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The FM21 Youth Academy Challenge

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35 minutes ago, Tilling said:

@Padders How do you get through so many games so quickly?!

Yeah this is weeks old. I don't post the updates into I am fully into the game and not going to get sacked for getting relegated out of VNN.

The game before this one I went (not the 100 year save with Witton) I went spent 30 seasons in VNN and got relegated and sacked.

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23 minutes ago, XaW said:

Yes, you can renew contract to players, but NOT loans. Any current loans must be terminated, and any transfers possible to cancel must be cancelled. Other than that, the players in the squads at the time you take over can be used as long as you want. But if they leave the club at any time they can NOT be resigned into the club. You are allowed to loan OUT players though.

Fantastic, thank you

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Season 31 - 2051/52

First year back in VN and at the 3rd attempt we managed to stay up at the first time of asking!

We flirted with the playoffs first half of the season but form dropped off last few months.

Got to be one of worst intakes I've had and I've had some bad ones!



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Season 33 - 2053/54

We managed to get into the playoffs this time, finishing 6th

Unfortunately we lost in the Semi Finals

Steady improvement though which is good to see




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Stafford Rangers - Season Review 2022/23

Manager Profile - Transfer - Fixtures 1 - 2 - 3

National League North - 6th


A much better season for our second at this level with us starting really strong before stumbling our way through the second half of the season but managing to cling on to a playoff spot.  In the playoff first round we played the eventual winners Boston United, we began the game like a house on fire and were 2-0 up within 5 minutes but a second half fight back meant the game went to extra time where Boston hit us again and with that I thought our season was over but on 120 minutes, top scorer Jamie Sleigh popped up with an equaliser.  That goal caused me to think it was written in the stars for us to win but we missed our first two penalties of the shootout with them scoring all four they took.  All in all a valiant way to end the season which had threatened to end up without the playoffs at all.

In the FA Cup, despite having a relatively easy draw in the three qualifying rounds, we went to extra time twice before managing the wins.  In the first round we got drawn away against local rivals Burton Albion of League One where we managed to keep the score down to just 2-0 and rake in some lovely gate receipt money.

The FA Trophy was better than the previous season by one round, where we got dominated by Hartlepool of the league above even if they didn't have the scoreline to show for it.



We came into the season with the exact same squad as last season but after a few games Joe Cuff who was on a non contract left after not being happy about me fining him which was a shame because he was my first choice left winger.  Mitch Candlin, last season's top scorer broke his ankle after the first five games and was out for 5 months, this caused a dilemma as the youth intake last season didn't have a single player that could play as a striker and the first team only had one left after this.  I had played Mo Sebbeh-Njie as a striker before on occasion so he became a regular there but I needed a third player to be a striker to bring off the bench or rotate.  I looked in the youth team to see who was being played as a striker by the manager and Craig Hawley 22n was doing well there despite not looking very promising attribute-wise, he had relatively decent pace so gave him a go.  In his first appearance off the bench he scored the winner in a 1-0 victory and in his second appearance off the bench he bagged two more goals so he spent the rest of the season in the first team, sometimes playing up front until Candlin came back and then mostly at left wing, managing to hit a very impressive 9 goals.  A few other youth prospects got some game time but didn't perform particularly well.  Whilst I would've liked more goals from a striker that played almost every game he contributed to 29 goals this season, that man is Jamie Sleigh.


Youth Intake


Another Golden Generation but from a different and better HoYD.  A better spread of positions too after having 8 central midfielders last intake.  I'm most excited about one of the best players being a right back as we are very thin there and currently play a converted left back there.  The pick of the bunch are the following. 





Youth Intake Map





A profit of about £50k from the same date last season, this is after I was allowed on two coaching courses and we managed to get the board to agree to Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment improvements.  That's the one thing that I will focus on for the time being as far as it being sustainable in the short term.  We had offers for two of our youth players from last season's intake but both were just for £0 with no addons.  The majority of the first team have got new contracts, with some going up and some going down the overall is basically the same, a few people will be leaving at the end of the season, leaving us slightly better off.  Hopefully we keep making minimum of the first round of the FA Cup for the prize money and another away draw like this season would go nicely.

Next Season

Hopefully we keep up our performance levels and I'm aiming for a top half finish as we integrate more youth players into the first team.



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Nuneaton 2028/29 Season

I thought we had a strong enough squad to be competitive in the Championship and I was right. The only problem is that we don't really have the depth in enough positions to get us through the season without suffering from fatigue. We ended up winning the league while retaining our best players. Despite receiving a 14 million bid for our second best center back, I had to reject in the event we got promoted to the Prem as we need all the help we can get. 

