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[FM21] FC Kaiserslautern

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2032 Champions League Draw


The FM gods have smiled upon me this year, handing me about the easiest group imaginable. Porto are a good team but I should be able to rotate my team a lot for the other games if needed.



This is definitely the toughest group this year, I think RB Leipzig will do well if they can make it through against two titans of Europe.


2032 Transfers

Sadly I haven't made many new signings as there don't seem to be a lot of good players available right now. I have however sent 17 young players out on loan to find their feet in the big leagues.



Young Niklas was about the best under 17 (well he turned 17 just as he signed for us) that I could find. I don't even really need another CD right now but he seemed too good a prospect to let go to waste.

He only has a 3 star potential (apparently) but I still think he could turn into a good defender, at least a quality backup.

Need to work on his strength and jumping reach.

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Champions League group stage


Quite a surprising group stage, as Porto were utterly horrendous! We drew against FC Midtylland & lost once against Celtic but still go through on top of the group.


Champions League First Knockout round Draw


A fairly tough draw against Chelsea, who are currently fourth place in the Prem.

Good thing we finished first though as Celtic have been drawn against City.



Looks like it will be a two horse race between us and Dortmund, who are having a good season. I doubt Bayern will mount a challenge.



Finally my players have got some recognition with a slew of awards!


Lugo wins the big one! Atletico Madrid have two players in the top 3 voting so they could be a tough team if we face them in the Champions League this season.



Benali & Lugo make it into the world XI. A Norwich player is included as well :applause:



We also finally have a player win the Golden Boy award! my young centre midfielder Perez.

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Champions League Quarter Final

We beat Chelsea in the previous round on away goals, it was 5-5 overall and luckily we got two goals in the second leg without conceding.


We would have to face a very strong Man Utd team in the Quarter Final.


Annnnd it's fair to say things didn't go so well :lol:

We conceded I think 4 goals from corners over the two legs and played terribly. A real shame to lose in the way we did, if we managed to get past United then I think we could have won it once again.


The league is going much better, we are eight points clear with five games to go, and we are also in the final of the German Cup (the one compeitition I didn't manage to win yet).

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2032/33 Season


This save has been a great ride and I've really enjoyed it. Watching the downfall of Bayern & Dortmund for the past few seasons has been a joy. However all good things must come to an end and so too must this save. I've found myself un-motivated to play for a month or so, as the only competition worth competing for each season now is the Champions League.

We won the league at a canter this season, and in recent seasons it has mainly been RB Leipzig who have somewhat kept pace with us. I'm not sure what happened to Dortmund or Bayerns transfer policy but they have been doing some exceptionally poor business despite their riches. Bayern still spend at least double our wages each season but haven't won the league since 2029 and even missed out on the CL one season.

It took a little over 10 years but I think it's safe to say that the Bundesliga runs through Kaiserslautern.



I won the one cup I needed to complete my domestic domination, with a handy 2-0 victory against Hertha Berlin in the DFB Pokal final. Funny how easy it was to win this cup when I actually played a full strength team for the final games.

I'm not sure who will win the Champions League this season as it hasn't taken place yet, but the final will be a real classic, Real Madrid vs Man Utd. The Belgian wonderkid I sold many moons ago (Patrick Bardiro), has established himself in Real Madrid's first team which is fun to see. At least his talent didn't go to waste! It would have been nice to have him around during our glory days.



It's nice to go out with a bang, winning everything except the Champions League.



I'm also happy to report that I finally became a Kaiserslautern legend! I guess winning the DFB Pokal put me over the top. Players like Lugo, Sosa etc are all icons too.


Best XI


The final best XI still contains a youth prospect, surely the best youth player that I've had in many an FM, the young now capped Brazilian Thiego.

Funnily enough the young Peruvian striker Claudio Principe gets in ahead of Benali in the striker role, possibly due to his very high average rating.

A bit of a disappointing season from Da Silva this year, with only 8 assists, though he was rotated a fair amount.

Omar Bojang (AML IW) has taken over on the left wing and did well in his first full season.


