller Salas who only went this summer got Norwich off to a flying start after 2 minutes!  Saint-Maximin equalised after 4 and put us ahead in the 24th.  Ahmed Kutucu got himself a brace and we won a penalty!  Since Saint-Maximin had already missed this a penalty this season I let Kutucu try get his hat-trick and it was saved :lol:.  Ant Farley pulled one back for Norwich but it was far too late for them.



Imagine your two best players are both LMs in Lemar and McNeil.



Another manager of the month :D



Carabao Cup

For my "2nd string" I put out an amazing team.  Kane is currently 2nd fiddle to Kutucu as I want to see how well he plays with Murgan(which is currently very well).


Up next is Bristol City!

Champions League


We were brilliant in both games.  Moscow managed 4 shots, 0 on target as Dionnet showed his class in MC after a wonderful performance for the Swiss national team.  Stewart got himself on the score sheet and then got a hat-trick against Dortmund.  He was brilliant.  Never expected to beat Dortmund like that, even if we're at home.



We could look at another green month here.  Depends how Spurs and Manchester United play.  Spurs are finally playing well and are currently unbeaten where United have already lost twice.   Rangers will be a fun game.


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The Leciester game was so close.  We started with a penalty with Kane not on the pitch it was Lemar with the best finishing/compsure to take.  Not Kutucu or Saint-Maximin and.. he missed.  We miss so many Pens :lol:.  Saint-Maximin put us and we went in the break winning.  They pulled one back just after but Kutucu scored just minutes after the equaliser.  It looked bad when we gave a penalty away and they actually scores theirs.  I went all out attack and Kane and Kutucu played brilliantly scoring one each and giving us the three points.   We just battered Bournemouth and with Kane starting.. he scored the pen :cool::lol:.  The Spurs game was bad for both teams.  We scored with our only shot on target and they didn't have a shot on target until the 81st minute which they had a few but all long range efforts.  Big three points.  We went into the Manchester United game without Vinicius(my starting LB) or McNeil and my usual amazing wingers were poor, especially Lemar, awful freekicks and passing.  All 4 strikers played a part in the game and none of them played well.  We conceded in the 73rd minute from a corner 'cause United weren't brilliant either for our first loss this season.

Still top by 5 but hopefully no more games like that.


This is how well the wingers have been playing.



(And this before the United game)



Shame, we broke a record and it ended already!



Champions League



Rangers knew how to defend and they did better than Moscow or Dortmund but they didn't really attack.



Carabao Cup


Routine and then


Should qualify, easy run we're having.




So as norm I ask for them to be upgraded and they're like.. no.  I had to proper argue and they finally at the last option gave in.  We have over 300mil in the bank!



We're getting there.



Let's get back to a green month.


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5 games, 0 conceded.  Only noticed that after posting picture.  That's bloody lovely.  We were much better than Fulham, they didn't register on target.  We took the lead through Vinhas heading in a Lemar corner and then Murgan put us 2 up after placing a follow up shot after Kutucu hit the post.  I don't feel we hard to really try vs Everton purely because Dean Henderson seemed to think he was a Miller and gifted us both goals, was funny to watch.  Stoke were 20th and I can see why.  Saint-Maximin getting a brace and Vinhas and Murgan both scoring again.  Stoke went down to 10 men in the 80th minute but was over in the first half.


5 points clear with a game in hand, lovely.



These wingers :cool:



Just hope Lemar can keep it out 'cause we're without McNeil the busy December period.



Champions League



We're played 5 and conceded 0!  That's insane.  Especially since I rotate in Garcia, Figueira, Meyer and Williams in for these games, I mean that's still a very very very strong back 4. 


Straight after




New international!


Home grown at club and now winning his first cap, love to see it.


FA Cup


Now that's been a bit nice for us :lol:.  Turns out I have a good young LW at the club I didn't know about, I'll give him his debut here.

I'll do my best to train him so he has a future here. 



Try and get another green month in December.  I really want a clean sheet away at Dortmund.




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It took longer until the 53rd minute to score against Southampton and I was a bit nervy they'd get a goal, they only had 1 shot all game but Juan Hernandez always scores again us.  We got our 2nd in the 93rd minute to put the game to bed.  We completed dominated Newcastle and it was nice to see Kane put away his penalty.  The guy doesn't miss where everyone else does :lol:.  Another brilliant performance against Sheffield United, we went 2 - 0 and they pulled one back through Sean Longstaff and I thought we had a game on.  20 minutes later we'd scored another 2 and Kane finished them off for his brace in the 85th minute.  Wolves gave us a game, well, in a way.  They had 11 shots but 0 of them were on target but they kept our forwards quiet and our goal come from Figueira heading in from a corner.  We didn't have Lemar vs Arsenal and had some tired players so I didn't think it'd go as planned.  We were 2 - 0 up after 14 minutes but they pulled one back in the 25th.  Kane got another just before the half and Stewart on a sub killed th egame in the 82nd minute.  What a month.