Overall, not impressed with the youth intakes anymore. Every player is a project except a keeper, who immediately becomes Troy Thompson's backup. Here it is:


Next Season

I don't have any real expectations for how we'll perform in the prem. We played Arsenal and Liverpool last season. Arsenal beat us 1-0 and Liverpool 7-1. I hope to stay up, but we may not. In any event, I believe we can beat the other two teams to be promoted with us. And that is all I can hope for. 

Personal Coaching Data

Season     Reputation            Qualifications       Att   Def   Fit   GkD   GkH   GkS   Tac   Tec   Men   WWY   Ada   Det   PlK   YoK   LoD   MaM   Mot
At start   Minimal   (0.25*)     None                   2     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     6     1     1    1     1     1
2021/22    Minimal   (1.25*)     National B             6     6     2     1     1     1     6     6     6     1     1     7     5     5    11    6     6  
2022/23    Minimal   (2.00*)     Continental C          9     9     3     1     1     1     9     9     12    4     1     9     8     7    17    9     9  
2023/24    Minimal   (2.00*)     Continental B          10    10    4     1     1     1     10    10    14    4     1     10    9     8    18    10    10  
2024/25    Minimal   (2.00*)     Continental A          11    11    4     1     1     1     11    11    15    4     1     10    9     9    20    11    11
2025/26    Nominal   (3.00*)     Continental Pro        12    12    5     1     1     1     13    13    16    4     1     11    10    10   20    14    13
2026/27    Nominal   (3.00*)     Continental Pro        12    12    5     1     1     1     13    13    16    4     1     11    10    10   20    14    14
2027/28    Decent    (3.00*)     Continental Pro        13    14    5     1     1     1     13    13    17    8     1     11    10    11   20    16    15
2028/29    Okay      (3.25*)     Continental Pro        13    14    5     1     1     1     13    12    17    8     1     11    10    10   20    16    15

Club Facilities

Season      Training Facilities  Youth Facilities  Youth Level  Corporate Facilities  Junior Coaching  Youth Recruitment  Club Reputation
At start   Basic                Basic                  4       Basic                 Basic            Basic              Local      (1.00*)
2021/22    Basic                Basic                  4       Basic                 Adequate         Fairly Basic       Local      (1.00*)
2022/23    Basic                Basic                  4       Basic                 Adequate         Adequate           Local      (1.00*) 
2023/24    Basic                Below Average          4       Basic                 Good             Average            Local      (1.00*)
2024/25    Basic                Below Average          4       Basic                 Exceptional      Good               Regional   (1.25*)
2025/26    Basic                Below Average          4       Basic                 Exceptional      Excellent          Regional   (1.25*)
2026/27    Basic                Below Average          4       Basic                 Exceptional      Excellent          Regional   (1.25*)
2027/28    Basic                Below Average          4       Basic                 Exceptional      Excellent          Regional   (2.00*)
2028/29    Basic                Adequate               4       Basic                 Exceptional      Exceptional        National   (2.50*)

Season Record

Season     Played     Won     Drawn     Lost     Goals For     Goals Against     Goal Difference     Win Percentage
2021/22      56        27       18       11         110              75                 +35              48.00%
2022/23      57        22       12       23         108              123                -15              38.60%
2023/24      50        20       12       18         124              116                +8               40.00%
2024/25      59        34       14       11         124              91                 +33              57.63%
2025/26      62        31       14       17         140              117                +23              50.00%
2026/27      54        23       10       21         102              110                -8               42.59%
2027/28      62        42       11       9          130              78                 +52              67.74%
2028/29      55        38       6        11         103              72                 +31              69.09%

Overall Career Record

After Season   Played     Won     Drawn     Lost     Goals For     Goals Against     Goal Difference     Win Percentage     Time At Club
2021/22         56        27       18       11         110              75                 +35              48.00%             348 days
2022/23         113       49       30       34         218              192                +26              43.00%             732 days
2023/24         163       69       42       52         342              314                +28              42.33%             1038 days 
2024/25         222       103      56       63         466              405                +61              46.00%             1423 days
2025/26         284       134      70       80         606              522                +84              47.00%             1796 days
2026/27         338       157      80       101        708              632                +76              46.45%             2138 days
2027/28         400       199      91       110        838              710                +128             49.00%             2502 days
2028/29         455       237      97       121        941              782                +159             52.00%             2865 days

Trophy Haul

Season     Competition Won
2022/23       FA Trophy 
2024/25       Vanarama National League, FA Trophy
2027/28       Sky Bet League One, Papa Johns Trophy
2028/29       Sky Bet Championship

Trophy Cabinet

League Titles
1 x Vanarama National National League (2024/25)
1 x Sky Bet League One (2027/28)
1 x Sky Bet Championship (2028/29)

Cup Competition Victories
2 x FA Trophy  (2022/23, 2024/25)
1 x Papa Johns Trophy (2027/28)

