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Player wrongfully concerned about the position they're being played in?

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During my Queen's Park save, I signed Leon King on loan from Rangers, a centre back by trade but is rated by the game as being an accomplished defensive midfielder.

With that in mind, I signed him to play as a defensive midfielder and have done so in seven games since he signed (six starts, one sub appearance). 

However, he has developed a minor issue which the game has labelled "Playing in weak position". Surely this should only be appearing if a player is getting played in a position that they are not down as being able to play at all, or at the very least one that is down as makeshift, awkward or at most unconvincing - certainly not one where the player is rated as being accomplished?

The only reason I can think that this might be the case is that the conditions of the loan asked me to play him as a centre back (Rangers were unwilling to compromise on this), though if this is the case I would imagine that the issue should be taken up with me by Rangers as opposed to King himself. If not, then I imagine it would be easier to label the player's concern as "thinks manager is going against conditions of loan" for example.

Nevertheless, I have uploaded a save from when I first noticed the player's concern in order for this to be reviewed - it should be down as "leon king position.fm".

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