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The FM21 Youth Academy Challenge

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13 minutes ago, HbG93 said:

If you check the season preview of the lowest division you should see a P for Promoted next to the team name.

thanks - got it

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Lørenskog IF - OBOS-Ligaen - 2024

Squad - Transfers


Bois! We have our first so-called golden generation. Unfortunately I can't find the actual intake picture in my steam folder, so in compromise I will let the best player get extra exposure. We are graced by the presence of the Frank Midtun 24A. If we can get his anticipation up he has the makings of a solid in behind striker. Christian Drevland 24B is the goalkeeper the preview boasted about. 13 handling and reflexes is promising. But he lacks quite a bit however considering the lack of goalies he’s already second choice. After this the quality drops down quite a bit. But Karsten Soler 24C has some pace, and could become an option on the right flank in the future. The rest aren’t much to talk about, but I signed 3 more players since their potential is assumed to be high.

However I managed to make a mistake. While I was on top of it with Frank Midtun getting him on an non approachable deal. I dropped the ball with Christian Drevland and lost him to Vålerenga for free. I was so afraid of losing Frank Midtun that I slept on Drevland getting interest from other clubs. After this whole embarrassing ordeal. I made sure to get any youths that were involved with the first team on protected deals. 


Tactically we kept things pretty similar from last year. I put in a 4-4-2 to use along the 4-4-1-1 since that allowed me to use both Monteiro and Frank Midtun during the season. I also tried working on a lower block variant aimed at countering more. But it had little success compared to benefits of pressing high. This year also saw G. Ranger 22A join the first team ranks offering a new option on the right-back despite one of my better seniors by attributes playing there. I also had to use Fredrik Lien 22D on left wing despite him not having all that in terms of ability. He actually had good moments across the season! I also due to injuries had to throw Karsten Soler 24C earlier than planned into the first team. 

Now how did the actual season itself go? Wonderful! I was scared the quality jump without transfers could be difficult. But I underestimated how bad other teams were. Admittedly we were also helped by a schedule that allowed us, too face several off the worse team back to back. While Frank Midtun proved to offer us much more than previous best academy cadet Monteiro. It was still Jake Petur Martin leading the charts however I have a feeling it's about to change next season. Noah Skåttun despite often having a terrible time in our midfield, almost out of the blue become our best creator. But when it comes to delivering well across the entire season there could be no other than Captain Forsberg! Now we finished 7th which actually was our highest peak ever on the table. We stayed pretty much mid table the entire season. But a strong form in October which is at the end of the season netting John Carew the manager of the month award. Almost saw us sneak from 10th into play-offs. Either way I am very happy about the season despite my mishap losing me the goalie prospect. However bar a promotion or sales anymore infrastructure improvement is but a dream. If the board can trust me. I think there's a real chance to grab some serious cash with Frank Midtun, but at the same time I wouldn't mind keeping him at least until we have a replacement prospect. 



Now let's talk about Adrian Gashi first youth intake for us! The preview is looking real good especially that last green line. Full-backs and wingers are always welcome, but I will admit I wish we got a new central defender as those ranks are thin. However at the same time I am quite hopeful, this Pesheen born central midfielder has quality since my current crop of central midfield options are nothing to talk about. Also if we indeed have another fine forward prospect. That could prove the thing to be most exciting thing about as this years intake. Seeing how Frank Midtun no longer is only wanted by the top level clubs in Norway, but even Danish side FC Midtjylland have shown interest in him.


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1 hour ago, darren1983 said:

Youth Intake - Pretty average really, starting to think it might be time for a change here as well

Well if you follow XaW picking condition. I believe Finland looks a bit like a larger UK on the map.

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The season started with the bitter news that I was already knowing would happen, Daniel left the club for his minimum fee release clause of £2.8m, a fraction of his true value, and a few weeks later our best defender Diogo Barros left the club for £2.2m, again less than what I valued him at. Minimum fee release clauses had become a problem and I think the reason for this was a few fold, the first most obvious reason had been exposure, these guys started playing for the club at 16 and performing well and that is going to attract attention from all over the place, and moreover this is before I have been able to settle them down after they are 18 to longer contract making sure to exclude such clauses (or more specifically decreasing the chances that their agent insists on it). Secondly I was look at it scared that they would leave on a free transfer but quite honestly leaving for a few million is almost the same thing, so from now on, deals will get done late. If they want to be on their youth wages for 3 or 4 years so be it. This season we were able to undo one or two of the minimum fee release clauses that were very low, but Joao Sona the new starting keeper still has a ridiculously low one which is going to be very difficult to budge. Nelson Assuncao has one but its set at £13m, which is acceptable value to me.

In terms of the season it was a very successful one, with only domestic honours to contend with we did very well in the league and managed to qualify for European football again via the league by finishing in 6th place. We will be back in the Europa League next season and the money that it brings us will be warmly welcomed. The cups were not so good, we did not even make the group stage of the Allianz Cup and we got knocked out by Sporting in the 6th Round of the Portuguese Cup. All in all a good season for us, I cannot complain.

On the player front, we had a bit of an injury crisis early in the season when Gilson Cesar got injured and we were forced to do what I said I did not want to do and throw in my star youngsters, who were probably ready for first team football, but eyeballs meant worse deals for us later on. Felipe Patricio and Andre Vidigal came in and they were good, they are clearly better players potential wise than Cesar and they were the front two most of the season with Cesar proving handy from the bench and the occasional start. Fortunately the two lads are not looking for a move and I managed to sign them on long term deals without the dreaded minimum fee release clause.

The great youth class of a few seasons ago is now very much the key personnel on the playing field for us, Nelson Assuncao, Luciano Santos, Mauro Jacinto and Ivo Madueira are all in the top 5 players now, showing what a real golden generation that class was for the club. By contrast this class this year was not so hot. I am sure there will be one or two but generally speaking despite it being touted a golden generation, golden I do not believe them to be. 

On the finances front we are momentarily in the red, mainly because we made so many improvements to the facilities. Over the course of the season they were each improved at least twice if not three times to the point to where we now have superb facilities in place. Obviously we want the best facilities and we will continue to persevere towards that goal, but we made a big stride this season.

