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trying to play like pep in new quarantine and do coaches matter that much?

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hello guys! an other quarantine, an other vacation at the forums, from a tourist who's got taken plenty of good advices reading posts in here. :D

it's been two weeks i've been trying to make a "total football" tactic and thank god there are these posts from Ozil to the Arsenal here that provided again some information i almost forgot. i made this tactic, which works pretty well 



first thoughts when i tried to make the tactic:

a. the players are like pieces in a chess board. Look at PPM's and assume they show me the only way for a player to be used.  

b. choose to play players who have the mental attributes and then the techical

c. be able to change only one of the supporting duties into attack (at the beginning of a match its always the winger) and transform the way the danger comes. never mirror the tactic again, like i did in previous saves, cause it will probably have contrasting ppm's (and most times it does)

d. always press the opponents with very low composure

e. have at least one back up tactic against tactics who have plus 1 player against us. one i tried against everytime i faced a 4-3-1-2 was this manu2.png.972b4c22fc3c2a49b5ff650ec9c78614.png

yes 3 bpd and i still dont understand why its bad for some people :P

at the start in this save i chose Roma, it was a wonderful experience and we got the Serie A with one defeat only, went to the cup final against juve and lost, progressed to the semi's of the uefa cup and got out of the competition against a Lazio side since we failed to get out chances in front of goal. With Dzeko at Roma we played with a Complete Forward at the top. He had great connections with the middle 2 always creating a very nice diamond in the middle. Now in Man Utd Greenwood cant receive the long ball pass if needed, so i try to train him as a F9 and getting him the PPM's. With some more training in passing and vision, i hope to get a new kind of a messi player from him in two years maybe. 

And so a new quarantine, a new save, some new thoughts and questions and lets see what we got from the community :D

a. i took, both in Roma and Man Utd, coaches with the tiki taka as a tactical style  but also passing in the playing style. Its the first time i've had so great passing connections and pass and go movements and i don't know for sure but i just think it matters a lot. some plays are wow

b. Man Utd board had Cavani for free before they approached me from Roma. I have a great Cf so who plays on the shoulder of the last defender. I like to have the option to stretch horizontally the opponent and the AML roaming in the space the striker creates, like moving the f9 role to the aml position, but which is the ideal role for the striker?

Also does the PPM Get further forward from Rashford (who has cut inside too) complicate it? If rashford had run with ball often...oh sh*t, he should have it now i think of it.

Will Almada who have the come deep, like messi does, play that role better when he develops into the monster he'll become?

c. In a save i had at the beginning of the fm20 in december the f9 made space attracting one of the cb's for the mezzalla to attack. I don't see it now although i have pogba who has the ppm's to make it happen and greenwood with the Come deeper ppm and his good off the ball movement.

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