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Can't find where to set winners medal eligibility for competitions

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I revamped the English League Cup but after testing it out, no players were awarded a winners medal after the final was played.

I'm sure I've seen this around the editor before when I wasn't looking for it but now that I need it I can't find it lol.

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4 hours ago, Wolf_pd said:

Look under the Players tab in the League Cup.

Don't you love it when you know it is there, but not where exactly? :D

Man I can't believe I missed that lol. Thanks a lot :thup::D

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@Wolf_pd I just ran another test on it and it's still not working. I had a look at some of the players from the winning team and it's not registering them as having made an appearance in the competition, which I'm guessing is why no medals are being awarded. This is only happening with Premier League teams too which is a bit strange.

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6 hours ago, Wolf_pd said:

Premier League teams start a round later than the rest?

Yeah so with the revamp I did I added an extra round. The bottom 8 teams in the PL enter at round 3, while the top 16 PL teams enter at round 4.

Having had another look at it, it seems the only players that are registered as having made an appearance in the EFL Cup are the ones on the competition overview page (top scorers, assists etc).

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