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The FM21 Youth Academy Challenge

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Ok so i have taken over Real Jean. They have a B Team and i know that players can be signed by AI manager so do i take over the B team to stop this happening?... so i can soley rely on the youth intake? How does it work in relation to this challenge?

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Been trying to get him to sign a new contract for the last two seasons, kept refusing as he wanted to move to a bigger club. Upon reaching his last year, I decided to try and cash in on him - to which he complained that he didn't want to leave. I thought, OK I'll apologies and you'll sign a new deal after the promise is fulfilled. Promise is completed but still wouldn't sign a new deal! Ran his contract down to the end, left the club and entered the free agency. Had a new club within 4 days, only positive is it's not another Chinese club. Won't be so trustful next time around!



Contrast in our sponsorship's, compared to the top end of the table.


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Youth intake preview - Class 2026

Two goalkeepers and a few great prospects.. can't wait.


Sneak peek after 14 games in our second season... same team, one more year of experience ? We are getting the same results since our great run after last season's winter break. I changed a few things in my first eleven and I must have done something good.

And Pronichev is doing it again..

Player poached


Number 7 and i think this will be a very good player.


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ACN Siena 1904 – Season 26 – 2046/47 Season Preview


With the new season starting once again, we are looking forward to seeing how everything goes. The first preview is on July 1st, while the second preview is on September 16th after the transfer window has concluded. My wonderkid fullback has been kept despite having offers from the likes of Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal and PSG. We sent players out on loan and Sassuolo sold a player to Bari who seemed to be a starter for them.


The board want a top-half finish this season for us to get through the Europa League group stage, despite having a rather difficult group in Europe. We're reupgrading our training facilities after they downgraded over the summer, so we are repairing that. I also want to get past the 1st round of the Coppa Italia for the first time since 2042, given that we are facing either Serie B side Perugia, or Serie C side Lecce, if we don't get to the quarters this season, I will be very upset with the side.


The Europa League group will be a challenge, but I am hopeful that we can beat either Gladbach or Monaco once, while taking two wins against Levski Sofia twice. However, the season gives me reason to be excited.

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Xerez – Season 6 (2026/27)

Primera RFEF Grupo II This was a successful first season in the Spanish third tier - I couldn’t repeat my double promotion feat with Durango, but we spent the season much closer to the top than the bottom of the table, finishing a very respectable 6th.


The main worry are the finances, with us approaching 500k in the red after turning pro and no improvement in sight; I hope that my chairman (who seems quite stingy anyway) doesn’t start selling players for pennies once our finances become insecure.

Players: This was a nice season of youngsters stepping up and improving steadily. I kind-off wrote off the last two intakes but to my surprise they seem to have given us a solid first-choice keeper in Juan Gabriel Ramirez 04b, and a potential future star striker in Clement Nwachukwu 05a, with Ramirez already a starter and Nwachukwu doing well after breaking into the first team at the end of the season. Left back Fouseinni Traore 03b was my favourite player this season - not the highest rating since he plays at full back, but very solid both in defence and going forward. The main problem is in central defence where my two starters have aged badly, but…

spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png

Youth intake: It looks like we finally have a centre back prospect!! Ok, intake looks pretty rubbish overall again, but if Oliver Sayabera 06a develops well we will finally have a solid centre back which I think will make a world of difference to our results on the pitch.

spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png

Facilities: no upgrades

Transfers: trying to get rid of a few fringe players, and youngsters which are not developing

Season    |  League               | Pos. |     Europe     |   Best player                 |  Notes
2021/22   | Segunda B Grupo IV.   |  4   |     n/a        |  Lolo Garrido (AMC)           |
2022/23   | Segunda B Grupo IV    |  11  |     n/a        |  Miquel 01d (AMC)             |
2023/24   | Segunda B Grupo IV    |  5   |     n/a        |  Lolo Garrido (AMC)           |
2024/25   | Segunda B Grupo IV    |  3   |     n/a        |  Lucas Correa (DC)            | Lost in playoff final
2025/26   | Segunda B Grupo IV    |  1   |     n/a        |  Javi Gomez (MC)              | Promotion via playoffs
2026/27   | Primera RFEF Grupo II |  6   |     n/a        |  Miquel 01d (AMC)             |

