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I often spend a fair amount of time trying to set up my setpieces, without much benefit from it. Can someone help me out with them please, or point me in the direction of threads that discuss them or maybe even downloadable setpieces.

I am going to take over a team in San Marino, so obviously it will be incredibly tough in Europe, and good setpieces would benefit me greatly.

I plan on playing a 5-3-2, meaning I will have three big CB's, plus a target man. I will also try to bring in/train players with good long throws, corners and freekick attributes to fully take advantage of setpieces. I am hoping that at least 4 really big players in the team will really help me from corners, etc.

So, any advice would be of great help please.

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When it comes to defending, it's important there's someone marking the far post. Default routines have no one defending it, but they do have someone attacking it, so it's otherwise very easy to concede that way.

@keysi has a good article on it, if you're interested.

As for attacking corners/free-kicks, I like leaving three fastest players on Stay Back, plus at least two lurking outside the box to prevent counter-attacks. Then I ask CDs to Attack Front/Far Post (usually best jumpers) and leave the rest on Go Forward.

I leave throw-ins on default, because I find them quite cheesy. At least in FM20, long throws were almost too easy to score from.

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