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The FM21 Youth Academy Challenge

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Xerez – Season 5 (2025/26)

Segunda Division B Grupo IV We absolutely bossed the league this year, finishing 1st and qualifying for the playoffs with ease.


In the playoff semi, we had the traditional B-team match-up against Elche B. The first leg was the definition of uneventful - with no shots by either team in the first half - but exploded into life late on with us scoring goals in the 94th and 96th minutes to win the tie 2-0. Given the number of late comebacks I suffered in this save, this felt like a bit of karma finally striking back. We did not play well in the second leg, but an early penalty made sure we made it through despite a 2-1 defeat.

In the final we faced Orihuela, a team who did really well in their league (winning it with only 2 defeats) but are generally one of the smaller semi-pro sides, so I felt we had a chance. In the home leg, we went 1-0 down against the run of play but roared back to a deserved 3-1 win. The second leg was absolutely amazing. We went 3-0 up within 8 minutes (!!), and despite Orihuela trying to peg us back at 4-2 and 5-3, we ended up winning this entirely mad game 6-3, and with it sealing the tie and promotion to Segunda Pro! Absolutely chuffed with this, those first 10 minutes of the second leg were definitely the moment of this challenge (both for Durango and Xerez) for me so far.

spacer.png spacer.png

We won’t get much more money but we’re turning professional so plenty of change on the horizon, and hopefully some faster development for our players.

Players: Javi Gomez was absolutely superb for us, scoring 14 goals running in from deep positions in what is probably his last season at his peak. I don’t know what it is about this challenge, but like with my Durango team we are very well stocked upfront - with Miguel 01d and Sebas 01f each having a stormer (40 goals and 21 assists between them) - but are pretty shocking at the back. One ray of hope is Fousseiny Traore 03b who had a very promising first season at left back.

spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png

Youth intake: The less said about this one the better; we’re basically still living off the fruits of our first three intakes with this year maybe even worse than the last. Not much talent and no defenders in sight, but Clement Nachukwu 05a does have some pretty good starting attributes for a youth intake striker.

spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png

Facilities: Training facilities got downgraded and we’re almost 200k in the red so no upgrades are in sight.

Transfers: Got rid of a few mostly ageing fringe players, with the main departure being club legend Lolo Garrido who was key for us during the first three seasons but declined rapidly after hitting 30.

Season    |  League             | Pos. |     Europe     |   Best player                 |  Notes
2021/22   | Segunda B Grupo IV  |  4   |     n/a        |  Lolo Garrido (AMC)           |
2022/23   | Segunda B Grupo IV  |  11  |     n/a        |  Miquel 01d (AMC)             |
2023/24   | Segunda B Grupo IV  |  5   |     n/a        |  Lolo Garrido (AMC)           |
2024/25   | Segunda B Grupo IV  |  3   |     n/a        |  Lucas Correa (DC)            | Lost in playoff final
2025/26   | Segunda B Grupo IV  |  1   |     n/a        |  Javi Gomez (MC)              | Promotion via playoffs

Season    |  Coaching     |  Recruitment      | Training Fac.  | Youth Fac.    |  Stadium
2021/22   |  Fairly basic |  Fairly basic     | Adequate       |  Adequate     |  800
2022/23   |  Fairly basic |  Fairly basic     | Adequate       |  Adequate     |  800
2023/24   |  Fairly basic |  Adequate         | Adequate       |  Adequate     |  800
2024/25   |  Fairly basic |  Average          | Adequate       |  Adequate     |  800
2025/26   |  Fairly basic |  Average          | Below average  |  Adequate     |  800


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First eleven - start season 5 / R-W Essen


Edit: right after posting this, our DL injured himself and will be out for 5 months.. 

Four academy players in the starting line up. 10 of above 11 should be able to play two or three season (at least) together but  i'm trying to intruduce at least one youth player every season.

One of the advantages of doing this challenge in Germany is that we have got some really good player that could stay with us in our bundesliga adventure. 

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CSA Steaua Buceresti

Season 3 – Casa Liga I

Table1 -- Table2 -- Transfers -- Squad

Season Update

Throughout this season I made so many formation changes as we never managed to put through a good run of form in any system, then it dawned on me – we’re just not very good in the grand scheme of things. Even still I was never really happy with how we played this year, but somehow we managed to beat our points tally from the regular season (by 1), but it was a much closer league as a whole.

When we started the relegation group with 50% of course it didn’t really matter we managed the one extra point in the regular season. We were not too good on the whole in this group though we were rarely comfortably beaten. Unfortunately, we also didn’t score enough goals and ultimately ended up in the relegation playoffs this season.