Season    |  Coaching     |  Recruitment      | Training Fac.  | Youth Fac.    |  Stadium
2021/22   |  Fairly basic |  Fairly basic     | Adequate       |  Adequate     |  800
2022/23   |  Fairly basic |  Fairly basic     | Adequate       |  Adequate     |  800
2023/24   |  Fairly basic |  Adequate         | Adequate       |  Adequate     |  800
2024/25   |  Fairly basic |  Average          | Adequate       |  Adequate     |  800
2025/26   |  Fairly basic |  Average          | Below average  |  Adequate     |  800
2026/27   |  Fairly basic |  Average          | Below average  |  Adequate     |  800


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CSA Steaua Buceresti

Season 4 – Casa Liga I

Table1 -- Table2 -- Transfers -- Squad

Season Update

We were pretty awful for the most part this season, much worse than all the previous seasons with us going on several lengthy winless runs. Several formation changes to try and fix the form resulted in only temporary reprieve as we slumped down the table, but somehow only 8 points worse off than last season.

The relegation group saw us already in the relegation playoff positions so we had it all to do. It didn’t start well with 1 point from our first 4 games and we were in real danger of automatic relegation. Thankfully I managed to finally twig onto a tactic that seemed to work for us (4-2-4) and we ended the season with PL of 3W 1D 1L. Unfortunately the draw was in the last game of the season where a win would see us avoid the relegation playoffs alas, it was again to a two game shootout to retain our top flight status.

We looked very good in our first leg against Astra Giurgiu, but only managed to score one goal which was not enough for such a good performance. The second leg was away, and started pretty well with us doubling our aggregate lead. Unfortunately a flurry of goals just before half time ultimately left the tie 3-3 on aggregate with it all to play for in the last 45. It was heartbreak in the end as they got a goal to take them up on aggregate and then another as we were chasing the game. Relegation.           


The team is very much youth centric, only goalkeeper and one defender being left of the real players. Though there are a few ‘original’ newgens in the squad. Ionut Lacatus is one of those who, in spite of our troubles had a very handy season in front of goal with 17 league goals.


After losing our best player earlier in the season, one of our 2nd year youths stepped up to fill the void and be, on paper, our best player, and he does look pretty solid, just doesn’t help playing in a team that isn’t doing well. He also received our first youth cap with him representing Romania U18s.




An excellent group of players, but suggestion that most positions players won't be that good, so wasn't sure what to expect.



Probably an indication if any that our squad isn’t all too good that we’re still getting nearly a full set of ‘5 star’ potential players. There’s some decent looking players nonetheless. (again I forgot to immediately screenshot so there's a few stragglers)

It’s back to back to back attacking midfielders that are looking the pick of the intake with Alin Barbu 4 being the best of this years. He looks actually like he could be a very decent player. Though for now, we’re not using attacking midfielders so he might have to be used as a striker (which he can naturally play in)



General Overview

In spite of my big sale early in the summer the board were reluctant to invest in infrastructure citing our poor financial status. This is my fault, turns out getting the board to buy the stadium is a pretty bad idea, £8.5Mn in debt so no surprise they’re not very forthcoming with improvement requests.

I did manage to squeeze through a youth facility upgrade at least and, on the day of our relegation playoff game got the board to give me a new contract which should cover off the fact we got relegated.

I think relegation could be a blessing in disguise as we might actually go about winning more games and get overall happiness of the squad up, but it could also see us lose out massively financially which is not the most convenient of outcomes.

Story So Far


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Taking a break from my current career save to try this challenge again. I've joined Montebelluna, a town of about 32,000 people that's nearly an hour's drive north of Venice. I definitely have my work cut out, as we are predicted last. Luckily, there's only 1 automatic relegation spot, but there's a big relegation playoff for the 4 teams above that across the 3 Serie C divisions. It also looks like there's a tonne of playoff spots for promotion too. Either way it looks to be a fun league as the club enters virtually unknown territory. They haven't been in the Serie C since 1987, and they've never been above this level. I had to reload a number of times to get these guys, and I hope it's worth it. Out of the Serie D teams they have the best junior coaching, as well as the best training and youth facilities. I hope I last long enough to make good use of them, as well as upgrading them of course!