January is a crazy month so this point lead is very much needed.  We have Chelsea, City and Liverpool in the space of a week.



Lemar :cool:


Manager of the Month is mine again.



Great award for Saint-Maximin.  Mbappe won World Player and World Golden Ball and Lemar was runner up to both so I never expected Allan to pip them both to an award.


Talking about the crazy fixture list.  Lemar misses out but we will have McNeil back.  Harding played very well on the left vs Arsenal.



And of course, we set a record and then Sheffield United score the game after :lol:



Champions League


Can you hand us the Champions League now? :cool::lol:.  6 games, 18 scored, 0 conceded.


And the next round looks good for us.



Carabao Cup



I played alot of youth in this game to rest my better players, we just couldn't put the ball int he net but we needed to rest them.


Semi Final draw has been kind aswell.



New Contract


This came out of the blue and they've offered to be pay me alot of money!!!  :eek:



It's time for January.  No one will be leaving, or I'd hope not.  Arsenal want Stewart and the only way he'll sign a contract if he is kept as an important player where in reality he's my 4th striker.  Only players I'd like to bring in are youth players.


Just play the best we can.  9 games in January.  Atleast I can rest some players for the first two.


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We played well against Chelsea, Ivan Garcia scored a beauty and they never looked like getting out of first gear.  Murgan scored in the 98th minute to wrap it up.

Then we went to face City with this much of a depleted squad.


My main CM pairing, my RM, both my LBs all missing in such an important time.  The young Argentinians are playing in Olympic qualifies. 

We were unlucky, by the end of the match I had my 16 year old RM I'd bought in from United and my young 17 LM and we lost in the 92nd minute.  Compared to the Liverpool game where we had McNeil back, we were great, 2 - 0 up but I had to take the some players off due to fitness issues and they scored in the 85th and 92nd minute.  Wasn't deserved.  Thankfully we were able to rest and play near our normal level against Watford.  We didn't take that level into the Burnley game though and won through an 83rd penalty we'd gotten for a handball.

We're still 6 points clear with a game in hand.



FA Cup




Going well but the next game is tough.



Carabao Cup



Thanks to the big win, I could play alot of youngsters in the 2nd leg.



And hopefully can get revenge on City.


Transfer Window



Not as busy as normal but that's so much money from Prem teams :lol:.  It's mad how a 60/70mil purchase is just normal now.

Our business was small, we sold Luciano for 11mil because I have no idea what sort of player he's supposed to be.  Fullback? Winger?  200m runner?


And brought in 2 youngsters for 2mil a piece.




Let's get back to business and hit that form again in February.


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Amazing.  3 league games, 13 scored, 0 conceded.  Add the two Kutucu scored in the cup final, he's scored 10 goals in 4 games :eek:.  He's been amazing.  He scored 4 in the 6 - 0 Norwich win with Stewart and Figuiera getting the others.  2 against Derby with McNeil getting the other and 2 against Leciester with Figuiera and Ivan Garcia getting the others.  We've been amazing.  That form has come back.


9 points clear with a game in hand.  We'd have to throw this season away.



All the awards belong to us.





Champions League


Good win away and we should win the home leg even without Ivan Garcia who will be sidelined for March.


Carabao Cup





It's back in Rotherham as we failed to win the Carabao Cup last year.




Let's see what March brings us.  The FA Cup game vs United is the tough one. 


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What a month :cool:.    We took the lead against Spurs early on but it wasn't long after they equalised and I thought oof, we finally have ourselves a game.  We scored 3 and they pulled another back but Layton Stewart putting in a 3rd for his hat-trick meant it was game over.  Bournemouth made it hard for us and gave us a challenge, especially since it was a Tuesday game so I needed to rest some players and we managed to get the goal after I went full on attacking, Kutucu came off the bench to play AMR and played a sweet low cross into Stewart who got us all 3 points.  WE WON AT OLD TRAFFORD.  94th mintue winner!  Freekick chipped in, Eric Garcia heads it to the back post, Vinhas collects it and plays it to Ganino who's playing at MR for the injured Saint-Maximin to give us all 3 points.  HUGE.  Everton was a simple enough game.  One goal in the 44th and another in the 46th, game over.


We can't lose this now.  15 points clear.  Should be able to break 100 points.




I was robbed for manager of the month.  It was given to Klopp when they only played 3 games :idiot:



FA Cup



Kutucu took his February form into the FA Cup game and missed his hat-trick having his penalty saved.


Next round was another simple game but the semi final is basically the final to me.  Both teams in the other league are very beatable and City give us the most challenge.


Champions League


8 games, 0 conceded.  That might be about to change though.


If we can get through this I feel we can beat Madrid or Dortmund(already beaten twice)



International debut!


One of my new signings made his debut.  It's cool to see.

Youth intake


Maybe a couple of fringe players but nothing this year.  I'll scout again in the summer.


Big month coming up.  I don't care about the Sheff Utd game and it'll be backup playing.  I want that Champions League title.  Bring it on PSG :cool:.


