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[Spain] Data Issues

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Please post any data issues related to Spain here.

As much of the data is subjective we’d ask that you respect everyone’s opinion and accept that the final decision is that of our club researchers and our heads of research.          

We also request you please adhere to the following three point plan when posting in the data topics:

·        State what you think is specifically wrong with a particular piece of data.              

·        State what you think the data should be.                            

·        State reasons/proof for your suggested corrections/improvements.                         

Please note that any non-data issues for Spain should be posted in the appropriate thread within the League Specific Issues forum. This would include issues such as league scheduling, league table sorting rules and match rules.

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3 minutes ago, He can't believe he's missed it said:

This can't be right surely?

gaku buy out.PNG

Cheers for spotting that one. It looks like something must have been missed with the value there. We'll look at fixing that clause in future.

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C.D. Leganes

Opcion de compra de Ruben Pardo entorno a 3 millones obligatoria en caso de ascenso https://as.com/futbol/2020/09/28/segunda/1601312157_954215.html

Recio tiene una opcion de renovacion por parte del club de un año https://as.com/futbol/2020/09/03/primera/1599135944_441708.html

El Real Madrid mantiene el 50% de los derechos de Javi Hernandez https://as.com/futbol/2020/09/24/segunda/1600951910_284366.html

La opcion de compra de Ignasi Miquel es entre 1,5 y 2 millones obligatoria en caso de ascenso https://as.com/futbol/2020/09/16/segunda/1600249611_681916.html

La opcion de compra de Michael Santos es entre 1,2 y 1,5 millones obligatoria en caso de ascenso https://as.com/futbol/2020/09/14/segunda/1600086377_036150.html

Falta incluir la venta de M. Kone al Eupen por valor de 0,5 millones en el historial de fichajes https://as.com/futbol/2020/08/12/segunda/1597232039_361935.html

El Leganes recibiria 0,5 millones por Gumbau si el Girona asciende https://as.com/futbol/2020/08/27/segunda/1598536407_155174.html

Leganes aun mantiene el 50% de Luciano Neves https://as.com/futbol/2020/08/18/segunda/1597744965_962340.html

La venta de En-Nesyri es en 3 plazos (7+7+6) por lo que en junio-julio recibe 7 millones y en diciembre 6. Ademas conserva un 10% del beneficio de una futura venta https://as.com/futbol/2020/02/03/primera/1580719947_060746.html

Cambiaria en las afiliaciones actuales:

Leganes puede enviar jugadores cedidos al Cartagena

Afiliacion de Leganes con el IR Tanger (Comparten conocimiento de ojeadores, envio de juveniles y partidos amistosos) https://www.cdleganes.com/noticia/el-c-d-leganes-firma-un-acuerdo-de-colaboracion-con-el-ittihad-de-tanger

Leganes B Juega en la Instalacion Deportiva Butarque

Ingreso de 5 millones por la venta de Thomas Venta Thomas

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I think Barca and Real are way too good overall, but that has mostly been the case in recent years and is just even more evident this year. I could pick 10 players now, but i'd like to start with a simple stat that is easily proven:

Messi's freekick stats are way too high (19). I would not give more then 15. Yes, he got quite a few direct freekick goals, but that's only because he fired tons of them. Ward-Prowse for example (who btw has a 15 in game) has a lot better conversion rate then Messi.

Even Griezmann and Coutinho are both better freekick takers. I guess you would have to work something into the game like "Messi always shoots the freekicks" to not have the game pick Griezmann or Coutinho over him.

Also quite a few mental stats of Messi are too high, but that's a lot harder to prove.



In addition something is odd with Valencia in my save:

In Game: After 17 games they are second in the table -> ok, while this might not be impossible, it's still odd. Might be a "fluke" season however, so i don't want to judge.

Where it gets strange is how they handle their best players and how the best players feel at the club.

I made approaches regarding their best players (Gaya, Soler, Guedes, Maxi Gomez) and all of them had the same answer: They do not want to leave the club. It was not a case of the players not finding my team not interesting, but they just didn't want to leave in any case. 

In addition, when i approached Valencia to make an offer, the club played hardball and said, they are not for sale - not for any price.

Real life: I find that odd to say the least, when looking at how the club gifted away all their best players in the summer for peanuts (Parejo, Coquelin, Ferran Torres, Rodrigo) and the recent "gift" of Kondogbia to Atletico shows, it doesn't seem to stop there. All the players are really angry with Valencia and how Lim is demolishing the project. At the same time Lim tries to sell the best players as fast as possible for cheap prices and doesn't even start to really negotiate. It is fully expected that their downfall keeps on like this.

In game, it seems this recent development is not factored in at all, they are still treated like a top team in every manner. 

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Please excuse my potential ignorance & apologies if I am incorrect, but looking at Deportivo's wages on some of the players - Maybe they are too high? For example, Uche Agbo on £9,750 p/w. Surely too high at the level in Spain or am I not taking into consideration the size of team Deportivo are(could compare them to a Sunderland/Ipswich in 3rd divion of England).

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Also in Real Oviedo:

-The new Carlos Tartire Stadium have now blue seats

-Juan mata should be a icon and the player must have oviedo as  supporter fav  team .

-Christian Fernandez should have oviedo as favorite team ( player)

-Dani Bautista isnt part of the tecnical staff , is delegate

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- Santiago Cortes Luna - Assistant Coach - 26/06/1997

- Jose Manuel Quintana Moreno - Fitness Coach - 17/07/1973

16/17 to 18/19 Watford (England)

19/20 to now CF Rayo Majadahonda

- Alfonso Lacasa Taberne - Goalkeeper Coach - 01/04/1980

17/18 and 18/19 CF Rayo Majadahonda U19

19/20 Jamshedpur FC (India)

20/21 CF Rayo Majadahonda

- Luis Muñoz Miguel - Fitness Coach

- Laura Osuna - Doctor - 25/09/1987

- José María Osuna Chambon - Doctor - 02/10/1956

- José Bugeda Becerril - Physio - 31/07/1991

17/18 and 18/19 Watford (England)

19/20 and 20/21 CF Rayo Majadahonda

- Fernando Gutierrez Pérez - Physio - 22/06/1990 

- Manuel Alcazar -  Jefe Desarrollo juveniles




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