This is how our first team will line up for the majority of the season. There's no real weaknesses, and I'm operating under the position that everyone is interchangeable and can play anywhere. My selection policy is purely based on attribute analysis rather than position comfortability. If their attributes say they can play there, they will. Eventually once I get some players in through the intake I'll be taking charge of the youth teams too, implementing the same philosophy.



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9 hours ago, _JHTB_ said:


Happens to the best of us. When we dropped back out of the top tier (Aigaleo) it took us three seasons to make it back up. 


Good luck making it back up.

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I think I've found my new game. I found a lower league German database, and I had already thought about Germany, so that settled it!

Had a look at the teams promotion to the 6th tier after holidaying a season, and found a team that has quite a decent setup from the go. So I'm the new manager of Amberg!


The club is located in Amberg (surprise), located a bit east of Nuremberg, not far from the Czech border. So perhaps we will get some newgens from there as well. Here we go!

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30 million! Fair recompense considering I have a like-for-like replacement.


Player Out:


Current replacement:


As you can see, 6 goals in 6 games in the EURO Cup. He should be a more than adequate replacement, plus, 30 million to spend on upgrades. We might miss that Pace though....

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Viktoria 1889 Berlin
End of season 2026/2027 (season 6)
League Table | Competition Overview | Transfers | Finances | Facilities | Youth intake | Manager Profile | Club Overview


What a debut season in the Bundesliga for us!! We nearly qualified for European football, only 3 points more and we would have qualified for the Conference League. However, this was a great season for us. And also for SC Paderborn, who also promoted this season. They had their best season ever with their 3rd place and CL qualification. We won our last match against them with 3-5. And check also our two matches against Leverkusen. I posted the home match earlier, but we also won the away match against them.

Lucas Ewert 22M is, again, our topscorer, for the third time in a row now. He keeps surprising everyone, including myself. I never thought that this guy would became my most important player when he came through the youth intake. First two very good seasons in 2. Bundesliga, and now 22 Bundesliga goals. Amazing. Almost my whole team are now academy players. Only goalkeeper Melvin Williams and central defender Jacob Lewald are from the original squad in our first eleven. Williams will keep his position for the next couple of seasons, but Lewald got some serious competition of some talented youngsters, like Yevgeniy Zhenisbekov 25j (who is already an international from Kazakhstan) and Jonas Schuster 24j. This season was also Andreas Hölzenbein 24k's breakthrough. He came into the team instead of Patrick Wolfgang Kapp and he did very well as our Libero. And the same can be said about our central defender Elis Shehi 24d, who also is an international of Kosovo already. And what about Onur Usta 24a? This guy is only 18 years old, but scored 15 goals and made 14 assists this season. He's probably the most gifted player that we've got. And last but not least, our left wingback Metodija Arsovski 25a. He missed some matches because of an injury, but he is developing into a great wingback. He is only 17 years old, capped twice for the Macedonian national team and already a big player for us. We've got a very talented squad!
We also upgraded our facilities again. And after the season we gained a lot of money. So the final upgrade for our Youth Facilities is in progress now. The board didn't want to upgrade the Training Facilities also. So we need to wait for that final upgrade a little bit longer.

Youth intake
As I mentioned before, I changed my HoYD during the season. I hired Vincent Kompany and I'm very happy with that. But his first intake for us is a bit dissapointing. Maybe I expected a bit too much, because our facilities are almost maxed out, we are at the top level in Germany and our reputation is growing. But still, some 3.5 and 4 star potential players, so maybe some of them will develop into a good player for us. We'll see.




