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[Suggestion] Revamp International Management


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One of my favorite things I love doing in FM is doing a club and country save. It allows you to really develop an underwhelming nation and launch them onto the international save. Or even just doing an international save but the mode on FM needs to be revamped. I dont understand how international managers arent able to hold training sessions while the players are in camp? Heres a few other things that are realistic but are not at all reflected in the game: ability to host neutral sited camps and friendlies, choosing where to host the base camp for an international tournament, much more chat options with international players, the inclusion of analysts, its also a bit odd to have to scout your own players just because you do not have them selected in your national pool or such, also include a youth coaching director or technical director(!!) that would be a great way to help increase a nation's youth rating if you have a strong technical director and the national team is getting results. Possibility have also have finances involved, national players typically get bonuses for playing national team games and perhaps if a small nation is winning tournaments they can invest in youth facilitates of the nation. The development centre is a great panel for int'l management if it was open to see what youth newgens are coming through your domestic league (or abroad). 


I genuinely believe if improvements were made in this area much more people would play it. (especially if there was an even faster paced contiune button if you played just as a national team manager). FM even did their own blog last year form Guido and FM Grasshopper highlighting international management but the entire game is as realistic as possible (to Miles and SI's staff full credit) it just puzzles me why international management is the only part of the game not realistic?

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