The new stadium is being built due for completion at the end of next season, boasting a new capacity of 15,545 for us, and imaginatively named the Portalegrense Stadium or presumably in Portugal Estadio Portalegrense in the local language. No they did not name after me, but the time it could take to this challenge we could build 2 or 3 more by the time this is all said and done.

Apart from that nothing much else to report apart from us getting an affiliation with Terceira side Louletano, to make the shambolic Portuguese loan market a little more tolerable for us when we need to send a player out on loan for some experience. I am also devising a strategy over the next five years to try and get a wide range of affiliates to test whether it had any affect on the players we are getting through, perhaps if we get an affiliate or two in Brazil perhaps we can steal a Brazilian wonderkid a little easier in the Junior football days. Not sure whether it makes a difference or not but since we do not employ scouts because they would have nothing to do, it seems like one way to expand our knowledge a little bit.

Stadium Construction Announcement | Youth Intake Briefing | Top Prospects | Other Prospects | League Table | First Half of Fixtures | Second Half of Fixtures | Squad | Transfers (Daniel technically was last season) | 

Top Players

Nelson Assuncao | Luciano Santos | Felipe Patricio | Mauro Jacinto | Ivo Madureira



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after a month of FM break (and being sick for 3 weeks) i'm back and thinnkingof doing another YC :)

is it possible to as Manager start as an Real Life Club Legend? or is that against the rules?


Thinking to do a YC with Polonia Warsaw as one of my youths cult heroes. Emmanuel Olisadebe. First black guy to play in Polish National team :D

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8 minutes ago, the_hdk said:

after a month of FM break (and being sick for 3 weeks) i'm back and thinnkingof doing another YC :)

is it possible to as Manager start as an Real Life Club Legend? or is that against the rules?

Thinking to do a YC with Polonia Warsaw as one of my youths cult heroes. Emmanuel Olisadebe. First black guy to play in Polish National team :D

Well, you have to set your past experience to "sunday league player", and Olisadebe was playing at a bit higher level than that.... but if you want to give that name to your manager and use his likeness as image, then go ahead. :)

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Ok, so I decided to take a trip to South America, and from there I chose Chile, because I found a database that extends to the 5th tier in Chile! So that sounds like something for me. So I holidayed for a season to see who were promoted into the 5th tier. And there was one name that really stood out to me. What club would stand out, I hear you ask? Well the club called Lord Cochrane of course!

What the...? Lord Cochrane? What kind of a club name is that? So I had a look on Google, and I found out it's based on a British lord, Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald. Now, why would a Chilean team name their team from a British lord? Well, I had a read on his Wikipedia page, and it's quite the interesting read. To sum it up, he was a British naval officer who was very successful in the Napoleonic wars in the early 1800s before he was found guilty of a stock exchange fraud and was banished. He ended up as a Chilean citizen and helped both Chile and Peru in the Independence Wars in South America. Eventually, he was exonerated and allowed back in the British navy. So he is a bit of a hero in Chile, and this club takes their name from him.

I love these types of clubs that I have no idea about, and I hope to bring the club to great success in his honor. Oh, and the club badge is just excellent! Chef's kiss! :D 


 I have no idea how this will work in Chile, but here goes!


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5 minutes ago, libbyshuss said:

lol, that is a cool story!  good old lord cochrane!

Yeah, that's what really connected with me. I do love to find clubs with a bit of a back story! :D 

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About to finish the first game of the season, and things look really good! I hope it continues! :D


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Polish Legend starts at Polonia Warsaw!

I had to sim two seasons as Polonia starts in 4th Level in Poland. Had to reload the sim 5 times but they finally promoted :)
As you can see....Oli replaced Oli. (I had to retire my first manager due to comment from XaW as I didn't put his exp on lowest level). I didnt do anything yet ingame so no harm done.

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ACN Siena 1904 - Club profile | Transfermarkt

ACN Siena 1904 Season 2041/42 Review


We finished 8th in the league tied for our 2nd best ever finish, but it feels like an L because with 3 games to go we had the opportunity to finish 6th and qualify automatically for the Europa League group stages but alas we failed and our Euro adventures will have to wait. In our maiden European campaign we came up against Porto in the 4th Qualifying Round and as expected got beaten sad times. In truth nothing to really shout about except we are a comfortable mid table team in the league now and we have enough bank to afford to finance a new stadium with out even flinching.

The new stadium is only going to be 23k seater but it is an upgrade, the super stadium named after myself is still away off but something to aspire to

In terms of new youth the quality is slowly declining as the team improves only one 5 Star prospect came into the academy this year, but its always the ones you least expect that come through and shine see Alessandro Mari 37D* (5th best player from his initial intake)

Two job offers this year one from the team that beat me in the European Conference League so of course I rejected that one with the most speed

Challenge: Squad League Table Transfers

Key Players: Alessandro Mari 37D* Fabio Longo 37D Matteo Giaccherini 38B*

Youth Intake: Preview Actual

Manager: Profile Attributes

Jobs: Stuttgart Porto

Extra: Finances Moments Serie A Overachievers New Stadium

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It has been a very bad season for us, there are almost no positives at all to take from this season. For the first time since we entered the Liga NOS, I feel we have a competitive mid-table side but we were really shocking and I have been looking at the data and seeing why that might be, but before I do let me provide a synopsis of the season. We finished in 13th place, which is a massive drop off for us, we got hammered in the Portuguese Cup 6th Round 7-2 by Vitoria de Guimaraes and we exited the League Cup before it even started in the 2nd Phase. In the Europa League we got the the first knockout round beaten by Red Star Belgrade over two legs a team which I would fancy beating. The weird thing is in the group stage against what I would say is a pretty tough opposition in Lazio, Shakhtar Donetsk and Molde we won the group pretty easily winning in Italy and the Ukraine and qualifying easily. Okay so perhaps there was a positive but that was about as good as it got. So to discuss our issues, we have to break it down into four main areas this season

1. The transfer windows are like night terrors for me, it as an opportunity for every club big and small to come along and make a thousand bids on our players, unsettling everyone in the process. This time around we lost our goalkeeper Joao Sona to Napoli as he was one of the ones that still had a minimum fee release clause in his contract. That goes on until the transfer deadline where I reject bids for 10 minutes with the clock on that day seemingly moving slower than in real life under the weight of bids coming from every possible place imaginable. Then we have to pick up the pieces, the players underperform for a while then they get over it, some before others and normally they want a nice new contract to tide them over sometimes wanting to then get the clauses in to make sure next time around they get an easy cheap move away. Then rinse and repeat this process in January. I have to say even for me who thinks FM models real life extremely this is not particularly realistic. It's also the fact that  [INSERT BIG BOY CLUB HERE] make a bid and I reject it and then a day later a new bid this time with £100K after 50 games played. It just makes very little sense, but it does unsettle the players so I guess for their purposes it works. So this is the first reason why we are not doing so well.