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FC Amberg - Wikipedia

FC Amberg - Season 2021/22 (Season 1) Review - German Landesliga Bavaria/Staffel Central

Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances

So when I took over the club I noticed that they were favourites for promotion. And since the club has really good facilities for this level, I expect it to be a phoenix club (it was in the early 00s, but then nothing as to why it's still so far down the pyramid) or something, but I can't find any (English) sources as to what happened. Anyway, as I looked at my VERY small squad, it was clear it was quite good. I did lose one player before the season, so I went into the season with 12 players in total! I only had to use a gray once, when I had two suspensions at once, so I could only field 10 players without them. Still, we won the league with a very nice margin and thus are promoted. Not sure the difference in level between the leagues, so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

In the Bayerische Pokal we lost to Ismaning on pens in the 1st round.

Haven't tried to improve things, since the club was in a good state, but I have gotten a few licences and I'm currently working on a National A licence.



A very welcome intake and a lot of them will see matches the next season.


Mikheil Kobiashvili 22d is a very nicely rounded out midfielder for this level, and will work fine as our new playmaker.




No foreigners yet, but at least one guy from outside Bratislava.




Trophy cabinet:

German Landesliga Bavaria/Staffel Central - 2021/22


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CSA Steaua Buceresti

Season 5 – Casa Liga I

Table1 -- Table2 -- Transfers -- Squad

Season Update

In Romania due to how late the season ends, there is no off season break, however, there is a massive difference in the top league and second league starting date, meaning no end of season break but a very long preseason. I took the opportunity to try and familiarise the team with the tactic I’d settled on. In the off season, however, we did lose our first youth player, Patru Oreviceanu 2 who, following his new contract the season prior, had a relegation release fee in his contract which was triggered and so he was gone.


Our season got off to a fantastic start, winning 6 of our opening 7 games. In fact, the entirety of the regular league season (19 games) we somehow managed to go about it undefeated, which considering how woeful we were last season was a huge surprise.

Whilst we were undefeated, by the time the champions playoff came about I wasn’t too pleased with the overall performances of the squad, but we did manage to scrape through a few games as we went on to win the league. We didn’t keep our unbeaten run though as CS Blejoi beat us twice which was a shame, but given I was surprised we’d even kept it up as long not terrible.


This season, the only real player remaining was our goalkeeper Horia Iancu, who for us since I joined has been a very good player for us (he incidentally was won the league player of the season last year when we were relegated.


 Constantin Stan 3 did actually start breaking into the team last season, but with the retirement of our long term first choice centre back he this season established himself as first choice for us and had a solid enough season.



This preview didn’t fill me with much hope, maybe some good fullbacks but every where else nothing great.


Not quite as bad as the preview suggested with a few handy looking prospects, though most of the better players having not great personalities.

473080512_intake24-25.thumb.PNG.f723b95f227c14769e41468e501550f3.PNGPaul Costea 5 is possibly the pick of the intake, though nothing spectacular. For us, reasonable as a fullback though lacking somewhat in his physicals.


General Overview

We lost a lot of money this season, not too surprisingly given lack of TV revenue and still paying back 85k per month on the loan debt the club has. The chairman is rumoured to be looking to sell, so hopefully we get a takeover that clears the debts which will hopefully allow for more facilities upgrades. That said, the board did agree to improve the junior coaching budget which is handy.

I’m not too sure what to expect from next season, probably just aim to survive relegation, but we have started to improve our squad overall which should hopefully stand us in good stead to avoid any further relegations. Unfortunately, our best player in Andrei Stancu 2, is entering the last year of his contract and is refusing to sign a new one, so we will probably have to cash in which is a shame though I am happy with our midfield options.

Story So Far


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10 hours ago, toshimitzou1 said:

Good luck making it back up.

I was fairly confident we'd manage to bounce back purely off the back of our end of season form with our new tactic, plus allowed me to bed in some players to make us (hopefully) stronger in the long run. Morale is a huge factor in performance so when it's spiralling it was probably much more helpful for us to have a season against inferior opposition to cleanse the pallet, no doubt we'll be in a relegation scrap again next season.

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28 minutes ago, _JHTB_ said:

season against inferior opposition to cleanse the pallet

Totally agree. Morale is crucial. I think many players underestimate it. I've been using in-match shouts (encourage, no pressure, demand more and fire up) far more on this challenge and furthermore, I have been doing so on a far more individual basis. One good shout to the right player on 35 mins or 75 mins can change a game. Good luck this season. My spider senses tell me you'll finish top-half.