Career Overview

Season     Champions League    Europa League    Europa Conference League             League                             Position     F.A. Cup                  League Cup          Achievements
2021/22           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Vanarama National League North        6th       Fourth round                   N/a             Won promotion playoff.  Fourth Round of the FA Trophy.
2022/23           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Vanarama National League              19th      Third round                    N/a             Won the FA Trophy. Avoided relegation
2023/24           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Vanarama National League              11th      Second round                   N/a             Knocked out in Third round of F. A. Trophy Finished 11th.
2024/25           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Vanarama National League              1st       Second round                   N/a             Won the FA Trophy. Won the National League
2025/26           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Sky Bet League Two                    5th       Fifth round                    Second round    Knocked out in second round of Papa John's Trophy. Won promotion playoff.
2026/27           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Sky Bet League One                    11th      Third round                    Second round    Avoided relegation.      
2027/28           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Sky Bet League One                    1st       Fifth round                    Third round     Won League One. Won Papa Johns Trophy.
2028/29           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Sky Bet Championship                  1st       Quarter final                  Quarter final   Won Championship.

Record Number of Appearances (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                    Cumulative Number of Appearances
2021/22    Ben Molloy & Matt Ashworth              1
2022/23    Romaine Gater                           36
2023/24    Chris Mooney                            49 
2024/25    Chris Mooney                            108
2025/26    Chris Mooney                            156
2026/27    Chris Mooney                            201
2027/28    Ben Molloy                              258
2028/29    Ben Molloy                              304

Record Goal Scorer (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                    Cumulative Number of Goals
2021/22    No one                                  0
2022/23    Jack Thorpe                             5 
2023/24    Ben Molloy                              16 
2024/25    Ben Molloy                              38
2025/26    Ben Molloy                              63
2026/27    Ben Molloy                              90
2027/28    Ben Molloy                              119
2028/29    Ben Molloy                              132

Record Number of Assists (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                    Cumulative Number of Assists
2021/22    No one                                  0
2022/23    Romaine Gater                           3
2023/24    Ky-mani Calder Shenton                  12 
2024/25    Ky-mani Calder Shenton                  19 
2025/26    Ben Molloy                              33
2026/27    Ben Molloy                              48
2027/28    Ben Molloy                              54
2028/29    Ben Molloy                              61

Record Number of Clean Sheets (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                    Cumulative Number of Clean Sheets
2021/22    No one                                   0
2022/23    Chris Mooney                             1
2023/24    Chris Mooney                             7 
2024/25    Chris Mooney                             23
2025/26    Chris Mooney                             29
2026/27    Chris Mooney                             37
2027/28    Chris Mooney                             47
2027/28    Chris Mooney                             47

Ticket Sales

Season     Season Tickets/Price                    Average Attendance/Price           
2021/22    166/$358                                    716/$18
2022/23    204/$354                                    830/$19
2023/24    206/$354                                    1008/$19 
2024/25    218/$376                                    1161/$19
2025/26    643/$416                                    2337/$21
2026/27    1079/$460                                   3258/$24
2027/28    1343/$483                                   3908/$25
2028/29    2700/$605                                   6364/$32

Player Wages

Season    Highest Paid Player (per annum)            Cumulative Wage           
2021/22    Ravi Shamsi - 30k                           $242k
2022/23    Koo Keun-Ho - 32k                           $345k                                                    
2023/24    Koo Keun-Ho - 41.5k                         $327k
2024/25    Koo Keun-Ho - 62.5k                         $362k
2025/26    Koo Keun-Ho - 62.5k                         $656k
2026/27    Koo Keun-Ho - 93.5k                         $965k
2027/28    Koo Keun-Ho - 93.5k                         $1.04 mil
2028/29    Lee Dobbin  - 208k                          $1.8 mil
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The draw of the group stage is a difficult one. But every group would have been difficult. Let's enjoy this Champions League season!

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Season 35 - 2055/56

First season back in VNN

Great season including a 36 game unbeaten run

But another 2nd place finish

And another Play Off Semi Final loss, this time on penalties and missed one in extra time and opposition were down to 10 men and 9 men



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Atlético CP – Season 4 – 2024/25 Youth Intake


Our latest youth intake has arrived and things are looking promising for the future if this is anything to go by.


Pedro Cardoso being a DM who could be trained to be a CM, but can also play as a CB is a promising start. Hopefully he can get close to his potential that he is showing.


A winger? A striker? An attacking midfielder? Whatever he can be, Salomâo Rodrigues is an exciting Angolan player who I believe could be our first choice on the left wings in the future. He will be our back-up left winger next season for sure.


Paulo Nascimento was the goalkeeper that I was told to be excited about. He has a lot of things to like, but his first touch, his passing, his throwing, his vision and his concentration leaves a lot to be desired. I know he's only 15, but he's also good enough to be our number 2 goalkeeper, which again, probably isn't a good sign.


