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[FM20] Australia Full Promotion-Relegation Pyramid (13 Levels, 1587 Playable Clubs)

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I was bored for the last few weeks waiting for FM21 so decided to create a promotion-relegation pyramid for Australia, something I do every year but had avoided for a number of reasons in 2020 but now it is finally here.

League Structure

The structure is very similar to my FM19 pyramid a file that I was quite happy with and thought that there wasn't much need in tweaking too much. You have:

1. A-League (Current 12 teams + Auckland City, Canberra United, Brisbane Strikers and Tasmania United)

2. B-League (Fully professional second division made up of most of the top NPL clubs + Darwin and the return of FNQ FC Heat and North QLD Fury)

3. C-League (20 team nationwide semi-pro league consisting entirely of the NPL clubs from each state - teams play each other once and then the league splits for a further two rounds) 

4. State Premier Leagues (10 State Divisions - Capital (consisting of ACT + Southern NSW), NSW, NNSW, NT - North (Darwin), NT - South (Alice Springs), QLD, SA, Tas, Vic and WA) 

5-13. More regionalised divisions 

This file allows promotion and relegation through each level of the pyramid so it is possible to get the likes of the South Dubbo Wanderers, Kellyville Kolts, Nimbin Headers and Old Bar Barbarians promoted all the way to the top of Australian football and beyond.


I have revamped the FFA Cup so that it is more of an end of year group stage format with the winner qualifying for the Asian Champions League. All clubs compete in their state cup throughout the year and the 9 winners play in the FFA Cup along with the winner of the A-League. I'm not 100% happy with it at the moment but I felt it was quite unique and maybe for FM21 I'll add more teams into it as well as increase prize money for each round of the state cups.


I haven't touched the playing squads so they are just default at the moment but I am hoping to expand on this portion of the database for FM21. As a researcher for a number of NPL competitions I can guarantee that there will be a lot more accurate squads for FM21 and I will do my best to add real players to a lot more clubs (NPL and non NPL) via the editor.

All clubs have accurate kits.

All clubs have stadiums however not all have proper names - just *team name* Sports Ground. I will get around to giving all clubs their correct stadium names.

Some clubs in Australia have strong ties to ethnic communities and I have replicated this in the file so there are clubs that generate players of Nepali, Chinese, Bhutanese, South Sudanese, Iraqi, Somali, Afghan, North Macedonian and Armenian + much more nationalities.

Youth Rating has been increased from 90 to 100.

I'm still working on balancing the quality of the leagues - there is a gap between the top 5 levels but below that it is much of the same. I hope to sort this out so it works like a proper pyramid and a 13th tier side can't compete with a 9th tier side for example. This is really just trial and error and a lot of tweaking of facilities and reputation that still needs to be done.

I strongly recommend adding players to playable teams.

This file will definitely carry over to FM21 and will be available on the first or second day of release for those wanting to start on the new game.


Australia Full Promotion-Relegation Pyramid (13 Levels, 1587 Playable Clubs).fmf

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