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We got our takeover, it was originally rumoured as a tycoon takeover, but when it came through just considered a consortium. A bit of a shame that they didn't wipe out the clubs debt as it near enough means we're in the same spot as prior to them taking over. 


11 minutes ago, toshimitzou1 said:

My spider senses tell me you'll finish top-half.

I can live and dream, our chances will be made all the more difficult following the inevitable sale of our best player following him entering his last year of contract.


A good deal all told, whilst the takeover didn't clear our debts, this sale did take us comfortably into the black and allowed for the new owners to improve the training facilities. The 50% sell on will also hopefully return us even more money in the coming seasons, but the 3rd season in a row we've sold a centre midfielder, hopefully won't come back to bite us.

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Excellent season to-date. Going into the Championship play - off we are right in the hunt for a CL spot (awarded down to third place) and have an outside shot at the title. 10 matches to seal our place in the CL for the first time. Also, I am delighted with how tight we are at the back, more so since our CB's are comparatively our worst players.


In addition, the knockout stages of the EURO Cup are about to start and we have had an excellent draw against one of the weaker teams in the competition:

20210830004324_1.jpg.0e2b34f81e0fb7afd2088e47f839dbc2.jpgAll the big guns have drawn each other, however, I do not think we can recapture the glory of last year's EURO Cup II success. In order to have the best chance of securing CL football next season, I will be fielding a fully rotated XI in all remaining EURO Cup games, just as I have been doing through the group phase. 

I will play out the season tonight, updates to follow....

Updated: 13th March 2037.

It's almost as if the game wants me to commit to the EURO Cup! Held onto to a 2-0 first leg lead to beat Legia on pens:


We were then granted the easiest draw possible against domestic league leaders PAOK! 


However, if we make it through the semi-final will be almost impossible!


After reviewing the fixture list, we will play PAOK 3 times in 7 days.


At the moment we are in with a real shout of a domestic title if we can get something from those games, but have to improve on our two matches against PAOK to - date which have both been lost by a one goal margin.:


With this information to hand, I am going to continue to field a weaker team in the EURO Cup in the hope that our freshness and vitality can see us to a victory in the league matches. Furthermore, in the EURO Cup match I am going to implement the get stuck in TI and apply tackle harder to all PI's and OI's in the hope I can injure as many of their players as possible. 

Time to put this plan into action.

Updated 16th April 2037:

Second XI got beaten home and away in the EURO Cup and we did not manage to injure any of their players. However, the league away encounter on 12.04.2037  we battled to a 1-1 draw! As you can see, this is an excellent result considering our historic performances against PAOK:


This keeps us in with an outside shout of a late run for the domestic title:


I believe AEK will now pose our main threat. Both Olympiakos and PAOK are contesting the EURO Cup and Domestic Cup semi - finals. That's 4 extra games to fit in to a tight schedule.  By the time our fixture against both roll around at the end of the group stage, they will both have been playing every three days for a month! There's no way they can sustain a challenge for the title. Here is our fixture list and Olympiakos' for comparison:



AEK, like us, have no other distractions. Phew, if we cannot get top three this year, I will attribute it to my deficiencies as a manager more than usual.

Updated 19th April 2037:

And it begins; whereas I fielded a Second XI in my previous European fixture a few days previously, Olympiakos and PAOK did not. We ripped through Panathinaikos whilst two of my main rivals lost the game after their European exploits:


It really is turning out how I foretold; we must beat AEK!!!

Updated 07.05.2037

Could not win away, but did well to hold on to a draw:


It's gonna go to the wire. On the up - side, Goal Difference is secondary to results between teams! We have got a real chance. We just need to beat PAOK (not likely) and Panathinaikos (good chance) or hope AEK slip up. Two games remaining.


Updated 13.05.2037

What a joke, score twice against them for the first time and they equalise direct from kick - off from both goals!!!! I need to beat Panathinaikos and hope AEK lose at home to Olympiakos...... It could happen!


Regardless, we have guaranteed ourselves Champions League football for the first time in the club's history and simultaneously achieved the clubs highest ever finish. Title match to follow....

