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Free agent players can't join during the first window

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Hi guys, I apologize for this topic because, to be honest, I don't know if this is an issue, a  bug in the database, or something realistic caused by the coronavirus.

I'm playing a test career with Perugia, in the Italian Serie C, and I notice that many free-agent players are unable to join my team during the first window; they result: "released after the end of the last window and then unable to aggregate to the team in this actual one.". Moreover, this seems mostly happen with players that played the last season in Italy and Holland while teams from other countries, from what I could see, have no problem signing them.

These are some screens as examples, if necessary I can provide others.



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Hi guys, i'm sorry to inform you that looks like the issue is showing up again.
Once you've reached the time window for player registration, every free agent player becomes unable to join until January.

"The transfer will happen on Monday 4 January because the player has not been released before the end of the last global market window, so he's not allowed to join your team during this actual one".

I sent you the save, search for: Perugia_test


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