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Retired squad numbers

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Not sure if anyone has asked this in the past decade, but is there any way to un-retire squad numbers?

I'm rather anal about then to the extent that West Ham retiring the number 6 has stopped me from ever doing a career as them. The same is true for AC Milan and Inter.

Any number from 1-11 being banned just completely stops me from ever playing as them - as I use traditional numbers no matter what team I am.

So, is there a way to un-retire them? I looked in the editor and saw nothing, though admittedly I'm no expert. Maybe the developers of the game will see the post and add it in? Unlikely, but worth a try

Anyway, please leave a comment if you know, or if you just want to talk about squad numbers, or if you want to talk about why season 2 of The Boys was so rubbish

Thanks in advance

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