Updated: FINAL FIXTURE Half - Time: We are doing everything we need to. Come on Olympiakos - just keep it tight.



Part one of challenge complete. Olympiakos done us a massive turn! It was good they were fighting for a top three spot at the wire.

What a season!



Wow, effectively secured the title due to the  continental success and subsequent domestic demise of my rivals! My 5 year plan has succeeded in 2 years. At least now I can entirely focus on the Champions League. I predict 8 years!!

Season review to follow.

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League Champions!!!
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Our first 'generational talent' to come through in about 20 years. Hopefully he'll be as good as the last one as we've got a much better chance of keeping hold of this one.


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A huge improvement from last season, as we survive and survive easily. It's only going to be onwards and upwards from here (hopefully).


Youth Intake






Alessandro Padovani 2A  -  Giuseppe Brambilla 2B*  -  Tommaso Rubello 2C



Another deep intake, but again probably expected in the early stages. We now have 32 new youth players, so I'll be taking over the U18s now too. The U20s have done quite well, finishing 2nd in their group after finishing last the previous season, a gain of 7 places. We then went on to win the entire thing, a great sign for the future!


Best XI


Daniele Santoro  -  Nicola Fasan  -  Edoardo Girardi





We've made a huge improvement here! Some of these guys have developed a lot.


Record Breakers






I let Castagna go to a bigger club, as he wasn't starting and we could make some profit on him.



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Season 7 (2026-27) Review

On the pitch

Starting 11:




Domestic: We managed to win the league and reached the semi-final of the cup.





Europe: Very good season and similar to last season.  We again reached the group stage of the Europa League via the Champions League.  We then slipped into the Europa Conference League and quickly got knocked out when we came up against German opposition.


Champions League Qualification


Europa League



Europa Conference League


Off the pitch

Youth intake: Described by HoYD as a golden generation






Top players






Top youth intake players








Around the world (UCL = Atletico Madrid; Copa Lib. = Sao Paulo; Balon d'Or = Gabriel Jesus(1))


UEFA Champions League (nice to see Lyon make the final)


Copa Libertadores (Brazil and Argentina heavyweights in the final)



Balon d'Or













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Okocimski Brzesko - 2021/22

Squad - League - Finances - Transfers- Manager

I decided to go fan database with 4 tier in Poland. I choosed Okocimski Brzesko which has around 17k population. I could go easy way and take Odra Wodzisław or Escolva Varsovia which had great facilities but I took this club for 2 reasons. They played previously in Fortuna 1 Liga. They are famous because of small town around Okocim which is Polish beer :) Second of all this town is between my home town and current location Kraków. And of course I wanted challenge which I will go until FM22 :) I started game with 12 playable players (2 GK's). Started season with 11 and before YT I played with 10 of them with of course 2 keepers. I have some generated players best of course is Mróz which is my one of the best, striker Sosnowski and one young GK Zagórowski but honestly from the season he did very poor even with nt calls for Austria u18. I think its because of 182 cm... Like I said before I went for similar tactic as @toshimitzou1 and ended with it at 12th place so main target was reached. Was able to get first license and start another, got some upgrate in JC and YR as well. Intake was of course golden generation. I just wanted to get any players to start work with. Noone special appear for now but was able to put someone in my tactic holes. Oh wait a random Mexico guy is something worth notice.




I've got one winger with decent personality and as my HOYD says best player from intake CM which will be good as my 35 yo main wants to retire but unambitious :(









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Our best group performance yet. 2nd year running we get out the group stage. Beat Inter home and away and was so unlucky at home to Bayern. Feel like we stepping up another level now.


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Last posted in here back around Christmas time, but due to having family over at the time I fell behind on updating on my progress, and then due to some personal issues I ended up shelving this save for a while, but I've gotten back in to the save recently so have decided to start providing updates in here again and catch up with the couple seasons I've already played through. My memory is a little hazy on them, but it's only a couple of seasons :) .

