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Can you send a player on holiday?

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I seem to remember a couple of seasons ago the medic proposing that I send an exhausted player on holiday. I can't seem to find this option anywhere now, and google is of no help.

My players aren't exhausted, it's only November, but I have 2 weeks before my next match and wanted to give them all a week off in an attempt to reduce the gradual decrease in performance over a season. Can I send my first team on holiday, or is my only option to give them a break from training?

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I have this question too. Think there used to be an option in Training > Rest > Go on Holiday (or something like that). My players who have just come back from summer World Cup duty need a rest. However does rest simply mean the same thing now? Maybe that's why the option no longer exists...

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It's still there, but the navigation is counter-intuitive.


Step 1: Right click a player.



Step 2: Navigate to Training >.



Step 3: Navigate to Training Intensity>.



It's the last option, as you can see.

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