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[FM21 Beta] Some suggestions about user interface


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I hope this is the right place for my suggestions as they´re not necessarily bugs.

Team talks:

It would be much easier to adress individual players if you could just klick on them.

Additionally, it feels counterintuitive that once I selected to adress individual players all players become marked and I have to deselect all players I don´t want to adress. IMO it should be the other way around.

Pre-match tactical screen:

There is no way of returning to the team talk screen. You will return to the team talk screen when you haven´t delivered any talk by pressing the "tunnel" button, but once you delivered a single talk, it takes you straight to the match. There should be a dedicated button to return to team talks. Right now many buttons are just guessworking were they might take you.

In match:

Why can´t I customise the match stat slide and sticky it?

Also, there should always be "cancel" button on the lower right part of every tab of the "tactics & subs" screen, not only the tactical screen. On the other tabs it shows to the top right, but only after you made a change.

Opponents formation with player names on touchpad should have the "i" button to hover over and show to the player attributes.

I would like to sticky additional windows with info in the main match screen like in previous iterations of the game.

In general, I´d love more options for customisation.

Often the interface here feels counterintuitive and it´s a trial and error thing of what does what.

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