Our opponents had actually knocked us out the cup this season so maybe they had our number. The first leg we were the better team in all but the most important stat, goals. They got 2 to our 0 and relegation was looking more likely than not (we don’t usually score goals). A goal for our opponents early in the second leg saw us have a 3 goal deficit to overturn. Inexplicably we did it I went all out attacking and it paid dividends, after equalising in the first half the second saw us score 3 more unanswered goals including in the 90+1 minute to secure our survival.



This season I tried to bed in a lot more of the youth talents from my intakes as well as some from the intake preceding me taking over to prepare for our old guard inevitable decline. Patru Oreviceanu 2 was one such inclusion, I had high hopes for him, but really, he massively under performed but is developing well.


Daniel Pandelica 2 became half on my centre back pairing doing not awfully considering him being about 5 inches too short for his position. I’m still hopeful he’ll have a growth spurt at some point with him still only being 16.


At the start of the season Andrei Stancu 2 was not in my first team plans for the year, but his development early saw him force himself into them. A steady enough season for him and I think he could go on to be a really good player for us.




Whilst the preview didn’t really say it was a golden generation, it did give a lot of promise for a few positions.


Another good intake, I forgot my screenshot when the intake first arrived but altogether happy with what I got.

The clear standout is Bogdan Martin 3 and as soon as he agreed a contract with me he was thrust straight into the first team making an ok start to his career.


General Overview

I’m currently working towards my continental B license which is decent progress. On the infrastructure side, for some reason our TV revenue shot up this season so I managed to persuade the board to improve all the facilities and coaching budgets. I also managed to get them to agree to buy the stadium which should finalise this summer, though not too sure how much of a boost that will provide.

I want to avoid a repeat of this season next time out, that is to say one place higher in the league and I’ll be content the main aim presently is just to try and improve our youngsters so that we can start playing a bit  more exciting football in general.

Story So Far




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Nuneaton 2030/31 Season

The season started very well where we were beating teams outside the top 6 consistently and convincingly. As the season went on the teams outside the top 6 presented more of a challenge. We managed to finish in 6th despite this due to  Tottenham, Man U, and Chelsea all having terrible seasons, finishing behind the likes of West Ham, Norwich, and Wolves (and us). Last season, it should be mention, Koo Keun-Ho (club icon and captain) lost his starting spot for us. This year Ben Molloy (one of the all time Nuneaton greats) lost his starting spot and even his spot off the bench. Our attacking options are numerous and coming along well. Definitely the strongest point in the side. We also had a couple more wing players come into the fold to the point where we have almost too much talent out there. In defense, we are still rather light. If more than one of the starting backline is out for the game, you can bet we will concede a handful of goals. Troy Thompson, a keeper I had high hopes for and played well last season has stopped developing this season and had a worse season. He's worth 11 million, but I don't think we will be able to sell him due to his wage. I think this season will be his last as a starter unless he can prove himself out on loan. We have a few promising keeper prospects coming through. Justin Burroughs is in pole position to take the role next season. He became our second best keeper straight out of the youth intake. At 18, he is already comparable to Troy Thompson, and is developing well in the cup games he is given.  Another is Loginus Itodo whose attributes look good and played well out on loan. I will give him another loan spell to see if he can continue to develop. Mark Murray is the final keeper option who dominated the National League last season and has been shooting up in his attributes. Exciting times in that position. 

With regard to the youth intake. Nobody looks to be in the team any time soon. It was dubbed a golden generation just like every other intake, but this remains to be seen. 

Next Season

This last season was not indicative of a standard premier league season. Only Arsenal and Liverpool had quality seasons out of the top 6 and I expect the others to bounce back. While we played better this year and have become a better team overall, I would be happy finishing in the top 10 next season. With the Europa League, my expectations depend on the group we are given and the strength of other European leagues with the database not containing their nations. I would be thrilled if we could get out of the group stage.

Personal Coaching Data

Season     Reputation            Qualifications       Att   Def   Fit   GkD   GkH   GkS   Tac   Tec   Men   WWY   Ada   Det   PlK   YoK   LoD   MaM   Mot
At start   Minimal   (0.25*)     None                   2     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     6     1     1    1     1     1
2021/22    Minimal   (1.25*)     National B             6     6     2     1     1     1     6     6     6     1     1     7     5     5    11    6     6  
2022/23    Minimal   (2.00*)     Continental C          9     9     3     1     1     1     9     9     12    4     1     9     8     7    17    9     9  
2023/24    Minimal   (2.00*)     Continental B          10    10    4     1     1     1     10    10    14    4     1     10    9     8    18    10    10  
2024/25    Minimal   (2.00*)     Continental A          11    11    4     1     1     1     11    11    15    4     1     10    9     9    20    11    11
2025/26    Nominal   (3.00*)     Continental Pro        12    12    5     1     1     1     13    13    16    4     1     11    10    10   20    14    13
2026/27    Nominal   (3.00*)     Continental Pro        12    12    5     1     1     1     13    13    16    4     1     11    10    10   20    14    14
2027/28    Decent    (3.00*)     Continental Pro        13    14    5     1     1     1     13    13    17    8     1     11    10    11   20    16    15
2028/29    Okay      (3.25*)     Continental Pro        13    14    5     1     1     1     13    12    17    8     1     11    10    10   20    16    15
2029/30    Okay      (3.25*)     Continental Pro        14    15    5     1     1     1     13    12    17    8     1     11    10    10   20    17    17
2030/31    Okay      (3.25*)     Continental Pro        14    16    5     1     1     1     13    12    17    9     1     11    11    11   20    18    18

