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Hi all,

I've set up an online game a few times and my friend can't find me in the lobby. He saw my server name appear for a split second but then disappeared, and he can't search for me at all.

We have both signed up to Epic Games and are friends on there, but I can't see him in the game when I 'Invite Friends'. Logged into Epic Games in the game too. I have also tried to restart the game and Steam, and changed my server name.

Can anyone help?

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  • SI Staff

Hi @murtz

Sorry your having issues with finding your lobby, searching for the lobby by name is currently not working which is a known issue. From what you have written i cant tell if your on steam or epic. on steam when you have your friends list open, click on your friends name and click invite to game. Make sure your friend has the game open when doing this. For epic you press shift plus f3 and then invite your friend to the game.


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