2. This season we completely underperformed against our XG. We finished 13th, we should have finished in 5th if it had gone with XG. Why that is...brings me to point 3.

3. Our defence is just nowhere near as good as our attack, we have consistently produced good attacking players via the academy but defenders specifically good centre backs have just been poor for a while. Even Diogo Barros, the best we ever produced probably, who now officially test the bench strength at Giuseppe Meazza (no I am not bitter at all), would not be a guy I would be looking at twice in any other save, it's just that he was our best and clearly better than what we have. I watched some of the goals back over the season and the completely lack of marking and awareness is glaring. Our attack often scores 2 or 3 goals but it just won't do when our defence concedes 3 on average as well. The new keeper has played one season and already conceded 85 goals in 38 appearances, that is over two a game and you just don't win much with that. And there is nothing on the horizon, the recent youth intake did not provide a whole lot of defenders to work with.

4. And this is probably the main reason, just like ten years ago in the Terceira I panicked a bit and looked for tactical solution to what is an issue of ability and what then happened is the problem got even worse. The lesson here is whatever the tactical solution you have is, whether it is good or bad, its probably worse to try something completely new and unknown in the middle of the season. On paper going strikerless with two shadow strikers made sense, but in reality it just meant they did not score and we did not win.

On the contract front there have been some wins and losses. We have tied down both strikers without MF clauses for a good long while and they look great together. Vidigal especially had a great return this season in goals. Assuncao remains on his contract with the £13m MF clause, he could leave this summer possibly. Lucindo Santos one of our best performers this year, seemed to create a bug with the game where he would come to me asking for a new contract. I eventually decided to honour one his requests, made a promise I would offer him a contract, but then when I went to actually agree a deal with him, his agent told me he was not interested it talking to me, then he came back to me saying I broke a promise, so I said thinking that something weird had happened and I probably just needed to confirm I would offer him a contract, I doubled down on offering him a contract and his agent had the same message, so our relationship is essentially at an end at this point (that indeed is a nice sneaky trick Mr. Agent). I may well just look to cash in on him. There is just no point in keeping him despite his ability.

On the investment front, the new stadium is approaching so that is a positive and I have got the club to agree to update the facilities essentially to their maximum. The youth facilities are already there at state of the art and the training facilities are closely following in a few months. That is a positive, but I am kind of now thinking to myself what is the point of all this, we produce great players. We get to play them until they reach 19 or 20 and then they inevitably leave us or are permanently annoyed because the transfer window is open. It is a head scratcher and I am pretty much pulling my hair out.

The youth prospects this youth looked okay, not the best ever but probably better than last years batch, there may well be one or two that excite for 2 or 3 minutes they play for our club before asking to leave.

As you can see this season has taken it out of me, I have read other stories on here and I share the sentiment that some have about this challenge. It is truly a monumental one. I have never had to think so much playing a football manager save. It is enjoyable in the same way that a rather violent massage is, painful during it, but assuming I can somehow do this someday I will feel all the better for it.

Anyway on to the pictures, and we will be back next season. Where we will be reverting to 4-4-FOOKING-2 ala Mike Bassett.

Youth Intake Briefing | Top Prospects | Other Prospects | Europa League Table | League Table | First Half of Fixtures | Second Half of Fixtures | Squad | Transfers

Top Players

Nelson Assuncao | Ivo Madureira | Luciano Santos | Andre Vidigal | Felipe Patricio



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Late season form could not save me from the drop, I had a ten point deficit going into the relegation mini - league. So close though, missed out on survival with one game remaining.




It is definitely for the best. I have a squad full of young promise that will thrive in the lower tier and be far stronger when we return.


Loving the youth challenge. Never experienced a relegation in my 20 odd years playing football manager, but it felt correct for where we are as a club.

To next season!

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47 minutes ago, toshimitzou1 said:

Loving the youth challenge. Never experienced a relegation in my 20 odd years playing football manager

Good luck bouncing back up! A relegation is never nice, but it's a common happening in this challenge. Still, the feeling of reward when winning something is much greater than in normal games! We've always said that if you join, you won't leave soon! ;)

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Vikeologist's 2053/54 Folkestone Season Report

See the source image

Before our last match of the season we were 1 place outside the playoffs.

Fortunately the 2 teams above us were playing each other meaning that whatever the result of that match, if we won, we would be in.

Unfortunately, that final match was against West Brom, the newly crowned league champions, and nothing except a win would get us in.

We went ahead in the second half and with 15 minutes to go I shut up shop.




We survived the bombardment until injury time when they equalised. A whole season down the drain.

There is however one reason for slight optimism, Mohamed Kargbo 33a my latest top regen who came on as a sub in all the final matches. He wasn’t great. I didn’t expect him to be until he’s familiar with the tactics, and at the moment he’s no better than some of the other players in the team, but very soon he might be significantly better than everybody else. I've also edged a bit closer to maxxing out the facilities.


Top Goalscorer – Dan Jones 27e – 24

Only started 27 matches, so was our most effective striker.

Highest Average Rating (minimum 10 matches played) – Dan Jones 27e – 7.14

Man of The Match – Dave Jackson 21b – 6

Most Valuable Player– Dan Jones 27e


Most Appearances (Regens) – Jason ‘Nepotism’ Ramsay 1a – 719

If this challenge takes more than another 15 seasons, and if Kargbo 33a, stays, it’s possible he might break this unbreakable record. However, once we get back to the Premier League, we initially won’t be playing as many matches.

Most Goals (Regens) – Michael Morgan 9a 463

Dave Jackson at 28 is on 300, so he could beat this record in theory, but he won’t.

