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The FM21 Youth Academy Challenge

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I'm starting to realise that I might have upgraded my Youth Recruitment and Junior Coaching too soon. Does anyone know if it costs money to downgrade the facilities?

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Teie IF - Youth intake 2037

Looks promising and a fair few positions as well.


Well now, can't really complain about that! Quite a few good players and nice personalities for the most part as well.



Apparently a winger that can also play centrally, but I'm thinking about converting him a right back. Granted a bit lack of speed, but he has everything else, and I'm getting a bit lacking at that position. Any thoughts about it?


The English striker from Wrose (that I found out is north of Bradford after a quick check of Google maps), and he is very talented. Needs a bit of working on his finishing, but other than that he is really good.



We got in a Moroccan player, but other than a Chinese and and Englishman, we got Norwegians. Interestingly NONE were from Færder, our home municipality.





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1 hour ago, JLAB said:

I'm starting to realise that I might have upgraded my Youth Recruitment and Junior Coaching too soon. Does anyone know if it costs money to downgrade the facilities?

You can decrease your Jr coaching, it's either above or below the option to increase it. Should be able to cut back on recruitment too if needed. 

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So we just got knocked out of the European cups, we beat Romanian CFR Cluj before losing to Athletic Club of Spain in the 2nd knockout round.


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7 hours ago, Padders said:


Season Review 2078/79

Tried a change of tactic to try improve from the mid table mediocrity.

As usual when I try that, it all falls to pieces and end up in a relegation battle

Luckily manage to win 3 and draw 2 out of the last 6 games

Jamie Bateson still scoring goals at the grand old of age of 35. Another 26 this season and has been top scorer for 18 seasons in a row now!




99 goals allowed?!?!?!?!?!

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Farnborough 2022 Youth Intake



A whole of 5* potential which I think says more about the current first team than the potential of the players.  We brought in a lot of players from Farnborough and Neiland poached a couple of players from his native Ireland.  Some greens in the team and positional DNA but mostly reds and yellows which isn't good.


Ed can provide us some needed depth and pace on the wing.  May spend some time training as a full-back to give us some depth there too.


Lee Brewer 22B is a center forward who lacks the ability to find but can pass the ball.  Another negative is he's a weakling on the ball.  


Adrian Keane 22C could be the best of the class.  He's a midfield creator that we desperately need.  Needs to get a little faster and a little stronger on the ball.


A brave center back who can run for days.  Good all-around defender with his marking, tackling and positioning.  I like what I see from Steve Wilson 22D.


Philipp Fitz 22E came to us from Germany and will provide us some depth at center back.  Not as a good as Wilson but still a good depth option going forward.

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