Nuno Gomes is the last player to catch the eye and be over 4 stars in potential. He will be trained as a right winger further up the pitch, for his already has the basics of what I want down to a tee. He just needs work on his personality. Once that is done, he can be an exciting player for the future.

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FC Mirassol - Brazil

2043 - Season 22

Serie A - 5th

Season Summary

A welcome return to form after last season. We were a lot better than the final league position suggests

State Championship - Weird one. Started really badly, then went on a record breaking winning run only to go out at the quater finals again

Serie A - We were good! But it was a similar situation to our title winning season, we just kept on drawing games when we needed to be winning them. We were always in the chasing pack and never quite catching Internacional and Bragantino.


Copa Libertadores - This was the big one! The group was easy again, the first qualifier gave us a nice draw against Fortaleza, a lower table side who had only qualified due to winning the Copa Sudamericana the season before. The quarter-final was a lot tougher - RB Bragantino. They've become a pretty forimidable team in the last couple of seasons. We were at home in the first leg, which we drew 2-2. I decided to go for it in the second leg and played attacking. Bragantino ouplayed us but we FM'd it 1-0. Into the Semis! Waiting for us were our old nemesis Internactional. We were home for the first leg again, played really well and lost 1-0. It could have gone either way in truth. The second leg saw us go 2-0 up early doors and then Inter laid seige to our goal. We almost held them off but they got two in the second half to go through. It may take us a while to win this - a bit more luck with the draw would help!

Copa Brazilia - I'm so bad at domestic cup competitions. Fortaleza knocked us out in round 5 this time. I have no idea how, they're rubbish!


Bibi 37A - He'll be the key for the next few seasons, or however long it takes. A proper striker at last! His fourth season in a row with 40+ goals

The most worrying thing is the youth players coming through are pretty appalling. Any bad result this season came when i had to rest/drop more than 3 of the first choice XI. All the 19/20 year olds who should be pushing for places now have been atrocious.



Look who came through my youth development squad! Bruno Fernandes!!! and he looks pretty good too!










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Follo FK - Wikipedia

Follo Fotballklubb - Season 2023 (Season 2) Review

Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances

After the great promotion last season, I had hopes of survival for this one. The team is quite good, and a look around the teams here we are about average, but there are some really great teams at this tier. The problem is that this division has a mix of professional and semi-professional teams, and the professional teams are vastly greater than the others. Aalesund ran away with the title from an early stage as they proved they are way too good for this league. Glad we don't have to face them next season! Behind them, Fredrikstad, Sandefjord, Tromsø, and Kongsvinger are also the biggest teams around. We found our spot just behind these teams and competed with Sogndal, Raufoss, and Mjøndalen for the final playoff spot. We proved we have great offensive players as we scored goals galore, but we also conceded quite a bit, just like last season. We still have some more work to do there, but I don't want to sacrifice our attacking prowess so it's a balancing game.

As the season drew to a close, we had everything in our own hands to reach the playoff. After we had a very strong 3-1 away win to Sandefjord in the final match, we finished just above the line. Then, in the playoff semi final, we drew Sandefjord, the team we just beat. So we faced them again, and the match started horribly as we found ourselves down by 4 going into half time. I threw a bottle and told off the team. It didn't help much as we conceded a 5th not long after the break. At that point I made a triple sub to mix things up. Somehow that made things click, and we scored 4 goals and pushed for the equaliser, but didn't get it and we got knocked out. A strange game of two halves, and we were close to a miracle.

I did manage to get some improvements accepted this season, and that is much needed to bring in better youngsters in the future.

In Norgesmesterskapet we beat Lysekloster before losing to Strømmen in the 2nd round.



A very good intake again, but more varied personalities this season.


Peter Barril Martines 23d has some drawbacks going forward, but a two-footed fullback that can play on either side is such a valuable player for any team.




Mostly Norwegians, but we got in a Thai to add slightly to the map.




2nd team:

They only played friendlies

U19 team:

In the Norwegian U19 Championship Oslo they finished 6th again.

In the Norwegian U19 Cup they beat Brattvåg and Kjelsås before losing to Lillestrøm in the 3rd round.

Records broken;

Most assists in a season: Islam Darlishta - 14
Worst discipline: Herman Høymer - 11 yellow, 1 red
Most league goals overall: Kristian Seteklev - 61
Oldest goalscorer: Ernest Rzepecki - 25 years, 256 days

Trophy cabinet:

PostNord-ligaen Avdeling 2 - 2022


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I do think I've found a spectacular HoYD. Not much to complain about here since I play a rather direct 4-4-2. Could be slightly better at judging, but I am semi-pro in the Norwegian 2nd tier. For that level, this guy is a unicorn!


