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The FM21 Youth Academy Challenge

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Season 11 - 2031/32

Another bottom 6 finish, 18th place again!

I did manage to use some of the money from the takeover last season to improve Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitement!




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Season 12 - 2032/33

A lot better season and best since the first!

Started really well then the usual slump and finished mid season

Now actually got a striker that can bang some goals in for me! Durnin who got 42

Another awful intake!



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Season 13 - 2033/34

Backwards step again, back down to 17th

Never got going and spent all season in the bottom half

Durnin had another good season with 53 goals!

Intakes have been so poor with 1/2 average players every year



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AO KAVALA I Season Review 2030/31

League | Championship Group | Cup Win |Transfers Finances

The league campaign started a bit wobbly before we slowly got ourselves into 2nd position, we alternated between 2nd and 3rd for a few months before we hit top spot around February time. We were 2nd heading into the Championship stage when the league splits but because we aren't good enough to consistently compete against the teams at the top as our squad has a few holes in it we even went as low as 4th and then managed to, just in time, clinch 2nd spot. 

In the cup as shown above in the link we had a very hard 1st match up against multiple title winners AEK Athens and then after that every round was easier even the final and we won our very first domestic cup!

Youth Intake/Preview