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When I try to set up a new mentoring group it doesn't save the group. 

I create a group and add players, but if I go to another screen and then back to the mentoring page the only player in the group is the player I added first. 

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Hi @sondre82

Could you upload a save game to us where this has happened and we can take a look?


Just to clarify, are you creating your own mentoring groups or is this occurring when you're asking your assistant to create one for you? If you can take a screenshot and post that in here of the mentoring groups where you've noticed some problems then that would be a massive help for us to try and locate the issue. 

Let me know how you get on.


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Uploaded save file under the name "Sonny-Liverpool-mentoring Bug report"

This bug happens both when I set up my own mentoring group AND when I get the assistant to create one for me. The first screenshot is the groups the assistant manager created, the second is after I went to the staff screen and then training -> mentoring


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