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Íþróttafélag Reykjavíkur
End of season 2027 review

League Table | Competition overview | Facilities | Finances | Transfers | Youth intake | Manager profile | Club overview

Well, this was a special season, because for the first time in the club history we qualified for the Group Stage of the Champions League! But because of the qualifying matches of the CL, we had to play a lot of competition games with backup players an youngsters who would normally not play. A lot of my first team players were tired playing so many games in such a short time.
Because of this we didn't became champion, but finished 2nd with 1 point difference. So no Champions League football in 2028, but that's okay. We still play European football, and that's the most important thing.
We did win the Cup, for the second time now, after our first win in 2024.

With all this Champions League money we managed to upgrade our facilities again. We got Good training facilities and Great youth facilities, while both of those facilities get's an upgrade at the moment. So within a couple of months it is even better. It won't take that long anymore before we've got our facilities maxed out.

My best player is the best player from 2026 intake: Bjarki Jóhannesson 26a. In his first season for us, he scored 16 goals in 27 matches. He is developing very well, and some big clubs already tried to buy him: Ajax, PSV and Torino. His contract is expiring in 2029 and he is not willing to sign a new contract. So let's hope he will change his mind, otherwise I need to sell him next year.



Another player who had a very good season is Logi Steinn Baldursson 25h. He scored 19 goals 29 matches. He get's a high rating in almost every match, even in the Champions League. He is one of those players I'll always play with in important matches.

Youth intake
Our Youth Intake this year was dissapointing. After the worst intake preview I've ever had, the intake itself wasn't spectaculair either. Only Andri Davíðsson 27a looks like a decent talent. Stefán Birgir Hjaltested 27b looks decent as well, but has a casual personality with 3 determination. So I don't think he will develop into a first team player. The rest is just...crap.
But hey, we are from Iceland, so I can't expect to get great youth players every year. But our facilities are better, our reputation is growing very fast. Let's hope it will be a better intake next year.



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Posted (edited)


And there is Bjarki Jóhannesson 26a's first call-up!

EDIT: He even made his debut! :applause:

Edited by Winski
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Season 36 - 2056/57

Yet again another 2nd place finish in VNN

Losing in the Play Off Semi Final

We did manage to get into the 4th Round of the FA Cup, losing to L1 Ipswich so didn't get a massive pay day from gate receipts 

Did use the money from the run to improve facilities a little




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Atlético CP – Season 4 – 2024/25 Season Review


Going into the end of the season we found ourselves going into a relegation fight that made me wonder if we really were in trouble. 


In the end though, we managed to survive for a 2nd straight season in the Terceira Liga, but this season we actually got a message in the build up about being in a relegation fight with four games to go. We managed to secure our survival when we got our 10th win of the season, but afterwards we kind of fell away and claimed just a single point. We still managed to move up two positions from our relegation fight news article, so I guess I can say we did better than the teams around us at least.



Doing the league campaign, I got offered job interviews by both championship sides, Charlton Athletic and Preston North End. It says a lot that two teams in the Championship fighting to avoid relegation wanted me, but it was nice to get the offers nonetheless.


We got knocked out of the Taça de Portugal in the 3rd round by a 4th tier side, but I like to think it gave us the chance to focus on the league. Instead we suffered move and our time in the Terceira Liga forced me to tinker things more than I like to admit.


We have now gained the Continental B coaching license and our attributes are now something else. The board are refusing to allow me to get more coaching badges, and I honestly believe that it's because if we did, we would have a higher reputation than the club, which is just silly to think about.

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@darren1983 What's the rule on using an updated database (transfers, promotions + relegations, etc) to do this challenge? Chertanovo were relegated in real life this year, and I suspect they'll be a very popular team for people next year!

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6 minutes ago, Tilling said:

@darren1983 What's the rule on using an updated database (transfers, promotions + relegations, etc) to do this challenge? Chertanovo were relegated in real life this year, and I suspect they'll be a very popular team for people next year!

Updated bases are a no go sadly. They'll have to be saved for fm22 I'm afraid.

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2 hours ago, Tilling said:

@darren1983 What's the rule on using an updated database (transfers, promotions + relegations, etc) to do this challenge? Chertanovo were relegated in real life this year, and I suspect they'll be a very popular team for people next year!

That club with be the most played here next version, no doubt! :D

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Season 43 - 2063/64

A bit to update on 

Mid table finish in VN, 14th

We got to the 3rd Round of the FA Cup and played Tottenham (thumped 1-8)

Got 1.7m in gate recipients which went straight on Youth Facilities, Youth Level and Junior Coaching

Also recorded biggest win 10-1






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Posted (edited)

I have a number of players who are on a non-contract, but ares hown as transfer listed (on 25/06/21 which is the day I took over).