Club Facilities

Season      Training Facilities  Youth Facilities  Youth Level  Corporate Facilities  Junior Coaching  Youth Recruitment  Club Reputation
At start   Basic                Basic                  4       Basic                 Basic            Basic              Local      (1.00*)
2021/22    Basic                Basic                  4       Basic                 Adequate         Fairly Basic       Local      (1.00*)
2022/23    Basic                Basic                  4       Basic                 Adequate         Adequate           Local      (1.00*) 
2023/24    Basic                Below Average          4       Basic                 Good             Average            Local      (1.00*)
2024/25    Basic                Below Average          4       Basic                 Exceptional      Good               Regional   (1.25*)
2025/26    Basic                Below Average          4       Basic                 Exceptional      Excellent          Regional   (1.25*)
2026/27    Basic                Below Average          4       Basic                 Exceptional      Excellent          Regional   (1.25*)
2027/28    Basic                Below Average          4       Basic                 Exceptional      Excellent          Regional   (2.00*)
2028/29    Basic                Adequate               4       Basic                 Exceptional      Exceptional        National   (2.50*)
2029/30    Adequate             Good                   2       Good                  Exceptional      Exceptional        National   (2.50*)
2030/31    Good                 Superb                 1       Good                  Exceptional      Exceptional        National   (3.00*)

Season Record

Season     Played     Won     Drawn     Lost     Goals For     Goals Against     Goal Difference     Win Percentage
2021/22      56        27       18       11         110              75                 +35              48.00%
2022/23      57        22       12       23         108              123                -15              38.60%
2023/24      50        20       12       18         124              116                +8               40.00%
2024/25      59        34       14       11         124              91                 +33              57.63%
2025/26      62        31       14       17         140              117                +23              50.00%
2026/27      54        23       10       21         102              110                -8               42.59%
2027/28      62        42       11       9          130              78                 +52              67.74%
2028/29      55        38       6        11         103              72                 +31              69.09%
2029/30      46        14       16       16         68               82                 -14              30.04% 
2030/31      47        25       12       12         86               72                 +14              53.19%

Overall Career Record

After Season   Played     Won     Drawn     Lost     Goals For     Goals Against     Goal Difference     Win Percentage     Time At Club
2021/22         56        27       18       11         110              75                 +35              48.00%             348 days
2022/23         113       49       30       34         218              192                +26              43.00%             732 days
2023/24         163       69       42       52         342              314                +28              42.33%             1038 days 
2024/25         222       103      56       63         466              405                +61              46.00%             1423 days
2025/26         284       134      70       80         606              522                +84              47.00%             1796 days
2026/27         338       157      80       101        708              632                +76              46.45%             2138 days
2027/28         400       199      91       110        838              710                +128             49.00%             2502 days
2028/29         455       237      97       121        941              782                +159             52.00%             2865 days
2029/30         501       251      113      137        1009             864                +145             50.00%             3252 days         
2030/31         548       276      123      149        1095             936                +159             50.00%             3625 days

Trophy Haul

Season     Competition Won
2022/23       FA Trophy 
2024/25       Vanarama National League, FA Trophy
2027/28       Sky Bet League One, Papa Johns Trophy
2028/29       Sky Bet Championship

Trophy Cabinet

League Titles
1 x Vanarama National National League (2024/25)
1 x Sky Bet League One (2027/28)
1 x Sky Bet Championship (2028/29)

Cup Competition Victories
2 x FA Trophy  (2022/23, 2024/25)
1 x Papa Johns Trophy (2027/28)

Career Overview

Season     Champions League    Europa League    Europa Conference League             League                             Position     F.A. Cup                  League Cup          Achievements
2021/22           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Vanarama National League North        6th       Fourth round                   N/a             Won promotion playoff.  Fourth Round of the FA Trophy.
2022/23           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Vanarama National League              19th      Third round                    N/a             Won the FA Trophy. Avoided relegation
2023/24           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Vanarama National League              11th      Second round                   N/a             Knocked out in Third round of F. A. Trophy Finished 11th.
2024/25           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Vanarama National League              1st       Second round                   N/a             Won the FA Trophy. Won the National League
2025/26           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Sky Bet League Two                    5th       Fifth round                    Second round    Knocked out in second round of Papa John's Trophy. Won promotion playoff.
2026/27           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Sky Bet League One                    11th      Third round                    Second round    Avoided relegation.      
2027/28           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Sky Bet League One                    1st       Fifth round                    Third round     Won League One. Won Papa Johns Trophy.
2028/29           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Sky Bet Championship                  1st       Quarter final                  Quarter final   Won Championship. 
2029/30           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Premier League                        11th      Semi Final                     Third Round     Avoided Relegation. 
2030/31           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Premier League                        6th       Final                          Fourth round    Qualified for Europa League. Runner up in FA Cup.

