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The FM21 Youth Academy Challenge

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Brazil - FC Mirassol

Season 17 - 2038

Serie A - 3rd

Season Summary

So after last seasons disappointment I went back and tweaked my tactics and it seemed to work. We were in our first proper title fight!

State Championship - The weird pre-season tournament that I kinda like as I can try our all sorts of things without really caring about results. We did really well, unbeaten in the league stage and then only beaten by Santos 1-0 in the Final first leg. We won the second leg 2-1 but they took the title on penalties. I'm not bothered though, our morale and form was just right for the proper league title...

Serie A - Here we go! We were great for the first half of the season, going away to difficult teams and winning 4 and 5-1, beating top teams like Internacional and Santos and going top after 10 games. We still had the odd blip but after 24 games we found ourselves 5 points clear of second place Internacional. they were our next game, at home. Win and we'd be 8 points clear in a two horse race. Lose, and it would be only two points. We were hammered 4-1 and suddenly our top spot looked really precarious. We clug on best we could but with 5 games left the table looked like this:-


Whether it was inexperience or nerves U din't know but we just couldn't win a game, drawing left right and centre. Out of our last 7 games we won 1, lost 1 and drew 5, which meant the final table looked like this:-


Frustratingly close but at least now I know this squad and these tactics are good enough to do it!

Copa Libertadores - Weird one, this. We lost two of our first three group games, looked like going out, but then won the final three easily. We got River in the first knockout round and sneaked through by away goals. The quarter final saw us play fellow Brazilians Sport and I knew we had their number. A 4-2 first leg home victory meant I was confident going into the second leg. I was a fool, we lost 3-0. Really annoying but what can you do?

Copa Brazilia - For some reason in these challenges I really suck at the domestic cup competitions. No change here.


Bae Sung-Hwa 31B - the main reason I tweaked my tactics. On paper he's our best player but two seasons of under-performing suggested it was me not him. He was a lot better this season but still had a slump at the end where he lost his place to Bibi. Still, 38 goals in 49 games in all competitions is pretty good really, and a vast improvement on the last two seasons. His future may be in another position rather than striker though....

Bibi 37A - And this fella is the reason why. Before his 17th birthday he scored 7 goals in 3 first team games. I used him sparingly throughout the season but he rarely let me down. Finished with 21 goals in 22 and has given me a real dilemma for next season. Is he old enough to lead the line full-time? He's good enough....

Le 29B - Right winger and easily my best player at the minute. He had Atletico Madrid sniffing around this season but I managed to see them off. Some Chinese side offered £40m for him last season. I laughed in their silly faces. He's jsut so consistent and reliable. His stats this season were unreal from the wing.

Vitor Hugo 32D - Only 21 but plays with a maturity beyond his years. The main reason why our defence is as strong as it is. He's immense.

Carlos Cesar 35A - So midfield is really the only weakness I have at the minute. I'm hoping this fella might rectify that. Only 18 but his attributes make him easily the mist centre middie at the club. And, for about 3 weeks in May, he was a wonderkid! Really!!


Weird one. Not many green lines but another golden generation?


The intake was interesting.


Rodrigo could be a star, I'll definitely keep an eye on him. The rest with decent personalities will be signed up and loaned out. Every now and then when I do that somebody suddenyl turns half useful at 22/23. It's like getting a new signing or something. It's nearly always the professional ones.....

career progression



Hopefully with this squad I have it shouldn't be too long to complete this challenge. The youngsters I have from the last 3/4 intakes have the potential to be completely ridiculous. I hope so, as it's starting to become a bit of a drag in Brazil...... but I've still never completed this challenge! Got really vlose a couple of years back with FC United, a CL sem-final away I was. ah, good times...


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Dorchester Town - Season 31/32

Transfers - League Table

The prediction was 8th, and we were 8th. The season was quite boring: again we couldn't beat the top teams, otherwise we played ok.