Barry Ramsay 29k (Son) Update

Spent the season on loan with Halifax in the Vauxhall National, which is about his level. Got lots of match experience. I’ve given him a new contract. Maybe next year I’ll keep him at the club and see if he can improve a bit more. Halifax played him as a central defender for the first half of the season, and he did much better there, despite being a short arse (175cm) a lightweight (72kg) and bad at marking. Should be able to careve out a career in the lower leagues though.

Season	Division		Position	Notes							MVP										
21/22	VNL South		18th		Steered clear of relegaton thanks to good start.	Callum Davies
22/23	VNL South		16th		Only 2 places better, but a lot more points.		Henry Newcombe
23/24	VNL South		18th		Big step backwards in points.				David Smith
24/25	VNL South		15th		Consistently mediocre.					David Smith
25/26	VNL South		14th		Just outside playoffs for most of the season.		David Smith
26/27	VNL South		16th		Otherwise known as the year 1AD (After Discipline)	Ellis Andrews 2c
27/28	VNL South		19th		Narrowly avoided relegation places all season		David Smith
28/29	VNL South		15th		Tried different tactics. Didn't find a magic bean.	David Smith
29/30	VNL South		7th		Lost playoff semifinal, but a great improvement.	Ellis Andrews 2c
30/31	VNL South		12th		Second half slump into mid-table disappointment		David Smith
31/32	VNL South		7th		Lost in S/F of playoff					Ellis Andrews 2c
32/33	VNL South		9th		Didn't threaten playoffs				Ellis Drake 10a
33/34	VNL South		2nd		Lost last 2 matches of season and 1st playoff game.	Michael Morgan 9a
34/35	VNL South		4th		Knocked out Playoffs 1st round on penalties		Michael Morgan 9a
35/36	VNL South		6th		Knocked out in Playoff semifinal			Michael Morgan 9a
36/37	VNL South		5th		Knocked out in Playoff semifinal			Giorgos Kragiopoulos 11a
37/38	VNL South		1st		Won the league by a mile. 17th time lucky.		Michael Morgan 9a 
38/39	VNL National		1st		Back to back comfortable promotions			Jack Collett 13a 
39/40	League 2		2nd		Won last 5 matches securing automatic promotion.	Jack Collett 13a 
40/41	League 1		11th		Pushing for promotion most of the season		Jack Collett 13a 
41/42	League 1		5th		Lost in playoffs semifinal				Michael Morgan 9a 
42/43	League 1		8th		Losing streak, winning streak and then injuries		Kevin Spencer 17d
43/44	League 1		7th		One place outside playoffs.				Kevin Spencer 17d
44/45	League 1		12th		Outside playoffs all season. New stadium.		Pete Larkin 18d
45/46	League 1		2nd		Promoted last day of the season. 			Dave Jackson 21b 
46/47	Championship		20th		Plummetted near to relegation zone			Dave Jackson 21b 
47/48	Championship		15th		Terrible start but mid table safety after that.		Steven 'Shamrock' Larkin 21d 
48/49	Championship		14th		Good start but dropped away from playoffs.		Liam Carter 25d 
49/50	Championship		15th		Boring & disappointing season				Dave Jackson 21b 
50/51	Championship		4th		Promoted through playoffs.				Ross Gethins 22c
51/52	Premier League		20th		Won once in 2nd half of season and relegated.		Dave Jackson 21b
52/53	Championship		8th		Typical second half of the season collapse.		Dave Jackson 21b 
53/54	Championship		7th		Missed out on playoffs in final match injury time	Dan Jones 27e


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6 hours ago, TerminalPortugal said:

I have never had to think so much playing a football manager save. It is enjoyable in the same way that a rather violent massage is, painful during it, but assuming I can somehow do this someday I will feel all the better for it.


You're spot on though - i think the reason i keep coming back to this challenge is its the only one where i have to think. All the other forms of playing i can do on auto-pilot, this one if i try that i lose 20 in  a row and get relegated.


Interesting point about xg, i've never checked that. I was fifth this season on expected goals, and third on expected goals against. so very much same problems you're having with defence

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3 hours ago, toshimitzou1 said:

Loving the youth challenge. Never experienced a relegation in my 20 odd years playing football manager

i know, me either, now it's just a matter of course!

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2026/27 - Season 6

National League South - 10th

Season Summary

A really welcome boring and dull season after our recent flirtations with relegation. We finally started looking like a team!

League - The problem was our frustrating lack of consistency. Being that the team is very young, that's only to be expected, but what was pleasing is how much more resilient we were. That strict discipline is paying off! We'd lose two games in a row and I'd be fearing a complete collapse, like we have in previous seasons, only for us to bounce back time and again with a really good display and a good result. We had a good little run in Septmeber that put us in the play-off positions but we couldn't quite maintain it. Every time we got near again, we'd lose again. Still, I'd have snatched 10th if it was offered at the start of the season


FA Cup - so close again! Fourth qualifying round saw us go up against Morecambe of the National League. We took them to a replay, where we lost 4-3


So this is where my optimism is coming from. As they are getting older, they're getting better and more and more determined. It's still a yougn team but in a couple of seasons they'll be ready to compete I think. What's really pleasing is seeing Ryan and Horlock's ability rating go down through the season, as the kids get better and better and surpass them. They used to be the two star  players, now they're clinging on to their places in the squad.

Olly Kearns 26E looks like he could be a real star. I promoted him after he it 36 goals in 32 games for the U18 side and re repaid me with 10 in 19 for the first team. He's got green arrows all over the place too. I got a lot of hope for him!

Here's the first choice XI - look how young it is!




The last couple of intakes have been pretty good so I was half expecting a little return to earth this time round. The preview was ok, and the promise of an Algerian striker was quite exciting. More flags to add to my map!


The intake was ok, not too shabby, but not quite as good as I'd hoped. The Algerian striker was a bit of a damp squib. I signed him up anyway



Finances and Improvements

Still looking good, still in the green. I even talked the board into another improvement to our facilities


Excellent academy coaching in the vanaram league north lol!





I still think it's too early to be pushing for promotion with this team, but can we make the step up to the play-offs? Probably not, we're still vry young, but you never know I guess.