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They gave us our celebration away at Southampton :lol:

Really happy with the Sheffield United win as I rested a few players which we needed for the Paris game, which we won.  We were class against Fulham but went behind against Southampton early on.  Minutes later we equalised through a penalty and still had 81 minutes to play for a goal which we didn't get.  Thankfully we got a win against Newcastle to keep the point record alive.

We need 6 points in 3 games.  We should be able to do it.



Glad we had a player step up when we needed to rest others.



What a lad.



I knew I signed him 'cause he fit our system.  Nice and he could of played a lot more games.


Champions League


We had a goal disallowed for reasons unknown.  Supposedly we had a striker just off, I have no idea how.  Biased ref.


We didn't need it though, smashed them in Paris.  Kane missed an early penalty though, means he's missed 2 in a row :mad:.  I need somehow who has better than 50% conversation rate.

We battered Real and didn't get a goal.. will it cost us?



FA Cup

What a come back! What a game!  Two penaltys man.  First potential dive, second look like a good clean tackle.  I went attacking and pulled it back.  We got a goal in the 84th minute and I thought we'd won but Alex hit the bar for City then pounced on the rebound.  Murgan in the 96th minute put is in the final.  What a game.



Can we win every cup we're in?  We're still in contention.  We just got Real then either City or Atletico, both beatable and then Wolves.  LETS DO THIS :cool:



Edit: Oh I forgot, whilst playing for Schalke, getting experience in a better league and champions league this happened.  Awful injury, hope we can get him back and hitting his huge potential.


Edited by SpillBlood
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FA Cup Final


First half:

It's very scrappy, 26 minutes in and we've had 2 shots, 0 on target for Rotherham and 0 shots for Wolves.

And as I type that there's been a goal.

27th minute:  It's 1 - 0 to the Millers!  Lemar plays a lovely ball throuhg to Kutucu who slots into the bottom corner.

30th minute:  Wolves hit a piledriver that Nubel has to save and pushes out for a corner.  The corner comes to nothing.

34th minute:  Ball over from Marcos Vinicius to Saint-Maximin and Neto makes a huge save.

39th minute:  Saint-Maximin finds himself in the area but hits wide.

44th minute:  There's been a goal and it's 1 - 1!  A smart ball over to Bruno Tavares and he slots in by absolutely doing Marcos Vinicius, that was poor from him.


Half time and I shout at the team.  It's Wolves! We just beat them 3 - 1!

2nd half:

47th minute:  Wolves shoot from outside the box but it's simple for Nubel.

54th minue:  Another tame shot from Wolves from outside the box.

65th minute and Murgan and Harding are plreacing Garcia and Stewart.  Come on lads!



It's 2 - 1... to Wolves!

68th minute:  Ball over and Marcos Vinicius slides to block it but it just sets up Bruno Tavares to slot in.  TIME TO ATTACK.

It's too quiet, it looks like we're down and out.  88th minute and we can't break them down.  Murgan tries a through ball but it's easily cut out.



To Wolves!  They've exploited our attacking, Bellerin hits a ball over to Loftus-Cheek who I have no idea how he's onside and he slots in.  That's game over.

Wolves win the FA Cup.


Let's hope we play a bit better in the Champions League final....


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Champions League Final



Come on lads, our 2nd final, we lost last year... make amends!

First half:


1 - 0 Rotherham!

5th minute:  Counter attack from us, Kutucu plays it back and Lemar just hits in!  Wasn't expecting a shot!

8th minute:  It's 2 - 0!  Stewart.. wait.. offside? WHAT.  COME ON GAME.  Gah, St.Max was offside.. it's still 1 - 0.

26th minute:  City throw in and Fati hits it and forces Nubel to make a good save.

29th minute:  Fati again just inside the box hits it and it's the crossbar.

39th minute:  Long throw and Kutucu just heads wide.

42nd minute:  What a run, St. Maximin just bursts down and Ederson has to make a very good save.  We go close from the corner.



46th minute:  Lemar bursts down the left, cuts in and gets tackled, the ball falls kindly to Kutucu to slot in!

Half time, GO ON LADS.

Second half:

50th minute;  Nubel with a great save!  20 yard screamer and he has to get down.

52nd minute:  Fati crosses in and Sterling heads it but it's over.

55th minute:  3 - 0!!! Wait, it's called back.  ANOTHER OFFSIDE. It's still 2 - 0.

70th minute:  A very wild shot by City midfielder Cox and it 's well wide.


80th minute and Harding, Murgan and McNeil come on for Lemar, Garcia and Kutucu.


Game on.  It's 2 - 1 in the 89th minute.


Alex cuts in, corsses over, Cox heads down and Sterling knocks in.  COME ON ROTHERHAM.

90th minute:  Murgan looks through but what a block from City.

90th minute:  McNeil surges in and shoots, it's a corner and we hit the bar from that corner!  We're on the front foot, we gotta keep at it. 

94th minute:  Freekick in by City but Nubel hits out...



Thank goodness for that.  THE NERVES.




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