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Sorry if there is already a post for new features wanted...I was playing with the set pieces in tactics and thought its still pretty limited and never really changes or innovates.

There was another football management game years ago - the name i forget, but it wasn't great generally. However I do remember it had a great set piece creator and even an open play set play creator. 

You could set up in some detail a set piece/set play.

For example, you could position player a and b by the ball in stage 1 and position other players as you wanted - I don't just mean the generic "attack far post" type ones we have, I mean you literally positioned playes on a tactics board. Then stage 2 you did your next instruction - maybe player a passes sideways to player c who is positioned 10 yards to the left. Stage 3 is player c crosses to far post for a header. 

You could set up multiple ones of these set pieces for free kicks, corners and open play, and depending on how well trained they were, the players would attempt a training ground set piece. It was great when you saw one come off in the game. 

In real life you can see teams doing real training ground routines in both set pieces and open play. 

Yesterday I saw Harry kane drop deep to draw the centre backs out while son ran in behind to score. This is something spurs specifically must drill on the training ground probably again and again, and I'd love to have the ability to set up these situations in fm.  I don't know if I have explained the idea very well, but it is radically different from the options we have in fm. Anyone else got any ideas?

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