Defeat in Carabao Cup third round against Fulham. Lost against Man Utd in FA Cup 4th round.

In Euro Cup 2 we went all the way to the final, but lost in penalties to Hertha BSC.

Youth intake preview / intake: I signed about half the players, Appleyard and Smith most promising in my opinion.

During summer break (2032) I decided to sell few players because they wanted to play in bigger teams and/or in continental competitions.

Next season there will be no European football for us, so I'm hoping we will be fresh and able to compete better in the league.


Season  Div      Pos     Most l.goals            Most l.assists            TF          YF           JC          YR          Av.Att    Finances        
21/22     VNLS   1st       Emile Ngoy (45)       Daniel Delve (21)       Avg        Basic      Adeq+   Adeq+   468         123K

22/23     VNL     1st       Emile Ngoy (45)       Daniel Delve (19)       Avg        Basic      Adeq     Adeq      663         20K

23/24     L2        1st       Emile Ngoy (22)       Jon Scorey (11)           Avg        B.Avg+   Good+  Avg+       1194       342K

24/25     L1        4th      Max Geddes (20)     Charles Amuzu (11)   Good+  Adeq+    Excel+   Excel+    2344       7M        

25/26     L1        1st       Max Geddes (21)     Jamie Wotton (15)     Excel++ Good++ Excep+  Excep+  2676       5,4M

26/27     CH       5th      Max Geddes (27)     Toby Snodin (15)       SotA++  Excel++  Excep    Excep    4998       13M

27/28     CH       3rd      Max Geddes (38)     T. Kwiecien (13)         SotA      SotA++   Excep    Excep    4998        57M

28/29     PL        5th      Max Geddes (27)     Will Penfold (7)          SotA      SotA       Excep    Excep    17427      140M

29/30     PL        10th    Max Geddes (20)     Will Penfold (9)          SotA      SotA       Excep    Excep    16216      220M

30/31     PL        7th      Max Geddes (16)     P. Rodriguez (8)         SotA      SotA       Excep    Excep    14536      300M

31/32     PL        8th      Max Geddes (26)     T. Kwiecien (8)           SotA      SotA       Excep    Excep    18114      410M

32/33     PL        ???

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Why Basel?! :( First Qualifying Round of the CL, but we are never going to win against such a good club.


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Vikeologist's 32nd Folkestone Intake Report and 28th Intake Review 

See the source image

Have cut down the length, because honestly, not much to say about either of these. Even what's left is not all that interesting. 

Still going to read it? Ok, but don't say I didn't warn you.


With yet another golden generation promised, and improved facilities, I dreamed that this would be the one that actually deliver a wonderkid, or maybe just someone good from the go.

Instead I got an absolute stinker. My worst ever? Well, some of the previous 31 weren’t great, and it will take a few years to be certain, but this looks like it’s certainly going to be down there.

YP28 Review

Here’s what I wrote at the time.



“The most important thing was to get a good striker. The preview wasn’t that promising, but it did suggest that the top guy might be in that position, and the intake bore that out.

He doesn’t look fantastic, but he doesn’t need to be to be of use to me. The rest of the intake looks weak, and honestly it probably is, but I feel good about it just because of the striker.”



Luke Charman 28a – Maybe the most disappointing regen ever. One reason was because my top prospect the following year was also a striker. Another was that as discussed, my 27e striker became the European Golden Boy.

The main problem though is that after a couple of disappointing seasons, Charman’s personality crash-dived into ‘Casual’. Without the personality slump he may have been ok.

Stewart Nixon 28b – I think I threw him straight into the team for 4 meaningless end of season fixtures. He never featured again, and has now left the club.

Jon Bradshaw 28c – A promising right back, but is the backup to one of the best players at the club. When I say promising, has the potential to be a League 1 player. Unfortunately that’s what counts as potential in my squad.