I want to some of them a new contract, but the players refuse to even enter negotiations as they're transfer listed (understandably), however I can't take them off the transfer list, is this because they were listed before I arrived? The problem is some are doing very well and are likely to be snapped up by another club soon.


Does anyone know a way around this? Is this a bug?

Edited by IOA
Added date of transfer list
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12 minutes ago, IOA said:

I have a number of players who are on a non-contract, but ares hown as transfer listed (on 25/06/21 which is the day I took over).

I want to some of them a new contract, but the players refuse to even enter negotiations as they're transfer listed (understandably), however I can't take them off the transfer list, is this because they were listed before I arrived? The problem is some are doing very well and are likely to be snapped up by another club soon.

Does anyone know a way around this? Is this a bug?

No way around it as far as I know, unfortunately...

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Cultural Durango – Season 5 (2025/26)

Segunda Division B Grupo II We started the year with three 4 star attackers who are rated as good players for this division and four 2 star defenders who are not very good at all. This set the tone for a very exciting season, where we scored a lot, conceded quite a few, and mounted a number of comebacks thanks to our high (fine-induced) squad determination. We were bouncing around close to the playoff spots, but this season we actually seemed able to beat the top teams. The crucial game was away to last season’s champions Cornelia, with us going 1-0 down after 3 minutes, fighting back to lead 2-1, then going 3-2 down with 20 to go and coming back again to win 5-3 in a mad finish. Towards the end of the season, the form of the teams around us collapsed and our form improved so we quite easily qualified for the playoffs and even won the league.

spacer.png spacer.png

The Spanish promotion playoff system seems pretty mad: I thought that winning the league would either get us a bye or put us against a weaker team, but instead we got pitted against Talavera who only lost one game all season. Here’s how it went:

Playoff semi final



Away leg: a great performance where we dominated for the first 70 minutes, then went 2-1 down and deservedly salvaged a draw in the 92nd minute thanks to two goals from Diomande 02a.


Home leg: we blew them away in this one, scoring in the 3rd minute and never looking back, with midfielder Pascual 01d the star of the show with 2 goals, including a glorious 20-yard chip towards the end of the game.

I couldn’t believe after all that I had yet another game to go to get a chance at promotion, this time against Llagostera who finished 2 places behind us in the league.

Playoff final (if applicable)



Home leg: Dominant throughout but with only one go to show for it thanks to the ever-consistent Diomande. At least we didn’t concede, but things are very much in the balance ahead of the second leg.


Away leg: They scored with a long shot after 2 minutes and we proceeded to dominate the game without being able to score, until our ever-reliable goalkeeper Goikoetxea converted from the spot at the end of the first half. No more goals came despite our continued dominance but we didn’t need them, and we managed to clinch promotion! 


Players: Syndou Diomande 02a continues to be key, scoring most of the crucial goals in the playoffs and finishing the season with 23 goals. But unlike last season, he finally has a striking parter in young Miguel Llorente 03c who plays better than his attributes suggest and keeps improving. Right winger Urko Gomez 02b has also finally started to live up to his potential: he’s still very inconsistent but managed 12 assists this season, more than any other player. And of course the keeper Goikoetxea deserves to be in, for that penalty kick that sealed our promotion if nothing else.

Youth intake: I got a better HOYD but it didn’t help, with this intake looking pretty weak. Goalkeeper Raul Gonzalez 05a looks like the best addition and may get some game time if Goikoetxea leaves. Despite the promised center back there are none in sight in a position where I could really do with some upgrades.

spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png

Intake 01 review Our first intake that had me sighing in relief in finally providing some depth to the squad, but it also proved that both me and the HOYD are terrible at judging players. The top prospect Perez 01b had dreadful personality and was rightfully released, and Carlos Sanchez 01a who I rated as best played a lot but didn’t develop at all and now plays for the B team. The only player who really shone is Erik Pascual 01d who is our best midfielder and has been called up by France U19s. Other than him, Jokin Uranga 01h was a rotation option in midfield and David Martin had a couple of seasons as starting center back. So a decent and very necessary intake, but most of the players are now being phased out.

Facilities/Finances: A new president provided a little cash injection but we’re still well in the red

Transfers: nothing of note

Season    |  League            | Pos. |     Europe     |   Best player                 |  Notes
2021/22   | Segunda B Grupo II |  9   |     n/a        |  Juanma Iparragirre (MC)      |
2022/23   | Segunda B Grupo II |  14  |     n/a        |  Lander Goikoetxea (GK)       |
2023/24   | Segunda B Grupo II |  3   |     n/a        |  Lander Goikoetxea (GK)       | Lost in playoff semi final
2024/25   | Segunda B Grupo II |  5   |     n/a        |  Syndou Diomande 02a (AMC/ST) | 
2025/26   | Segunda B Grupo II |  1   |     n/a        |  Syndou Diomande 02a (AMC/ST) | Promoted through the playoffs!

