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Problemi beta fm21

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thank you goggle translate


FM has two different languages sections in the preferences, are these both set to your desired language
My guess would be that one is set to Italian, but the other one is set to English, and this would be causing your issues (Screenshot below)


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8 ore fa, Torede ha scritto:

e tutto impostato in italiano ma niente da fare. che cagata perchè il beta allora dobbiamo tenercelo mezzo in italiano e mezzo no. bha

proprio perchè è una versione "beta" e non il gioco definitivo.


A prescindere, poi, sarebbe decisamente meglio utilizzare un linguaggio più educato.

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6 minutes ago, Torede said:

sorry I don't think **** can offend anyone.

If you think that this is a bug, please post it in the relevant FM 21 Bugs forum, but please ensure that you watch your language in future as this is not required to get your point across.  Thanks

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