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Lørenskog - OBOS-ligaen - 2025
Squad - Transfer


A very exciting intake indeed! Let's start with assumed top propsect Mohammed Hussain 25A. I have been looking forward to add competition in my central midfield, and while Hussain lack of physicality as a worry for now. I plan to already allow him first team play in hopes to ramp up his progress. Moving on with Mahmoud Karlstad 25B our new striker prospect. He's not on the level of last years addition Frank Midtun, but still has an alright base to build on. We have usually gotten a winger that can come in handy. This years best winger is Kristoffer Haukali 25C a more advanced winger who sadly lacks the usual pace package we see. For now he will spend time with the youth squad training up his LM position. And this will be the case for the remainders as well for now.


Tactically for our second year in OBOS-ligaen I focused more on using the plain 4-4-2, as I wanted to focus on using both Frank Midtun 24A, and now long time top scorer Jake Petur Martin. As seen in the picture above Jake Petur Martin also would future on the flanks during the season. This proved useful due too injuries but also to allow Karlstad 25B a chance to get a dusin starts. Due to Frank Midtun ability to get in behind I removed Play out of defense and switch to counter instead of holding shape when winning the ball. This would lead to us having the 2nd worst defensive record but also the 2nd best scoring record.

With us having two such contrasting offensive and defensive record it should come as no shock when I reveal we ended up at mid-table finish. Slightly lower than last year 7th with a 9th placement this year. However I feel that as long we can hold onto our best youth intake players. We will slowly start moving up the table however our finances have taken a dip, and with his warranted interest a sale of Frank Midtun could be used to cover costs. This has me in constant fear that the board could end up accepting offers way lower, than what I could get for him. Hopefully it helps that I put Frank Midtun 24A on a bigger contract during the season with a 2 year extension. After all despite us growing a negative balance there still is unused money in the transfer, and wage budget that can be re-allocated so I am not to worried yet. Despite his playing performances wasn't much. I have enjoyed seeing the attributes of G. Ranger 22A progress. While the usual Captain Forsberg held the highest ratings across the season. We had a change up in the other two slots. Jake Petur Martin still is on board, but this time due to most assists. Most goals goes to young gun and growing favorite Frank Midtun 24A.



Moving on let's talk about something a bit more fun that the idea of losing our best prospect. Checking in on the upcoming prospect the preview is rather positive. As usual it talks about offering wingers, but specifically that a right winger born right in our own city has caught the eye. I know this doesn't automatically means he will stand out, but it would be a little extra fun having a towns local do good. However by far the most exciting part is the assumption this is an excellent group of players.


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Season 12 review

A miserable season saw us take a massive step back on both fronts of the challenge.

We finished in a rather disappointing 12th place meaning we didn’t even qualify for South America's premier continental competition.


Serie A
12th place and almost 40 points behind the winners. We’re miles away from winning the league.

We started the season unbeaten and top of the league after 8 games, scoring goals and not conceding too many either. Unfortunately that was as good as it got for us and we only managed another 8 league wins all season. A run of 1 win in 12 in the middle and another of 2 wins in 11 towards the end sealed our fate.


Sao Paulo State Championship
Quarter final defeat. Again. Sigh.


The Brazilian Cup
We got all the way to the final where we lost to Santos.
Our 3rd silver medal of the save.


Copa Libertadores
Semi Finals.
We breezed through the group stage scoring an unbelievable 31 goals in 4 games including the aforementioned 10-0 in which academy graduate Emanuel grabbed 8.  We knocked out Santos in the quarter finals before succumbing to a semi final defeat to Sao Paulo.


Brazilian German Getulio Vargas scored another 30 goals for us but most came in the cup competitions against inferior opposition. We haven’t really produced a single decent striker in my time here but have had about 7 brilliant center backs.

Our best player and 6th wonderkid was Vinicius, another CB, who seamlessly made the step up from the u20's.




Youth preview and intake
The preview wasn’t a golden generation and there wasn’t much green. When the intake arrived however, it was labelled a golden generation. There wasn't much in the way of promising attacking players.



Full back Hamilton looks best of the bunch. I forgot the screenshot at the time so here he is 14 months on, I’m a little behind with the updates! He's progressing nicely.




Finances and upgrades
Still rich and still no transfers.
A new stadium was approved to be completed in 4 years time.


Our u20’s won a double taking their tally to about 8 trophies since I’ve been here, so we are producing decent players, I'm just obviously not using them right!


Still not had any young Romanians through the system in the 3 years we've had the affiliation? Maybe it's too far away?

Edited by Brentmeister
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We completed our fifth successive season in the top flight, which I guess is a success of sorts. It was a much better season this year as we managed to achieve a 7th place finish which will qualify us for the European Conference League, so we are back in Europe again this year. On the transfer front there were some changes, Luciano Santos left for Chelsea for £11m, Gustavo Martins left for £3.6m rising to £11.25m which was accepted by the board and not me, and Mauro Jacinto left for his minimum release fee of £4.1m, which meant we made quite a lot of money this season, not that we can spend it, so we pushed it all into wages to allow us to tie up one or two contracts that we were not going to be able to get done, due to the meagre wage budget that we had. So we were a weaker team this year but it was a better performance. I even decided to move away from the 4-4-2 which has given us success in search of something else. Not sure we found it, but I fancy a change and I will run a full season with a strikerless formation which I am again interested in. The cups were not great, a group stage exit in the League Cup and a loss to lower league Mafra early on in the Portuguese Cup put pay to our chances there.

The same remains true, we simply are missing any decent defenders. I may look to address this soon. Our Head of Youth Development has done great stuff for us, but at the end of the day he brings in a lot of the same kind of players and we need something different, especially now the facilities are maxed out, and while this years youth intake was okay, I was not blown away. They are always golden generations but some are more golden than others. The other reason is that I want to move away from the 4-4-2, so I would quite like to invest in perhaps a Head of Youth Development that might encourage us to bring through more defensive players, wherever they may be, but especially in the centre back role. If we strike gold there and as long as we can retain them for long enough I think we will see a big improvement in fortunes.

Money wise as you can see below we have plenty in the bank and now nothing to spend it on, so really at this stage it is just a matter of investing into the wage budget and providing ourselves with the funds should our facilities be downgraded or we want to put a big investment into a new stadium or something like that.