Season 6 - 2026/27 - Vanarama National League

League Table - Fixtures 1/Fixtures 2/Fixtures 3 - Squad 1/Squad 2 - Best XI - Transfers




League - WE ARE FOOTBALL LEAGUE! A completely unexpected season, I decided to switch to a 442 that I'd used in Lower League saves before, and everything just clicked! Gilchrist was once again on fire and he combined with Miller for 63 goals and 27 assists (59/24 in the League). Defensively I still left a lot to be desired, but emulating the Keegan led Newcastle of the 90s, my free scoring attack more than made up for it. I did have a slight wobble towards the end of the season which made me think I might mess up the opportunity, but I managed to get straight in to the playoff semis against Bromley, who have been a thorn in my side recently, but a late equaliser from Okoye and and ET winner from Miller got me through to the final, and who else but Gilchrist to score a hat-trick and send me through to the Football League!

Cups - Got to the FA Cup Proper again, however League 1 Salford were just too much for me. I had hoped I could do well in the FA Trophy this year, however, after a draw to VNL South Hornchurch in the 4th Round, I felt too many  extra games would hinder my promotion challenge as I was already struggling with player fitness, so I fielded a very weak team which was comfortably beat 4-0. I'd have liked to win this Cup, but it just wasn't to be (and hopefully I don't get another chance!)

Finances - After finishing last season in such a healthy financial position, I used the position to improve both Training and Youth facilities, and still managed to end up with a good balance. Obviously now I'm in League 2 I'll be forced to become professional which I've been desperate for, so hopefully I can really start developing some of the brighter prospects. There is some interest in a few of my players, but I'm hoping I can keep most around to help me consolidate in the league next season, before I look to cash in. Also to comply with League 2 regulations, we will be increasing the capacity of the 1st Cloud Arena again, which will be a hit on the finances, but hopefully will provide some better cash flow going forward.


Youth Intake

Trevor Southern [27A] - Chris McLaughlin [27B] - Daniel Parkin [27C] - Silas Okoro [27D] - Mark Cass [27E] - Gabriel Osawe [27F] - Bob Pollock [27G] - Matthew Bennett [27H]

Another very good intake, with a decent spread of positions, and a few that look like they could be around the first team very quickly to at least provide some depth.

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Sorry guys, Nuneaton is ending as after starting the season 8 games undefeated, not gonna have time to complete the campaign or even get close - as all 8 games were draws :lol:


So going for a smaller league, cause you know time.  Chosen Bulgaria.  Chosen Spartak Varna.

Spartak Varna.png

The Manager


The Club




Was unable to cancel for some reason...



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 FC Amberg - Wikipedia

FC Amberg - Season 2022/23 (Season 2) Review - Bayernliga Nord

Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances

After we crushed just about every team in the Landesliga, the Oberliga turned out to be a bit more challenging. Even so, we actually showed we belong here, even if we didn't dominate. We were part of the top of the league for most of the season, even if we rarely were on top. Greuther Fürth II were the main team for most of the season, but they were eventually overtaken by Donaustauf. As for us, we had a poor end to the season, and slumped a bit back to finish in a fairly decent 5th place to stay in this division for another season. Quite a few of the youth players from last season had an impact on the team, and a few even turned out to be first choices. Mikheil Kobiashvili 22d also has been called up to Georgia U21s and played a few matches there to gain international experience. The only other who got any callups were Steve Hansen 22j, who played a few times for Luxembourg U19s.

In the Bayerische Pokal we beat Garmisch-Partenkirchen before losing to Ansbach in the 2nd round.

No improvements to the team, but I have worked on more licences. So far I've gotten the Continental B, and I'm currently working on A.



A really good intake with some very nice talents all around.


Salih Bekar 23c is a really good fullback that I will have much use for.




A nice and diverse intake and it let me add more continents to the list.





Trophy cabinet:

German Landesliga Bavaria/Staffel Central - 2021/22


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@Shankly84. Massive respect for taking on Iceland. Trying to ascend Europe from such a nation requires a stoic long -term outlook. Just won my first domestic title in Greece in game year 2037. I hope the CL is not too far off (10 yearsish). I don't know if I have the metal to play another twenty years!