The Sergio Lugo "Player of the Season" Award


It wouldn't be fair to have anyone other than the man himself to win the final award. He barely played in the Champions League as I rotated a lot and he got injured for the final Man Utd game (probably one of the reasons we did so poorly against them) but he has been such a great player over the years.

To think that he joined the club for £2.7 million when we were in mid table mediocrity and quickly rose to become one of the worlds best strikers, and then to even do a good job at AMR. Well it has been quite a time and I have no doubt that he would have averaged around 20 goals for the rest of his career. I'm not sure I've ever had a regen with such insane physicals tbh. You can see in the image that his attributes are even still rising! :lol:


Important Players


Ziani has definitely been one of the best keepers that I've helped to develop. He came as a young 18 year old on a free transfer and has established himself as France's numero uno. A great shot stopper, he has kept us in matches many a time and rarely misses a game. Special shoutout to the wonderful Great Dane who was his prededessor and helped us get into the Bundesliga in the first place.




Sosa & Ibrahim have struck up quite the partnership in defence, and Sosa in particular has to be one of the best young defenders in world football as it stands. Ibrahim did my head in when he got in a sulk about moving to Chelsea but he has redeemed himself this season.



Ragno has quietly become our dominant figure in central defence. Originally signed as a midfielder he does a great job. Apparently he is "only" 3 stars but his average ratings show that he is much more dependable than his scouting report suggests.



Botsis does his job, he's the midfield enforcer so he doesn't get the best average ratings but I like him. I was worrying a bit when I laid out £24 million in 2029, but it turned out to be a good purchase. Would have been interesting to see just how much he would have grown with a few more years development time.



Da Silva cost £15 million from Corinthians and was definitely a worthwhile investment. He's now apparently a "world class player". Great mentals in general, 19 decisions / 20 vision.



Benali has taken over Lugo's mantle and is surely amongst the elite strikers. He has racked up nearly 90 goals since he joined from Zwolle (on a free transfer) three seasons ago.


Kaiserslauterns Youth

There have been many a young player come through the ranks over the years, but only a select few still have a role in the team to this day. To say that they even get game time is a testament to how remarkable they are, as I have brought in a lot of foreign players over the years. Despite this a few of them continue to feature in the first team.



Where to begin with Thiego. He joined the club with by far the best "starting attributes" of a player I've had since one of the FM's in the 2000's or something. I struggle to remember because really the guy was an insane talent. His attributes barely grew over the years, and that is a bit of a shame as I was hoping he was a freak of nature or something, but he has turned out to be a reliable player at either DC or DR, so I guess I can't be too unhappy with that.

He also has 2 caps from Brazil. A random regen from Kaiserslautern playing for the Brazilian national team.. brilliant.




It would be unfair to have one without the other, seeing as they both joined the first team in the same season. Ludwig & Zefi are dependable full backs that have both played for Germany. Zefi has the most international caps, which is funny seeing as he is valued at a paltry £2.8 million (seriously I have no idea how they came to this calculation..).



Ahh Stelios. I thought he was going to be the next Bardiro but sadly it never worked out that way. Still he has become a reliable bench player who can be deployed at AML/AMC where needed.



And finally.. the man, the myth, "The Sultan". The lad has seen it all, he's the one player still at the club who joined us in the early days, indeed he was generated in the 2021/22 season.

He must surely be Kazakhstans greatest ever player, and is their captain. Despite this as the years have gone on and with the rise of Lugo and Benali he has somewhat evaporated from my first team. The sad thing is that when he did play this season he was actually somewhat effective as AMR.

218 appearances, 66 league goals, 41 assists with an average rating just under 7. For a random Kazakh regen from the saves second season well.. he's been magnificent.


I feel quite sad to be finishing with the save, but playing seasons just for what feels like the lottery of more Champions League medals is well, boring :lol:

I accomplished my goal of taking Kaiserslautern to the summit of European football and really enjoyed it. The early years were frustrating as hell being stuck in Bundesliga 2, but really that was probably the most fun part of it now that I think back.

Farewell Kaiserslautern, Lugo lives forever! :applause:

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