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Show onto foot Opposition Instruction vs defence width

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Do with the new explanation of defence width being show to wings or show inside how does this work/work against opposition instruction of showing onto certain/weaker foot?


IF on the left that is right footed. Set Opp instruction to weaker foot, so showing him down the wing. But playing with Wide defence which shows players inside.

What do the defenders do with the IF?

Same example for a winger on the right who is right footed. You show him inside, but playing narrow, so outside. What do they do?

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Basically playing defensive width narrow, means your players are tucking inside more, thereby giving up more space on the flanks and allowing players to cross the ball. The reverse is true for defensive width wide, where they show someone inside. Consider the choice of defensive width narrow or wide as  a strategy in a game.

Opposition instructions to show someone on their foot, need to be carefully considered when you are using the  defensive width instructions. So if you are defending narrow  you want to drive them towards the flank. Now here you want to check to see what his favoured foot is. if it is opposite to the flank he could get inside  and this could run counter to your overall strategy. 

IF are gonna hate playing against a system that is defending narrow for example, and if you have a DM.  They may not find a lot of space in the middle, for them to do their runs. 

This is why the combination of OIs, defensive width offensive width is kinda  important this year. I will do a video guide on this soon. Waiting for the version of this game to be the retail one, cos I think there are some minor issues against some formations.

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