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Disappointing got relegated... We had pray run with 2 last wins but needed my opponent to lost 2 matches in fact they tied 2 of them and even with 2 wins I lost via 1 point. That was fast :)

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So I may have been able to bully my board into creating this new affiliate for me with Dinamo Bucureşti for another option to get youth players for our youth intakes.


It might be costing me £200K a year, but with how much money we do have and how many amazing players this could be bringing us, I am willing to take this risk for the best Romanian academy players.

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Has anyone got any recomendations for upping the amount of foreign youth players in the intake? I have set up affiliate clubs, but it doesn't seem to have any affect? My head of youth has always been a foreigner as well, but this seems to have little impact.

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2 minutes ago, Shankly84 said:

Has anyone got any recomendations for upping the amount of foreign youth players in the intake? I have set up affiliate clubs, but it doesn't seem to have any affect? My head of youth has always been a foreigner as well, but this seems to have little impact.

I've had quite a few foreign players due to my affiliate links with the academy players being sent over. My last intake, while not amazing, was filled with them.


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13 minutes ago, Shankly84 said:

Has anyone got any recomendations for upping the amount of foreign youth players in the intake? I have set up affiliate clubs, but it doesn't seem to have any affect? My head of youth has always been a foreigner as well, but this seems to have little impact.

Its all about reputation of your league and your club. 

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17 minutes ago, JLAB said:

I've had quite a few foreign players due to my affiliate links with the academy players being sent over. My last intake, while not amazing, was filled with them.


I've got quite a few affiliates now, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

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6 minutes ago, Sn00gle said:

Its all about reputation of your league and your club. 

Our league (Icelandic) is now the 9th most reputable in the world and my clubs reputaion is 3 1/2 stars out of five. The mad thing is we had a Brazilian come through early in the save who turned out to be a superstar. Completely random. I'm now 40 odd seasons on and was expecting more to come through each year.

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4 hours ago, Padders said:

Sean Carey is still going at 33 years old, 52 goals in 49 games!

what are his career stats like now? must be hugely impressive, he's been bnging in 40+ a season since he was a teenager

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5 minutes ago, libbyshuss said:

what are his career stats like now? must be hugely impressive, he's been bnging in 40+ a season since he was a teenager

Yeah he been unreal. Never had a striker score this many for so long before

Just finished the 2116/17 season and was his lowest return with only 30!

Lost his one goal a game record which is a shame

He is 34 now



Edited by Padders
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9 minutes ago, Padders said:

Never had a striker score this many for so long before

absolute legend. Hope they name a stadium after him and build him a statue outside it!

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ACN Siena 1904 – Season 26 – 2046/47 Youth Intake Preview


So our latest youth intake preview looks like it will be a mixed result. I don't know if I should be happy about this or not.


Our results at the beginning of the season has not been as good as we have been hoping it would be. However, we can turn things around later in the year I think, the European Schedule has not been helping us at all.


When the youth intake preview arrived, we were in the mid-table position of the league, needing to pick up our form a little bit. We've not been as impressive as we have been in the last two seasons and the board are starting to get a little annoyed by our lack of progress this season.


The Europa League form saw us being knocked out of the Europa after losing to Monaco and Gladbach in consecutive games. We drop down in the Europa Conference League where we will be facing off against Oud-Heverlee Leuven in the 1st Knockout Round. We've never failed to get to the 2nd Knockout Round of the Europa Conference League in our time at Siena, but have never gotten past the 2nd Knockout Round either. A mixed run of the form in the competition to say the least.

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I believe that my young midfielder Walter Disegni is going to be a star player for Siena in the future seasons. I don't think he's amazing now, but he's only just turned 17. That being said, I am hoping he becomes good enough to be considered a Serie A player by the end of the season.

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Season #95 - 2116/17

Really disappointing season

It started well though, we sat 5th after Christmas

Then we drew 2-2 to 24th Barnsley

That resulted in a run of no wins in 10!

As you can see in the league position history, we just dived down the table and there is no coming back

As posted above Sean Carey only got 30 goals. His second lowest in his 17 year career



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I just realised I'm spending £1,456,072 a year on my affiliate links at Siena...

Good thing I'm able to make so much money then, isn't it?

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