Youth Intake Briefing | Top Prospects | Other Prospects | League Table | First Half of Fixtures | Second Half of Fixtures | Squad | Transfers

Top Players

Nelson Assuncao | Andre Vidigal | Felipe Patricio | Ivo Madrueira | David Cassama



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Season 7 - 2027/28 

National League North - 5th

Season Summary

A much improved season fro us, first time in the play-offs!

League - We started in a really odd way. We'd win 6-2, then draw and lose 4-3, so by November we were mid-table despite me feeling we'd been a lot better than that. Sure enough, come the new year, we put together a nice run and forced our way into the play-offs. We almost lost it on the final day but managed to squeak a result to qualify. Five days later we were out, losing 1-0 at home to Kettering, who had already beaten us twice that season (inclduing 5-4!)

So a much improved performance but still a little lacking in consistency and quality



FA Cup - another good run cut short by a narrow defeat to a National League side. Wrexham this time, in the 4th qualifying round


So, another year older and it showed! But the real star was Ollie Kearns 26A. I mentioned in last seasons write up I had a suspicion he was going to be a star and I wasn't wrong .48 goals and 13 assists in 49 games from his first full season. He was immense. The only problem is his contract expires in a month and he's flat out refused to discuss a new one since the day he signed the last one. So, barring a miracle, looks like I'll lose him for nothing for next season


He is ridiculously good for this level, and still only 18. fingers crossed I can re-sign him!

The first XI this season:-


I stuck with 4-3-3, mainly to get both Kearns and Ryan in the side. Boardman is a AMR by trade so if Kearns goes I might go back to 4-2-3-1, as it's been my go-to tactic for the last 10 FMs or so.

Waldron is looking a real star at this level as well. He signed up!




I changed my HoYD! My last one had an amazing personality (model proffessional) but otherwise his attributes were awful. So i upgraded him with this dude:-


For this level, i'm prett happy with him.

The last intake from my previous HoYD was not too bad, but then with my facilities the way they are atm they're not going to be at this level!


Preview wasn't great being that I was playing 4-3-3, the last thing I needed was wingers and attacking midfielders!


Not as many 4 stars as previously, but thanks to Kearns being so much better than everyone else it's a lot more reliable in terms of who to keep/train etc. Two GKs is nice as my first team keeper is getting on a bit, and being exposed for the useless flappy fool that he is.


Finances and Improvements

Still in credit but the board won't make any more improvements. Fair enough, i guess. It's time I started repaying them on the pitch really.

I did get a job offer from Crewe in the Championship though, which was a surprise. I'm paddling around in the National League South!



Whether or not I can push on really depends if Ollie Kearns signs a new contract or not. 

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I couldn't risk losing him for nothing so with about 10 days before his contract ran out i brokered this deal:-



I'm gonna struggle without the lad....

I'm also resigned to the fact that he'll be released without playing a game in 3 years time as well, but what can you do?

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51 minutes ago, libbyshuss said:

I couldn't risk losing him for nothing so with about 10 days before his contract ran out i brokered this deal:-



I'm gonna struggle without the lad....

I'm also resigned to the fact that he'll be released without playing a game in 3 years time as well, but what can you do?

I feel you


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Club Deportivo y Social Lord Cochrane - Season 2024 (Season 3) Review - Chilean South Group Third Division B (5th tier)

Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances

Finally we got through. An excellent season from the boys, and we are going up in the world. We were on top of it from an early stage, and finally Deportes Tomé and clinched it with two games remaining. The squad is starting to come together nicely, even if the general level of attributes are quite poor. That said, this level of football is rather poor, so I think I'll stick to my hoofball for a few more seasons. I do like the way we managed to keep a bunch of clean sheets this season though, as I am not well known for creating solid defensive tactics. Looking forward to seeing how things will be in the 4th tier next season.

We didn't play in any cups this season either.



Everyone is a 5 star talent, but I kind of had hoped for more. No one really sticks out this season.


I chose to highlight Leonel Aguayo 24f because I think he fits in nicely, good speed and finishing should provide some goals for us.




All Chileans this time, but at least one from another city.





Trophy cabinet:

Chilean South Group Third Division B - 2024


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5 minutes ago, KUMB said:

Can this challenge be done on FM Touch? 

I think so, if you follow the rules set up in the first post. I think you might get in fewer players per intake though.

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So Im still in the Greek language region, but just a bit more north.

I found a Greek DB with 3 tiers, so...


Panionios played until 2019/20 in the 1st tier, but got relegated due to financial problem all the way to the 4th tier.

https://i.gyazo.com/4a2af66d2c833ddb31f544eb157f5a82.png https://i.gyazo.com/155646342e30a1c623b5bbfa1e73a311.png




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This season has been a little disappointing, but at least it was not a disaster. We started off with the tactic from last year and immediately we started very poorly. I stayed with almost until the end when we had very little to play for, where I then change to slightly different strikerless tactic and results improved a bit and we probably got a bit more out of some of the better players in the team. Our problem is still a defensive one, although we are beginning to improve and certainly the last two intakes have provided shimmers of hope of improving the defensive line. In the end we finished in 8th place, but had we performed in line with our XG then we would have finished in 5th place, and there in lies the issue, we are too leaky in defence and we don't take every change we create. We need to reduce the number of chances we give away and then we should see the performance that I want. In terms of positives Sergio Branco has come into the side and looks a very good player, that can operate from the right or at times with the previous formation operated in amongst the shadow strikers. Malam Soares who predominantly plays at centre back but can also be our defensive midfielder has improved things for us, he looks a good player, although I doubt whether he is capable of becoming elite. The front two in Vidigal and Patricio are still performing well for us, so there are plenty of positives to be had, and hopefully next season we see an improvement and can get back into Europe

On the subject of Europe we got past a tough group, and won in Denmark against Copenhagen in the First Knockout Round 2-0, but we collapsed at home losing 4-0 to dump us out. This has happened way too often for my liking, a positive first leg result is overturned in the second leg. Hopefully we can be a bit better when dealing with this. In the league cup we got as far as the semi final escaping our group but lost to Familicao in the Semi Final, and the Portuguese Cup was very disappointing as we lost on penalties to Pacos de Ferreira in the 5th Round.

