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Summary: Ryan Gravenberch, an Arsenal Player is waiting on a promise to let Aubameyang and Pepe leave the club on a transfer. The problem is that both the players are no longer at the club and it has been more than 2 months since both the players left, the promise doesn't seem to go away and is causing the player's morale to stay low permanently.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. I made a promise to both Pepe and Aubameyang to sell them, then sold Pepe and Aubameyang was released on a free.

2. Ryan Gravenberch started on waiting on the promise to be fulfilled as soon as I made it.

3. Ryan Gravenberch continues to wait on it even after both the players have left the club.

Arsenal squad without Auba and Pepe.jpg

Ryan Promise.jpg

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Promises are not working good on the game and they turn to be very annoying for the gameplay.

I'm playing 2.bundesliga with Kaiserlautern.

Just signed a player who asked me to promise: (locked on contract negotiation)

to do some "Improvement to the coaching team" wich I did, as I sacked one goalkeeper coach and hired a defensive one (board doesn't let me hire more)

to "strengthen the team in defense" wich I did, because he was signed along with a Central Defender, but this is no good, the complain is still there and I have no way to resolve it.


Now I know what will happen, he will go unhappy and request to move and be a problem until I can get them out of my squad, beeing a new signing and having spent good time scounting and negotiating...


Please guys, review this all promises as the are a pain in the *** and it is not how it works on real world...



FM21 Promises.jpg

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