Record Number of Appearances (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                    Cumulative Number of Appearances
2021/22    Ben Molloy & Matt Ashworth              1
2022/23    Romaine Gater                           36
2023/24    Chris Mooney                            49 
2024/25    Chris Mooney                            108
2025/26    Chris Mooney                            156
2026/27    Chris Mooney                            201
2027/28    Ben Molloy                              258
2028/29    Ben Molloy                              304 
2029/30    Ben Molloy                              342 
2030/31    Ben Molloy                              364

Record Goal Scorer (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                    Cumulative Number of Goals
2021/22    No one                                  0
2022/23    Jack Thorpe                             5 
2023/24    Ben Molloy                              16 
2024/25    Ben Molloy                              38
2025/26    Ben Molloy                              63
2026/27    Ben Molloy                              90
2027/28    Ben Molloy                              119
2028/29    Ben Molloy                              132 
2029/30    Ben Molloy                              145
2030/31    Ben Molloy                              151

Record Number of Assists (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                    Cumulative Number of Assists
2021/22    No one                                  0
2022/23    Romaine Gater                           3
2023/24    Ky-mani Calder Shenton                  12 
2024/25    Ky-mani Calder Shenton                  19 
2025/26    Ben Molloy                              33
2026/27    Ben Molloy                              48
2027/28    Ben Molloy                              54
2028/29    Ben Molloy                              61 
2029/30    Ben Molloy                              63
2030/31    Rob Scott                               72

Record Number of Clean Sheets (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                    Cumulative Number of Clean Sheets
2021/22    No one                                   0
2022/23    Chris Mooney                             1
2023/24    Chris Mooney                             7 
2024/25    Chris Mooney                             23
2025/26    Chris Mooney                             29
2026/27    Chris Mooney                             37
2027/28    Chris Mooney                             47
2027/28    Chris Mooney                             47 
2029/30    Chris Mooney                             47
2030/31    Chris Mooney                             47

Ticket Sales

Season     Season Tickets/Price                    Average Attendance/Price           
2021/22    166/$358                                    716/$18
2022/23    204/$354                                    830/$19
2023/24    206/$354                                    1008/$19 
2024/25    218/$376                                    1161/$19
2025/26    643/$416                                    2337/$21
2026/27    1079/$460                                   3258/$24
2027/28    1343/$483                                   3908/$25
2028/29    2700/$605                                   6364/$32 
2029/30    11295/$757                                  12516/$44
2030/31    11295/$800                                  12516/$46

Player Wages

Season    Highest Paid Player (per annum)            Cumulative Wage           
2021/22    Ravi Shamsi - 30k                           $242k
2022/23    Koo Keun-Ho - 32k                           $345k                                                    
2023/24    Koo Keun-Ho - 41.5k                         $327k
2024/25    Koo Keun-Ho - 62.5k                         $362k
2025/26    Koo Keun-Ho - 62.5k                         $656k
2026/27    Koo Keun-Ho - 93.5k                         $965k
2027/28    Koo Keun-Ho - 93.5k                         $1.04 mil
2028/29    Lee Dobbin  - 208k                          $1.8 mil 
2029/30    Troy Thompson - 1.9 mil                     $10.32 mil
2030/31    Rob Scott - 2.5 mil                         $22.62 mil
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Great showing in the EURO Cup has qualified us for the EURO II Knockout phase! Won our last three fixtures and were so close to second, although we would have got annihilated in the EURO Cup. 


In the league things have been tough.


My grand plan to deploy my 'rapid' youth was swiftly undone  by a swathe of injuries early (lost both of my LM's for 6 weeks and both strikers for a month, as well as three or four other injuries throughout the team) in the season. This, coupled with implementing more demanding roles to unfamiliar players, led to a really shaky start to the season.

Since the injuries have abated and tactical familiarity has increased, things are looking far more positive. The last 9 league games have yielded 6 victories.