Financially we are beginning to lose a bit of money, we had to spend money to re-upgrade the youth facilities to state of the art because of a downgrade, that was successfully completed, but we really needed European football to keep the books balanced. I hope next season we are able to perform and recapture European football as thing could get bleak soon if we don't do that and we might see some fire-sales as a results of that.

The youth intake as mentioned looks promising, plenty of good defensively minded players that we can improve, so I am hopeful there.

Youth Intake Briefing | Top Prospects | Other Prospects | League Table | First Half of Fixtures | Second Half of Fixtures | Squad | Transfers

Top Players

Nelson Assuncao | Felipe Patricio | Sergio Branco | Ivo Madrueira | Andre Vidigal



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Polonia Warsaw




The Black Shirts. Polonia Warsaw. A bit history. Polonia was not available after one seaosn but two as they start in 4th level, but due to their reputation make a chance to promote twice (important to check after a year if Polonia or Ruch promoted).
Polonia is a two time champion of Poland (1946 & 2000). In 2000 the hero of this save and manager (Olisadebe) was the topscorer of the team. Three time 2nd place (1921, 1926 & 1998) and one time third in Poland (1923). The team won twice the Polish Cup (1952 & 2001). One SuperCup of Poland Win (2000) and one lost final (2001). They also won the League Cup in 2000 but that has been discontinued in Poland since than.

The golden ages of Polonia ware pre war 20s and late 90s early 2000s.
Legia Warsaw (14 time Polish Champion) is our main rival. Further we are rivals with LKS Lodz (who are friendly with Legia), Lech Poznan and Wisla Krakow. Ans also With Hutnik. I do not know why we do not have a derby with them.

First off i started working on getting staff on my club as we started with only a GK coach and HOYD. As Director of Football I signed Michal Zewlakow (one of the two twins that ware core of Polonia in their 2nd golden age in 00s). This might be a bit controvercial in real life as Zewlakow ended his career at Legia 2017 and went on to be their DoF for two years. Either way we has a ton of expierience as DoF (Legia Zaglebie and Motor Lublin) and as a player with 102 caps for Poland and history with Anderlecht and Olympiakos.


Next up our HOYD. Olczak. He was already at the club. Nothing bad.  Old Polonia Player. I will keep him till I can find someone better.



Next to role-play a bit as a Polish-Nigerian......I hired two other Polish Nigerians. Uwakwe as a Scout and former Polonia Player Ekwueme as a youth coach.




Now to first season results.


League Stats / Golinski / Radzinski / Transfers

Straight promotion! We missed the championship on goals. Although to be frank we did not deserve it. Widzew was leading the league since round 20 and they gave away an 9 point lead in last 4 games. It also did not help that we lost the last game :). I was a bit surprised TBH. After doing the YC in Netherlands this was much easier. We already started with a decent team, hell one of our players, Golinski, could easily play mid level Ekstraklasa level. No wonder that I keep getting offers for him. He's signed up to '25 so hopefully I can keep him a few more seasons. The other star of the seaosn was the young Radzinski (who is bi-racial and born in Netherlands, so quite interesting!) I wonder what his backstory is but sadly no info on the internet. Third star was Frygier but that was mostly in first half of the year. Last few games he was aweful. Do note that it said we had two free transfers. Those ware signed on bosman before I joined the club and I could not cancel them. Both players ware reserve players.

Anyways in our second season we will play on highest level, lets see if we can keep up. I recon we have 4-5 players who can easily play at that level...so it should be ok. We will see. In next update I will show the youth intake.

edit: the season stats:


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Polonia Warsaw



The youth intake. So First of all this is a double one...as when I joined the club it already had a few regens in the u-18 team. And some of them with quite some talent.

Prediction. Golden generation!




Not a bad intake. Three potential first team talents. Signed everyone from Fryc up. Others didnt have potential to even become a I Liga player.
But First Three talents from year zero. Before I joined Polonia.

And Let's start with the most interesting one and with highest potential. Although his ability star is low. STURUA. A Georgian regen! During the season he got polish nationality...but will take 5 years after his 18th birthday to make a chance to play for Poland. This could become our first regen A-International. Look also at his progress rate during the year! Also as our wing backs are weak...this could be a first team player soon.


Than as second one of the two high potential strikers. STREJLAU.  I'm retraining him from a winger to a striker. With his speed...and if he can imporve his finishing he could be a first team player!.


And the other striker WYSZKOWSKI. Crazy imporvement. Ability wise he is already the 4th striker in the team and will definetly play some games in first team next year.



Than for the two best players from this year intake. HALUCH. Sadly another striker. TBH nothing special..but has high potential.



And KOLODZIEJ. Who could be the future partner of GOLINSKI. High Bravery. He needs to work on his technical side. That is lacking.




Youth Data:

Also of youngsters from Warszawa.  Only one from other region in Poland (Rumia, small town next to Gdynia (tricity)). and ofcourse our first foreigner from Georgia. I'm hoping my Nigerian staff...and maybe later an affiliate club there might bring us some Nigerian regens!.





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GSS Panionios - Season 2021/22

 Media Prediction  // Transfers + Released



Coaching Badge: None -> Nat. C Licence

Youth Recruitment: Adequate -> Average

Junior Coaching: Adequate -> Good


Kypello Ellados



Knocked out against a tier 2 side, so we had full focus on the league.


Football League Notios - Omilos




We won the league and got promoted on the last day of season....


... in the 91st minute!






Luckily not many injuries or suspensions with our 11 players.


Top 3 Regens




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Lørenskog IF - OBOS-Ligaen - 2026


This looks like a real promising intake! Plenty of assumed potential but also a couple that could have the ability, to help the first team from the get go. Stein Vidar Wahl 26A is this years designated top prospect, and I would argue with good reason. He has a good makeup to be a typical winger. His personality and determination however is less than desirable. Lars Eirik Meyer 26B is a great addition to our squad! I very much needed to get a proper left-back prospect. Personally I prefer Kristian Næverdal 26D over Milosz Kalinkowski 26C. While Kristian perhaps is a more suited to be an advanced winger I will focus on developing him as an advanced forward. I ended up signing 11 out of these players. While he lacks quality at the moment I will due to our lack of goalkeeper prospect also point out Tony Williams 26F.