Season    |  Coaching     |  Recruitment      | Training Fac.  | Youth Fac.    |  Stadium
2021/22   |  Excellent    |  Fairly basic     | Adequate       |  Adequate     |  3000
2022/23   |  Excellent    |  Fairly basic     | Adequate       |  Adequate     |  3000
2023/24   |  Excellent    |  Fairly basic     | Adequate       |  Adequate     |  3000
2024/25   |  Excellent    |  Fairly basic     | Below average  |  Adequate     |  3000
2025/26   |  Excellent    |  Fairly basic     | Below average  |  Adequate     |  3000


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Season 45 - 2065/66

And another 14th place finish, thats 3 in a row!

Offered Spain job, not sure the Spanish public would be very happy appointed a manager of a VN team would they!

Again better standard in the intake!



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 Follo FK - Wikipedia

Follo Fotballklubb - Season 2024 (Season 3) Review

So while we are working to become an established team in this division I do have hopes for a surprise promotion. Early on however, it became apparent that we are a bit lacking compared to the best ones. Sarpsborg 08 and Sandefjord were out of sight from the get go, and Lillestrøm followed them to the first playoff spot, so the rest of us were scrambling of the rest of the playoff spots and nothing more. KFUM Oslo were the surprise package, in addition to ourselves, of course. Interestingly, we conceded the same, quite high, amount of goals this season as last. However, we scored 10 more goals this season, and finished slightly higher up the table. Of course that put us in the playoffs for the 2nd year running.

In the semi final we faced KFUM Oslo away and narrowly beat them after a late goal. Then in the final we gaved Lillestrøm, the best of the team who where not already promoted. It was an amazing match in which we swapped the lead quite a few times. First they took the lead after only 3 minutes, but we got two back soon after and after 8 minutes we were 2-1 up. It didn't last for long as Lillestrøm hit two times in two minutes and after 21 minutes we were 3-2 down again. Just slightly before half time, we equalised and at half time it was 3-3 and anything was possible. The 2nd half was a bit more slow, but half way into it we took the lead and managed to hold it to the end, even if was quite close at the end.


So, promoted, right? Nope, Norway doesn't do that. Winning the playoff give you the right to play against the team who finished 3rd last in the top tier for the decider if they stay up or we take their place. So we faced Kristiansund in a two legged final. We held them to 2-2 at home in a close fought battle. In the away leg it was 1-1 at full time and we went into extra time due to no away goals here. The first half in extra time was uneventful, but in the 2nd they scored 4 minutes before the end. I threw everything at them, but we couldn't find a way. So very close to promotion, but we fell just short and have to stay here for at least one more season.

We got some more improvements though, so things are going the right way structurally.

In Norgesmesterskapet we beat Vestfossen, Råde, and Stjørdals-Blink before losing to giants Rosenborg in the 4th round. It was a narrow loss and with a bit of luck, we could have taken them to extra time.



This intake was really good. The improvements are really paying off already.


Lars Stam 24b is a very promising winger. Some very weak points, but he is rapid and not bad going forward.




Pretty much only locals, and a German fellow.





2nd team:

They only played friendlies

U19 team:

In the Norwegian U19 Championship Oslo they won it and went into the promotion qualification. There they beat Florø in the semi final, but lost to Sarpsborg 08 in the final.

In the Norwegian U19 Cup they beat Flekkerøy and Drøbak before losing to Stabæk in the 3rd round.

Records broken;

Most goals in a season: Ernest Rzepecki - 40
Most league goals in a season: Ernest Rzepecki - 34
Most goals in a match: Kristian Seteklev - 4
Most goals in a league match: Kristian Seteklev - 4
Most assists in a season: Islam Darlishta - 18
Most player of the match awards: Ernest Rzepecki - 11
Most league goals overall: Ernest Rzepecki - 91
Youngest player: Lars Stam 24b - 15 years, 128 days
Oldest goalscorer: Islam Darlishta - 27 years, 144 days

Trophy cabinet:

PostNord-ligaen Avdeling 2 - 2022

Norwegian U19 Championship Oslo - 2024


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Season 23? - 2044

FC Mirassol - Brazil

Serie A - 6th

Season Summary

Another disappointing season with a team that is getting old and running out of steam. It might be time to take a couple of seasons out of the running to blood some new youngsters. good thing is I don't need to win the league anymore as I've already done it so we can focus on the Libertadores and see if youth can do enough in the league

State championship - It started well! We got through to the final but lost over two legs. I can't remember who to now.