At just past the half - way point I expect us to push on and secure a top 5 finish, offering a great platform to retain our European ambitions and attack the league with a squad whom next season will be far more capable of sustaining a season long challenge for the top four spots. For some this may seem like regression, considering we finished last season one point shy of 2nd place. However, I was aware this would be a season in - transition and would serve as a building block for a 3 year drive towards a title push. This year, 4 of my first XI are in their debut season in senior football - by next season they will be far more developed as will the rest of my First XI, none of whom have hit their full potential to - date.

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So I've grown a bit bored of England lately, and I think I need a change of scenery. So I'm having a go in Slovakia. I don't think I'v ever managed here before, but I'm not certain. Perhaps many aeons ago, but not recently at least.

I've decided to take over Inter Bratislava. A club I remember was quite good back in the day. Well "good" is perhaps overstating it, but they were winning the Slovak leagues and playing in Europe on a regular basis up until the early 2000s. I remember them losing to Rosenborg in a Champions League qualifier around that time, at least. I had a look at the club, and apparently they folded around 2010 and sold their licence to FK Senica and restarted in the 6th tier. So this phoenix club is now set to rise again with me at the helm!


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2 hours ago, XaW said:

So I've grown a bit bored of England lately, and I think I need a change of scenery.

ah, boo! you were getting so close!

i'm still going in England, I'm far too stubborn for my own good

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5 minutes ago, libbyshuss said:

ah, boo! you were getting so close!

i'm still going in England, I'm far too stubborn for my own good

Yeah, I know, I'm keeping the save in case I miss it. It just felt like we stagnated and I kind of lost the motivation. Sorry! :onmehead:

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13 minutes ago, XaW said:

It just felt like we stagnated and I kind of lost the motivation. Sorry! :onmehead:

yeah, i understand that. i got that feeling at the minute. I'll keep plugging away and see if anything changes though - take the Padders route!

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2 hours ago, libbyshuss said:

yeah, i understand that. i got that feeling at the minute. I'll keep plugging away and see if anything changes though - take the Padders route!

I've not even reached the PL yet :(

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Just been called into a team meeting, led by James Green (23b), the First Team keeper to eh... give the reserve keeper - who is nowhere near as good more game time :lol::rolleyes:

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2 hours ago, XaW said:

Yeah, I know, I'm keeping the save in case I miss it. It just felt like we stagnated and I kind of lost the motivation. Sorry! :onmehead:

I feel like this at the minute with my Iceland save. It's the only save I've played on this version.

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4 minutes ago, Shankly84 said:

I feel like this at the minute with my Iceland save. It's the only save I've played on this version.

How you stick at it, I'm enjoying your updates!

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1 minute ago, XaW said:

How you stick at it, I'm enjoying your updates!

I can't bring myself to start another save, but I feel like we are years away from a champions league win.

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2029/30 Season - League 1... not going well


Wow, it's tough.  Struggling massively, currently sitting in the relegation zone.  Mission Survive is in full swing.  


Losing Dougal Watt (23d) during the second game of the season to a broken ankle was a real sore one.  

Youth Preview


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FK Inter Bratislava - Wikipedia

Inter Bratislava - Season 2021/22 (Season 1) Review - 2. Liga

Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances

I don't think I've ever managed here in Slovakia, but I hear it's a lovely country. Inter Bratislava is (surprise surprise) located in Bratislava, the capital and biggest city in Slovakia. The city is located just on the border to Austria, and not far north of the tri-point border with Hungary. So I hope this will allow for a lot of varied newgens appearing in the coming seasons. When I took over the club, they had two outgoing transfers already and a few players in on loan. I shuffled all loans out asap, and reviewed the squad I had inherited. Only a single goalkeeper, but other than that a decent squad. The most lacking positions were central defender (where we had 3, but one is horrible), and left wing, where we had 1 (but a left back that could fill in if there's a crisis). So I stuck with my normal 4-4-2 underdog tactic and it worked as well I as I could have hoped. We hovered around upper mid-table for the whole season, and I'm more than happy with that. In the end we finished in a decent 7th place. A perfectly reasonable position for a first season, and I hope to continue stabilising the club with a few more youth intakes.

In the Slovnaft Cup we beat Raca and Komarno before losing to FC Nitra in the 3rd round.


We lost a lot of money this season, but the board put in £170k to keeps us afloat. I did manage to get the National C licence before the money ran out though. No other improvements due to lack of money.



Any intake is good, but a few good potential in these players.


Michal Slavik 22c is a very nice central defender, especially since we needed more players in that position.




Not very exciting since everyone is from Bratislava.




Trophy cabinet:



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Welcome to my new HoYD: Vincent Kompany! A flashback to my BFC Dynamo-save, where he was my HoYD for many years. I'm very happy that I signed him again!

The youth intake preview is only slightly different then the one from my previous HoYD:

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My first major sale, but not a youth prospect. My best player was in his last year of contract and is refusing to sign a new one (I've been trying to get him a new one for the last season and half) so I took the decision to cash in to stop us losing him for free. I'm a little disappointed to lose him as he was still only 23 so could have just been a mainstay at least for a few more years as the youth caught up to the quality but hopefully the fee will allow us to improve facilities at least.