2026 OBOS-Ligaen Table

We had a good year reaching the playoffs for the first time. This playoff however was quickly ended losing our first match up. Either way I am quite happy with how the team is doing. We are stabilizing in the OBOS, and we need time for these youths to grow. Moving on I think the 2 most important things are holding on to the best prospects and growing them. Sadly holding on to the prospect isn't always easy, and we lost our so far brightest prospect Frank Midtun 24A. A big surprise this year was K. Næverdal 26D who despite his young age was our top assist, and held the highest average rating across the season. Ending the long reign of Captain Forsberg. However back as the top goalscorer was Jake Petur Martin. I did insert S. Wahl 26A and L. Meyer 26B into the first team as well, however they struggled far more in terms of performance. I also gave last years prospect S. Bergsjø 25D a starter role in hopes of speeding up his progression. Speaking of progression midfielder M- Hussain 25A has grown very well! All in all I feel like this is an exciting time. The first team squad is starting to get filled with our youth academy prospects. 

2027 Academy Preview

Looking a head next year intake preview doesn't have much green lines. But I hope it will indeed have a good defender prospect in it. With the quality from both 2025 and 2026 I wouldn't be surprised to see a dip. 


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Season 8 - 2028/29

National League South - 4th

Season Summary

Another really successful season, we're heading in the right direction!

League - we were unbeaten in the first 12, winning 6 and drawing 6, before we met teams in the top 5. We then had four of them in a row, and lost all four, but bounced back with another 5 wins on the bounce. This put us firmly in the play-offs and we stayd their all season. It was an odd season - we'd win 6-2 and then lose 8-4 - but we were pretty consistent throughout.  We finished fourth, a new record high for us!


The first round play-off saw us at home against Guisely. Normally I'd fancy our chances but our best two players were suspended for it (Pennell and Myhill) and our strength in depth is severely lacking. We lost 3-2 and went out at the first time of asking for the second season in a row.

I'm beginning to feel that the entirety of this save might just be in the National League North (although how Hitchin are in the North league still baffles me slightly)

FA Cup - Forth qualifying round again, bloody Guisely again. This time they beat us 4-1, which was a bit of a shock at the time as we'd bee playing really well


So this is the last season for a few of these players. I'm going to change tactic and bring in a few of the youth players as their potential far outweighs some of these guys. 

Clayton Boardman 26B stepped up into Ollie Kearns shoes and did really well in the circumstances, but really he's a winger and needs to get back to winging it. 37 goals from 49 isn't bad for a winger though.

Jacob Pennell is the star of the show, still only 19, one year left and he's refusing to sign a new contract. To be fair, he's way to good for us. check out his work rate/determination:-


So here's the first choice XI:-


Next season should look a little different and a little younger.



My first promise of a golden generation for a 3 or 4 seasons! The preview looked promising as well


Centre backs and midfielders are always welcome. The intake, when it came, was a real surprise. Four star potential at this stage is pretty good for us, mainly due to Pennell skewing the ability ratings for everybody else.:-


Very pleased! I signed up around 10 of them, including our very own Japanese mercenary, which I'm very excited about. time for a clear out in the youth ranks I think

Finance and Improvements

treading water a little here. Our facilities for our level are really really good, and should see us through eventually. Until I get promotion, I'm kinda stuck though.



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So i want to do this challange.. And i'm a bit between Wales, Iceland or Norway but if i want to do Norway without safe scum a team do i just holiday 2 seasons and then pick any team that promoted out of only visiable 4th division or do i need a team that comes out of 5th division thats not visible ?

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Just now, Piussi said:

So i want to do this challange.. And i'm a bit between Wales, Iceland or Norway but if i want to do Norway without safe scum a team do i just holiday 2 seasons and then pick any team that promoted out of only visiable 4th division or do i need a team that comes out of 5th division thats not visible ?

If you want to do Norway and don't care about which team, then just holiday two season and take over one of the teams promoted out of the lowest visible tier, e.g into the 3rd tier.

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16 minutes ago, hyrule_king said:

I forget, can you sign players released by other youth teams?

Nope, no player signing at all. The only players you can add is from your own youth intake. And if anyone is released by your club, they are no longer to be signed.

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9 minutes ago, XaW said:

Nope, no player signing at all. The only players you can add is from your own youth intake. And if anyone is released by your club, they are no longer to be signed.

Cheers, just started back up my Solbrado save in Portugal again.

Latest set of signed youth intake.



First Team Squad is looking good. Non numbered players are original Sobrado players from start of the game.



Edited by hyrule_king
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Club Deportivo y Social Lord Cochrane - Season 2025 (Season 4) Review - Tercera División de Chile (4th tier)

Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances

Well, it turns out the jump from the 5th to the 4th tier is not that high, but there is a difference. We started the season quite good as we picked up points regularly and hovered around the upper midtable for a while. About half way we won a few in a row and suddenly found ourselves in a battle for a top spot! Now, it should be pointed out that, as in the lower tier, only the top team is promoted, so no awards for 2nd place here. But I had not expected to be among the teams fighting up here. I will say, I think it has something to do with reputation and that my tactic works wonders when we have lots of space. Evidence of this is in the fact that we struggled in the latter part of the season when the other teams took us more seriously. I'm trying to fix it, but struggled as we finished the season rather poorly losing 4 of the last 5. Still, a 4th place in our first season here is a rather great achievement for us.

I will make a note of the player of the season this time, as Néstor Labrín 23a had an amazing season. 10 goals and 12 assists is really amazing as he swapped between a winger and a central midfielder.


We didn't play in any cups this season either.



Quite a promising intake this one, with a couple of nice players.


Carlos Delgado 25c is a bit slow for what I'd look for in a full back, but he is miles better than most other defenders at this level, so I expect him to be a starter next season.




Only local lads this season.




Trophy cabinet:

Chilean South Group Third Division B - 2024


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1 minute ago, the_hdk said:

that was a quickl CL win....in your first season!



Cheers. Yeah very surprised, massively lucky I feel, there were several games especially in the Champions League where we got battered but managed to draw, or coming back against Chelsea late in extra time again when we had been battered all game. We FM'ed FM a lot.

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