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Getting a 4231 to be more clinical - FM21

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Wondered if anyone could offer some insight into how to get the attached firing more consistently/efficiently.

Currently dominate possession and regularly have quite a high xG in most games yet I never particularly score that many and I'm neither completely solid at the back! My current LB is injured hence Carvajal playing there but just wanted to see if I'm missing anything glaringly obvious?

With regards to lack of goals would scheduling "Chance conversion" sessions have any benefit?

Tear apart the tactics as you see fit, I'm not precious!


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remove "Work ball into box" and you should be good to go. Other improvements in my opinion: Set GK to sweeper keeper (support or attack) du to the high line, use wingbacks instead of FB (except where you have a winger on the right). In transition, use "pass to playmaker" (or centerbacks) so he gives the ball to your DLP. remove "shorter passing" and "be more expressive". set AMC to support since one of your wingers have attack duty. Set "much higher line of engagement". One of your CMs should be set to defend, like the DLP. This tactic should win you alot of games due to the current overpowered through balls.

However, If you want to play a controlling game, you need to change the tactic alot. this would be things like; lower tempo, shorter passing, less dribbling, maybe lower mentality, use half bak as DM

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11 hours ago, TEGER said:

Tear apart the tactics as you see fit, I'm not precious!

- remove the tight marking

- drop the LOE to standard

- remove the work ball into box

- change the left back's role into WB on support

- change the DLP's duty into defend

- change the striker's role into PF on attack

- change the AML into IW on attack

Perhaps a couple more tweaks would be needed, but these are the ones I would definitely suggest first. 

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I have good success with a similar system at QPR, currently top of the Championship with 10 games left.

One thing I've found very effective this year due to the update in what focus does (actually prioritizes passes there now) is overlaps.

I have a WB/A on the left side, overlapping an IF/S with focus passes down the left. This results in very nice interplay where my left back often finds himself unmarked for a free cross into the middle, and my IF gets into more Striker-like positions. 

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