No sooner had I pressed continue after confirming the sale and seems the team think I should have kept him against his will


Edited by _JHTB_
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Aigaleo: Season 2035/36 Review.

Brief summary:

In essence the past season played out largely as I had anticipated in the league. I chose to implement a new tactical approach incorporating runners from deep as a primary source of attacking potency. This shift in style was aimed at making slow progress towards future league and European ambitions. The idea being to deploy a collection of roles and duties that would be adept at both dealing with sustained pressure against larger sides and have the dynamism to unlock lesser teams who might choose play safe and solid against us with bottom heavy formations. This was my initial tactical deployment:


Here are our early season results:


We started poorly, with the current roster struggling to adapt to the more demanding roles I was trying to implement (SV, EG, WB attack) and injuries obliterating the First XI in the first half of the season. In spite of the injuries, I had hoped for more. After the 0 - 3 defeat to local rivals Apollon on 07.10.2035 I decided to make use of the two week international break to analyse the first six fixtures and see if I could steady a shaky start to the season. After reviewing the matches in detailed highlights I discovered the following:

  • Out of Possession: Although the defensive mid - block was relatively secure once the opponent was secure in possession, in transition it was a mess. If there was any hint of regaining possession, the counter TI and the five players on attack duties meant that they would immediately burst forwards, often leaving the player in possession with a choice of finding one of their runs or picking out the Enganche or Wing Back Defend. This created its own problem, due to the deep starting positions of some of the majority of my chosen roles, reinforced by the regroup TI, the immediate attempt to burst forwards was nearly impossible to exploit, as the space to move into was far beyond the starting positions of the players on attack duties.
  • In Possession: The intention behind having 5 players with attack duties was to exploit the vision and creativity of an Enganche. What I actually implemented was ghoulish overkill. If indeed the Enganche was receiving the ball, due to the counter TI, it was more often in isolation with only the AF as an immediate option and pressure arriving from all sided. He would often have no choice but to release the ball with a wayward pass, which the opponent would then exploit by playing the ball in behind my players who were bombing forwards for the counter attack. If any of my players did manage to recycle possession, they were left with little options as most of the team had shot the gun as part of an attempted counter attack.
  • Roles and Duties: Too many attack duties!! My team was disjointed in attack and exposed at the back. If I had deployed TI's to support these roles, perhaps more direct passing and/or a higher temp, lower LOE, then perhaps some form of Counter Attacking football could have emerged. As it was, I had set up a contradiction that comprised: a) an Enganche deployed in a set up of surrounding roles and duties geared towards counter attacking football, whereas he needed runners AND safe passing option. b) An Attacking Wing Back who had limited Pace, Off the Ball movement and Crossing ability (what was I thinking?!) c) A striker duty that isolated him from the rest of the team and starved him of service and d) A lack of creativity from deep, where the SV Attack and DM defend were poor playmates, with neither looking to support the play and both lacking in creativity due to a lack of supportive passing options.

There were a few successes to note.

  1. The IW - attack was proving dangerous, thriving off of a deep starting position to find space between often aggressive FB's and CB's.
  2. Although the SV Attack was not thriving due to a lack of passing options, the players in the role were finding themselves in some really dangerous positions without receiving the ball ( I blame the WB attack and AF attack).

So, with two weeks to sort things out, I felt it was more about choosing a more appropriate set of roles and duties that could incorporate runners from deep as a primary attacking threat, but still retain the capacity to recycle possession and created chances beyond the first phase of play without offering acres of space behind our players if we lose possession. Determined not to abandon the 451 DM shape that I saw as our ticket to future success, I accepted that an Enganche was inappropriate in such a bottom heavy formation, and that creativity would need to be more evenly distributed in each strata of the pitch. Here is what I then deployed for the 2 - 0 victory against Giannina on 20.10.2035 and is the basis upon which I hope to topple AEK, Olympiakos, Panathinaikos and PAOK at the to of the Greek ladder:


Just as importantly, I introduced a more possession orientated variant for use against tougher opposition, utilising the more conservative roles and duties to defend with the ball as much as without it:


The first variant was immediately more secure in possession and has allowed greater attacking threat from the SV attack who is thriving off of the hold up play of the DLF, the wide support of the winger and the incisive running and passing of the IW Attack. The SS has benefitted likewise, but has also showed a creative streak, leading my team in chances created. The two WB's on support now adequately offer support in attack and protection at the back, with the potential to change one or other to CWB Support if such a player emerges through the youth ranks. Finally, the DLP, whilst not appearing a perfect defensive foil for a SV attack (generally an AnchorMan or Defend duty player is considered apt, but the wide midfielders set in the midfield strata as opposed to the AM strata seems to offset this deficiency to - date), is performing admirably, recycling the play with minimal mistakes and offering an out ball when in transition whilst being a blocking player for opposition, offensive runners.

