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[FM19] Promotion/Relegation Mismatch in New League

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First, I created an imaginary league replacing the Bahamas country with Pindorama.
Pindorama is a representation of the Brazilian northeast if it had gained independence, so I transferred all northeast Brazilian teams and leagues to this new country, and created new leagues.
The structure is as follows:

Main divisions:
1st Division (12 teams - 3 relegated)
2nd Division (12 teams - 3 promoted and 3 relegated)
3rd Division (12 teams - 3 promoted and 3 relegated)

Pindorama Cup (64 teams)
Bahamas Cup (10 teams)
Pindorama Super Cup (2 teams)

Secondary divisions (similar to the Brazilian state model):
State of Bahia (10 teams)
State of Pernambuco (10 teams)

Everything works perfectly in the editor, but when I create the game and advance a few years to check for errors, I have the following errors:
- Pindorama Cup:
It doesn't take the best ranked teams from the previous year, but the teams with the highest reputation.

- 2nd Division:
The 3 worst ranked teams are sometimes not relegated, while some in the middle are.

- 3rd Division:
The 3 worst ranked teams are sometimes not relegated, while some in the middle are.
And the 3 best ranked teams are sometimes not promoted, while some in the middle are.

NOTE: I tried to change the settings in several ways, but without success so far.

NOTE: The other divisions and cups have no problems.

Help, please.

Rules - Pindorama.fmf

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Hi Duda,

I have simulated 4 Seasons of in game and have not been able to replicate the issues you have with Promotion/Relegation.
All the correct teams seem to be going up and down.

In terms of the Cup Teams.  I see you have used the Rule "Get Best Teams from Division" - which will take them based on Reputation as you say.


There seems to be so many ways to get this to work the way you want - which has left me pulling my hair out in the past as well.
You could set it to get "League Stage Teams (In Final Positions)" - but I have found that hit or miss as well.
I set up another comp using this Rule across several divisions - and it all worked except for one which for whatever reason didn't like it!

The way I have found that seems to work is to instead set this to "Lowest Seeded Qualified Teams"
You don't have to set what Division they have qualified from - it will find it automatically.  Just set the number of Teams you want it to find.
Then go into each individual leagues qualification rules under Fate Actions.
It sucks because there is no debug to show you what worked and what didn't. 
The last time I tried I ended up taking all the rules out until the test told me I had "0" Teams - then built it up step by step testing every time I added a Rule and watching the number go up to ensure it had worked.

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