Serie A - Another good start but we just kept making silly mistakes and losing silly games which dropped us down the table. A strong finish brought us back up but 6th is pretty poor for us really.


Copa Libertadores - the one I need! So how did it go? Ok, until the quarter finals where I met old nemesis Internacional. Who hammered us 5-0 on aggregate. We've played them 48 times while I've been manager, and won 8. i hate them.

Copa brazilia - ah, who cares? I'm so glad domestic cups aren't part of this challenge!


i have some tough decisions to make here. this team is getting old now and could do with some fresh blood, which means easing out some of the old guard. Some of who are legends!

Le 29B - The biggest legend of all! still performing well above the rest but is now 31. I need to slowly start easing him out if I want to create a new team to challenge. Easily my most reliable player ever!

Bae Sung-Hwa 31B - now 29, it feels like i've been trying to ease him out for years but he keeps coming back! he's so versatile! He's got 94 caps for South Korea now, the least I can do is help him get to 100.

Bibi 37A - He's the future, now 23 and coming into his prime. had a poor season by huis standards. Set off like a rocket then went to the Olympics for a month and was a shadow of himself when he came back. Took him ages to get going again. Still, 39 goals isn't a bad return I guess.

hopefully next season I'll have some new youth players to show off. The development squad has some really good potential stars in there.....



The best thing about Brazil is once you max out your facilities and get to a decent reputation you are almost guaranteed a decent youth intake. this season was no different.





The top 5 all look interesting, decent potential and decent personalities. At least two should hopefully make it



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  Follo FK - Wikipedia

Follo Fotballklubb - Season 2025 (Season 4) Review

Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances

Since we've had so much issues with the defence since I took over, I made the decision to rethink the whole tactic and start anew. So after a closer look at the players, I decided a 4-3-3/4-5-1 was the way to go. It's my favourite formation anyway, and when the squad fits, I thought I'd give it anther go. Looking at the final table, you might think it was a mistake to switch from something nearly got us promoted, but the actual matches were far better this season and we were very unlucky at times. The simple matter of fact is that we finished just outside the playoff this time, and with fewer points than last time, but I think we are on the right track. This was a bit of a transition season as well, as we said good bye to a fair few of the original regulars this season. We still have a nice core of them in the squad, but the change is happening.

We did make a big loss in the financial department this season though, and I'm not quite sure where the new deficit comes from. No changes from the setup, but our expenses seems to have increased quite a bit...

In Norgesmesterskapet we beat Lommedalen, Vigør, and Asker before losing big to top tier outfit Odd in the 4th round.



Simply a fantastic intake with lots of talented players.


Erik Arnesen 25h is an amazing talent up top. Expect him to score loads as he gets a bit older.


Jesper Bergset 25j could be our long term goalkeeper. Simply amazing for his age.




Mostly locals, but added USA, Finland, and Greece to the map.





2nd team:

They only played friendlies

U19 team:

In the Norwegian U19 Championship Oslo they finished 2nd and just missed out on the possibility of promotion.

In the Norwegian U19 Cup they beat Steinkjer and Nordstrand before losing to Sandefjord in the 3rd round.

Records broken;

Most goals in a match: Ernest Rzepecki - 4
Most goals in a league match: Ernest Rzepecki - 4
Most clean sheets in a season: Jesper Bergset 25j - 13
Most league goals overall: Ernest Rzepecki - 105
Oldest goalscorer: Islam Darlishta - 28 years, 98 days

Trophy cabinet:

PostNord-ligaen Avdeling 2 - 2022

Norwegian U19 Championship Oslo - 2024


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Clube Operário Desportivo - Season 1 - 2021/22 Review


First season on the island of Azores provided us with a weird season. We started off really well and then went very toothless in that we started drawing all the time. Our star striker Paulo Bessa got taken by Brazilian Serie B club Vitoria on a free as he wouldn't sign a new contract so we didn't have any goals in our team. 

With 4 games to go we were only 2 points off the top spot and then we drew a few and lost the last one. We ended up mid table after losing the least amount of games so the problem is obvious, the striker position.


Transfers - None as always!

Youth Intake

The preview gave me a bit of hope that we would get a few wide players in that could chip in with the goals we are missing from Bessa leaving but it disappointed massively.



Signed a few of the players for back up and the good personalities to help around the club. Soares is the only one I see doing anything remotely worth a shout about in the first team. I gave him some minutes in the last 3-4 games and he was just okay as expected. Next season I think I will bite the bullet and play him every match in the hope he becomes the player we need or someone gives us the cash we need as both are in dire need right now.



Very very raw as you can see, will take a while for any sort of player to jump out and influence games we can hope. 




The final piece of news at the end of the season was our stadium plans got shelved. After the first season under AI control, the club decided to search for a new site on a 6k stadium. Turns out we won't be getting that either. 


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