As can be observed, results clearly improved, culminating in a comfortable 5th placed finish and a spectacular EURO Cup II victory.


It is in the European away games and final that the second variant really came to the fore, safely securing possession, patiently probing the opposition and maintaining a shape that has proved the folly of any team deploying a CAM and preventing any heavy losses.


Victory in EURO Cup II has not only secured our finances for the foreseeable future, but has also earned us EURO Cup football for next season. The fact hat we enter the EURO Cup at the group stage is another boon, avoiding those turbulent qualifiers and giving time for any tactical familiarity to be peaking by the time out participation begins.

With my youth ranks now burgeoning with prospects that could readily improve my squad in the existing roles over the next three years, the future looks rosy.

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This is good news. Our league is slowly improving, no part due to our stellar performance in EURO Cup II last season. 


This early relative ascendancy of the Greek Superleague should make it easier to keep hold of high potential players. Although I have not yet encountered the, "wants to leave to play in a stronger division" refusal at contract negotiations, I am sure it is coming.

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Shaoxing Keqiao

Season 6

Squad | Transfers | Finances

League: Another 10th place finish, though we was 4 points better off than last season. Started of really poor with just 1 win in 9. Found a bit of form in July and August but just couldn't settle on a tactic through injuries.


Cup: Got through to the quarters, coming up against Shandong. The result doesn't tell the full story of the game, as it was close in terms of stats but they just had the composure to put their shots away.




Ye Dongsheng 03b: Another good season for Dongsheng but didn't play in as many games as last season due to injury.

Bi Shihao 05a: Had a good first season, picking up 6 goals and 6 assists from various positions across the front 3.

Jiang Xiangbin 05c: Another one from last years crop, stepped up at CB and RB when injuries struck.


Youth Intake:

Blessed with another good year, as a handful or prospects look hopeful. Pleased with Xu Bo 06b, as my CM has been a little light lately. Lastly, got my first non Chinese player, a French GK. He'll need to take up the nationality though, as we are unable to sign any non Chinese GK's.







Just going to keep chipping away at the league, letting my players grow into the team. My team is almost all but 2 or 3, NewGens now, with my first ever youth intakes just hitting the age of 21. Had another few improvements go through over the season but will probably have to look to sell some more prospects to improve them any further. Really need to get settled on a tactic, hopefully the injuries will not be as bad next year. Also had another takeover go through, 2nd since I've been at the club.




Also got my first job interview from another team, Bournemouth in the Championship.



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 FK Inter Bratislava - Wikipedia

Inter Bratislava - Season 2022/23 (Season 2) Review - 2. Liga

Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances

What I wanted this season, was more or less the same as last; an uneventful upper mid-table team that continued to get in better youngsters. We did much better though! For most of the season we were in a battle for one of the top spots, and even after Dukla Banská Bystrica got a bit of a lead, we had a long battle with MFK Dubnica for the 2nd spot. Eventually, we did finish in 3rd place, slightly behind the other teams, but it was still a surprisingly good season. A few of the youngsters have started to come into the first team squad and many are regulars on the bench and gets some game time. So the team is progressing well, and if this continues we might have a shot at a possible promotion next season.

In the Slovnaft Cup we lost to Martin on pens in the 1st round.

Still losing too much money to improve things, but I did managed to finish two licences before it ran out, so I currently have a National A licence.

Update: We are building a new stadium though... but everything is unknown yet.




A wide variety of players with talent, so I'm very happy with this intake.


Roland Toth 23g is a very promising defender. No real weaknesses already, so I expect him to be a starter real soon.




No foreigners yet, but at least one guy from outside Bratislava.




Trophy cabinet:



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54 minutes ago, Muttley84 said:

Had another season of lower mid-table mediocrity in Bundesliga 2 (which I haven't updated on here) and then another one where we got relegated and I got sacked! Guess this is the end for now.


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Setting up another save after getting my new affiliates. Got saves in Slovenia, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Holland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Switzerland, Uruguay, Norway, Slovakia for when I either get sacked by Siena or complete the challenge with them. Though the Portugal save with Atlético CP is going to be the first save I got back to once I finish up with Siena. At least I have the opportunity of another 2 Portuguese clubs afterwards based on how I want to be starting the challenge saves.

Edited by JLAB
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I'm not really feeling Slovakia, unfortunately. I think I'll have a bit of tests around various leagues to find one that I think I'll enjoy for a while. Might have a few seasons here and there to make sure I want to do it long term. I might try it in a downloaded league, or a lower division type. I want something a bit new, I think. If anyone has some great ideas, feel free to suggest things.

