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How do you make the game harder

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The game is out next week, and there's a number of posts going around where people have spoken about things they do to make the game harder for themselves, and I want to get a list together to see which ones to use for my FM21 Liverpool save.


I'm thinking about:

 - 'Rules' you follow (I'm only after ones that relate to someone playing as a decent team, so no 'play as a team in the Albanian third division', thanks)

 - Things that don't completely break the immersion that I'm a real football manager (no 'only buy U21 players or play academy players', thanks)

 - Any skins you use that mask attributes/scouting etc.


To get us started, I use:

 - Switch off transfer windows

 - Letting players leave if they want to

 - No manual scouting/only sign players found by my scouts/never look at or download wonderkid lists

 - Manager levels several levels below recommended

 - Not really signing superstar players

 - No manual training, so I can't just exploit days off to be super-fit for every game or give all my players amazing PPMs

 - Only ever use my own tactics, built from scratch, and even then don't use anything that I feel is too gamey (both WB on attack without proper cover elsewhere, three forwards up top, attacking mentality for every game)

 - Change my formation every season to approximate the opposition finding my tactics out

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I like to use the game editor to add nation rules, for example take a team like Indautxu, make only Basque players eligible for the club and move it to the last playable division, you could do that with English players, any nation or even nationalities from small countries like Andorra (make FC Andorra sign only Andorran players) or create a team based in San Marino to use only San Marino players, it's way harder and tactics matter the most

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I personally play using LLM rules, always have. You do a lot of these things anyway, such as making your own tactics and only signing players your scouts have suggested, but the whole point is playing as realistically as possible.

I think there also has to be an element of self control. For example, you mentioned that you "don't do manual training so I can't just exploit days off" - I find this a bit strange. Why not just do manual training and not use an exploit? Ie, just set up logical training regimes and see what happens, tweaking them as you go? Honestly, I've been playing since Champ Manager on the Amiga, and before I read you saying that just then, I not only had no idea that it was an exploit at all, but would never have thought of doing that because in the real world it would be silly.

You were talking to people in the other thread earlier about the fact that you are excellent at the game. Maybe you are mate, fair play to you. If you are though, I don't really understand why you are expecting Liverpool - a team that has just won the league with a record points total - to offer you any challenge at all. I'm awful at the game but reckon I could do ok with Liverpool. 

I know it's not the answer you wanted, but the challenges tend to be found playing as realistically as possible starting properly from scratch. For someone actually good a the game, the best team in one of the best leagues in the world is going to be a bit of a breeze.

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