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ver. FM21
Gameplay -usually after 10 PM CET, tba
please contact me via steam ("kostropaty") or mail mstachura79@hotmail.com

some tips:

- gegenpress bonanza makes this game easier. Scottish league gives you one of the best opportunies  to confront other human managers , Hearts and Dundee FC are quite hard to compete because of playing squad quality and reputation so we decided to leave them as "excluded to pick". Noteworthy, after heroic battle in Champ, the Old Firm will be waiting in Prem.

- transfer activity off in first window -

lower league feeling with short distance trip (not easy however) to European cups.

We are >40 old farts from Poland, exactly old enough to remember playing Football Tactician -Amiga -or Clydebank playng in 1st div. We do have families and jobs, so game times and game speed will be flexible.

Greenock Morton and Queen of the South already picked.


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1 hour ago, parsdaft1982 said:

Its all lies, we are top of the league haha

come on then, save them
We're playing from circa 8 PM GMT, it depends -flexibility is a key (wives,kids,jobs etc).


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Here it is how it stands for 27 JAN 2021 game time, just few days to transfer deadline. Its a good moment for joining in. Game is already loaded, contact me via steam. We are starting today around 8 PM GMT (it depends from real life difficulties -as host is simply an old family guy).
If someone wants to join with lower div club ,no problem -(Div1 or even 2, whatever). We set national C coaching badge and sunday league reputation. Despite that I once played for 7 and 8 tier of polish football pyramid, sunday league gave me most of experience (damaged cruciate ligaments and-currently-a broken collarbone).

Morton,Raith, QoS and Dundee FC are picked. Dunfermline FC reserved for parsdaft1982.


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Thats how it looks after the winter transfer deadline. Some panic loans worked out for QoS as they gained 10 points in the last 5 gameweeks. Two new players joined already troubled Dundee FC and Dunfermline, sunday league reputation does not help.
If someone is keen to join ,please contact via steam ("kostropaty").


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1 st season is almost over, Dundee FC escaped direct relegation on the last day, got through releg. playoff semis.
League stands as here




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Beginning of the 2 nd season, QoS drawn AZ Alkmaar in EL playoff and league stands as follows:

Some team characteristics "
Morton - 2 decent loanees and bag of EFL L1 rejects
Qos - loanee army

Raith- got rid of their best players (Matthews, Hendry,Vaughan), signed around 10 new for free, got around 1000 trialists every week and no youth intake ( Fife Elite u18 is common for Raith, Pars and East Fife)

Dunfermline - mostly on holiday (& irn-bru), but easily escaped relegation threat
Dundee FC -well, sentimental. Able to spend 2,5 k p/w on wages and managed to bring Caballero for playing staff role.

Ross County, Inverness CT, Arbroath, Falkirk and Ayr available.

Playing usually from 9 PM GMT , whole bloody nights, turning health an family life into a ruin. And yes, when Im outside ,I m wearing my Morton scarf.


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Sure. we wll be playing tomorrow morning probably,stay in touch. 2 teams currently- Morton and QoS, the rest gave up because of various reasons (game too slow, game too tricky- whatever).

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On 11/12/2020 at 04:13, cbrett21 said:

What time?


Please activate steam profile as I cannot contact you. Game times are flexible, we slowed down a bit.


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The 2 nd season is about to end soon. 2 weeks to go and game between two human managers will be decisive, how sweet.
QoS bravely played in Europe. Lost to Alkmaar in EL playoff but managed to get some points in their Europa Conference Cup (Krasnodar, Osijek, LASK Linz) -financial troubles are over.
Morton have won 5-4 AET vs Rangers to get to the Scottish Cup final (in front of packed Hampden)- nearly 500 k of gate receipts helped a lot as well.

The game will be continued as online for old and slow (but dedicated) players. As we have no more time to spare it will be played rather in the mornings, for the evenings we ve moved across the border (EFL Championship).
If someone is still interested in playing here, contact me via steam please.

So,as it stands

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stupid game. In case of a draw in QoS vs Falkirk, Morton will be promoted. Ended my game earlier just to watch Falkirk squandering 1 man advantage. Playoffs for Morton again, despite having positive record vs QoS (not losing a game).


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Bad luck. Lost to Raith Rovers (ex Beggazs team ,full of his loanees- 3-2 won away, but slipped at home 0-2) Raith eventually got promoted to the SPL (they have won vs Hamilton Accies). Queens Park and Partick Thistle promoted from L1, so the Glasgow Derby will be available next season.

And lost to Celtic 0-1 in the cup final,after dodgy penalty.


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