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ACN Siena 1904 – Season 25 - 2045/46 Season Review


Our latest season has come to an end and we finished in 5th place for our joint best ever finish, comfortably ahead of both Lazio and Inter Milan of all teams. We had a chance to stop Juventus winning the title, and all we needed to do was beat them. We lost 3-1 after taking the lead of the game. They unfortunately proved to be too strong for us in the end. The big shock of the season was seeing Roma get relegated though.


We were beaten in the 1st Round of the Coppa Italia by SPAL, but we were able to pick up some form towards the end of the season, despite having a "difficult" January and February. We only lost twice to Napoli and Atalanta this season, which was pretty nice.


We were also finally told that the club was going to be building a new stadium that will be finished in two seasons time. Due to the fact we have so much money, we were able to fund the entire build of our new stadium ourselves, which tells me that the board will be very much looking to see us getting into Europe continuously as I am now told that the board expect to be getting top half finishes for now on.


The improvements are continuously getting better and better. Hopefully in the future, we can claim Champions League football and even the Serie A title one day soon.

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29 minutes ago, XaW said:

I'm not really feeling Slovakia, unfortunately. I think I'll have a bit of tests around various leagues to find one that I think I'll enjoy for a while. Might have a few seasons here and there to make sure I want to do it long term. I might try it in a downloaded league, or a lower division type. I want something a bit new, I think. If anyone has some great ideas, feel free to suggest things.

That's a shame. I'm in my eighth season with Inter Bratislava and enjoying it so far.  I have a favour to ask if you don't mind... I have a new stadium and it was named after Szilard Nemeth.  He is the only former manager or player included as an Icon/Legend/Favoured Personnel in my FM20 save.  I don't suppose there are any others included in FM21 for Inter Bratislava? Cheers.


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32 minutes ago, JAwtunes said:

That's a shame. I'm in my eighth season with Inter Bratislava and enjoying it so far.  I have a favour to ask if you don't mind... I have a new stadium and it was named after Szilard Nemeth.  He is the only former manager or player included as an Icon/Legend/Favoured Personnel in my FM20 save.  I don't suppose there are any others included in FM21 for Inter Bratislava? Cheers.

Had a look, and it's only him in FM21 as well. I don't dislike it there, I just couldn't get into it...

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I am so confused, I really don't get the Portuguese league system. I got promoted to the 3rd tier after finishing top of my 4th tier group but lost in the final of the playoffs.:seagull:

Youth Intake Preview



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Yeah, so it's the two finalists of the 4th tier playoff final that goes up, the final is to declare who is the champion of the ENTIRE division.

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23 minutes ago, JLAB said:

Yeah, so it's the two finalists of the 4th tier playoff final that goes up, the final is to declare who is the champion of the ENTIRE division.

Ok didn't read that correctly. Bonus, I am currently 18th in the 3rd tier.

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So we have formed a brand new link with Suwon Bluewings


This was the link that was initially made. We have since convinced the board to set up a merchandising link to gain money from sales in South Korea.

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Season 10 Review + a few other Updates



So after not reading the rules properly :), I was promoted to the 3rd tier. As you will see I didn't put up that bad of an effort in staying up.

Player Progression

Overall Player Increases


Current Season Increases + Top Players


The Season Itself







Youth Intake Best Player (May have to adapt my tactic to get this lad in)







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ACN Siena 1904 – Season 25 – 2045/46 Youth Intake


So I just realised that I didn't show off my latest youth intake in my latest season where I got 5th place. We had a poor intake with a lot of disappointing personalities, so I decided to sack my Head of Youth Development.


Danny Chapman was one of two players that I was excited about for this latest intake, but as you can see in the Squad Comparison chart, he has two players ahead of him who also have much better current and potential ability. So it makes no difference in the end there.


The only other player in this intake that has some decide potential is Lino Cragno and again, he doesn't have the best potential compared to some of the other players in the squad.


As for my newest Head of Youth Development? Meet Alija Dizdarevic. He doesn't have the best formation in the world, but he still has a formation that I fill will produce some good players for me. Especially with the foreign affiliates providing us with their academy players too.

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Heading into the new season we have started a partnership with Cape Town Spurs, who have some of the best affiliates I've seen in South Africa,


We're able to gain academy prospect for our youth intakes potentially, and for me that is exciting to see if we can get some amazing South African players in the upcoming season, and if we can get some merchandising sales in Africa going forward as well.


Also, I might have hired the best ever Technical Director I have ever seen, so that's also a thing that's incredible.

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Well that happened...



We had 6 games to save our League 1 status.  The team thought the best way to do that was to draw 1 and lose 5 


Youth Intake





Next Season

Going to be interesting as half my first team have relegation release clauses.  Before that though time to go through the squads and make sure the players are where they should be.



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