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When attending a press conference I am no longer shown body language options despite having them previously.

Description of Issue:
At my first press conference (As part of the of the club introduction process) I was giving a range of body language options. However during the course of the press conference these options disappeared. It has not returned for either of the subsequent press conference that I have had (The attached save is mid conference). The 2 additional conferences I've had are a Player Introduction and a Press Interview.

Although I am aware that this may be my understanding of how the functionality for Press Conference is supposed to work, or possibly I've accidentally changed a setting that I wasn't aware of.

Steps to Reproduce:

1) Attend Press Conference. --> No body language options available. 

Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: 
Thomas Dixon - Diagoras.fm (21.0.0-1476964 (m.e v21.1.0.0))



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Hey @Leftred,

Gestures should only appear when we feel the user would want to use them. We tried to provide these when a Gesture would compliment a response rather than place them on every question.

If you feel there is a particular scenario which deserves Gestures then I'm more than happy to look into it for you. 

Let me know if you have any such cases :)



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I had the same confusion when gestures were not appearing for the player unveiling press conferences.

There are certain questions (mostly around club finances or when the media question the finances on a deal) where gestures might be nice to have - such as "fold arms" combined with "I  don't wish to discuss club finances." 

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Further to the above info, I've just attended a press conference before my first competitive match and none of the 10 questions let me respond with a body language option.

Save game file from two days before press conference uploaded - "grff - no body language"

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Not sure this is part of the intended no option for gestures, but I've just done a post-match press conference where a gesture showed for the first answer and then was missing from the rest of questions. Example of missing shown below.

I've also had a similar experience with pre-match press conferences, where I get the option for a gesture in first question only, then they aren't available for the rest.


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