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Player revolts to let player leave even though ive accepted bids theyve rejected

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Sorry I don't have a save that would cover this situation - I wouldn't even know what point would be required so ill try explaining in detail to help recreate. 

Barcelona summer window between seasons 1 and 2. 

List several of the high earners offer them out. Few go. 

Coutinho requests compensation of around £15m I accept. 

Coutinho, Griezmann and Sergio Busquests all decline moves. No further interest still listed I do not add them to my squad registrations. 

before first game team call me to a meeting to let Coutinho leave, since initial accepted bid there have been no further bids, and no interest. 

after second game same incident but with Sergio Busquests. 


None of these players wanted to leave initially and I failed at persuading them so maybe my fault but would seem more likely players angry over me forcing out rather than letting them go and would be way before now. 

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