Graham Higgs 28h – My central midfield is not very good, so Higgs has managed to carve out a role as maybe my 3rd string in that position. There’s actually 6 players who are better central midfielders than him, but 4 of those play in different positions.

Edited by vikeologist
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          Condeixa vs SC Lusitânia (0-0) Sep 29, 2019 Match Stats | FootballCritic

Lusitânia Açores - Season 2031/32 (Season 11) Review

Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances

So few matches compared to the latest seasons, so it no longer feels like a slog! It was a very hard season, though, the step up in quality is quite clear to me. We are facing a lot of great players, so we struggled to get much out of the matches. The good thing about this season was that Sporting B was so far off the rest that it was only one spot to avoid. One positive thing though is that Vitória de Setúbal, the team we got promoted along side last season, were competing for a promotion spot this season! So either they recruited amazingly, or we are not as far off as it felt. Even if we overperformed with our promotion last season, we might have a better shot at staying up next season that it looks like now.

Well, the financial side didn't really improve, but I kind of feel we losing less money than before. We also had fewer investments, so I think we are heading in the right direction.

In the Allianz Cup we lost to Estrela da Amadora in the 1st round.

In the Taça de Portugal we beat Madalena before losing to Tirsense in the 3rd round.



Great intake for personalities, and not horrible for potential either.


Rúben Inácio 32c is a striker unlike what I have. More strength and heading than the others, so a nice alternative striker there.




Very diverse intake and the new countries are Germany and São Tomé & Príncipe.







Records broken;

Most league goals overall: Maxime Riviere 22f - 132
Fastest goal: Kevin Mendonça 30f - 13 seconds

Trophy cabinet:

Campeonato Nacional - 2025/26


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Cultural Durango – Season 3 (2023/22)

Segunda Division B Grupo II Well, what a difference a good striker makes! We ended last season in relegation form but started this one brilliantly, with Syndou Diomande 02a scoring goals at about twice the rate of our old strikers. Even after the first few months, our form continued to be good and we kept bouncing around just outside the playoffs. With the season drawing to a close, we had a chance to enter the playoff spots but lost 2-0 at home to 3rd placed Amorebieta to leave them 5 points ahead of us with a game in hand. I thought we blew it but apparently it was Amerebieta who would, with them proceeding to get 4 defeats and 3 draws from their final 7 games.

This meant that despite some dodgy results, we scraped into the playoffs where we would face Celta B, who finished the season 1st in Group I with an impressive 86 points from 34 games. We duly proceeded to self-destruct in the first (away) leg as our centre back got sent off after 29 minutes, and we lost 4-1. The second leg actually almost saw us mount an amazing comeback, only to go out on away goals after winning 5-2.

spacer.png spacer.png

Players: Our goalkeeper Lander Goikoetxea is still our best player, but Erik Pascual 01d has developed very well and is a close second, having been called up by France U19s. Urko Gomez 02b is developing impressively and I’ll expect him to become our best player unless he leaves for a bigger club (or maybe both), and Syndou Diomande 02a was our top (and more or less only) scorer with 21.

spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png

Youth intake: The preview promised few good wingers, which means that our top prospect was… a winger. Anyway, not that excited about this group due to the all-round poor personalities but on the other hand Sergio Arconada 02b should provide good cover at full back where we are desperately short, and winger Imanol Angulo is almost first team ready despite his Unambitious personality with Det of 4.

 spacer.png spacer.png

spacer.png spacer.png

Facilities/Finances: I made the mistake of agreeing to form a B club which put us more than 300k in the red and listed as insecure; but at least we’re making a bit of money each month now - so unless the B club expenses come out every year we’ll make it back to ok finances eventually.

Transfers: nothing of note, but adding the Portuguese leagues seems to have livened up the transfer market in the game in general

Season    |  League            | Pos. |     Europe     |   Best player             |  Notes
2021/22   | Segunda B Grupo II |  9   |     n/a        |  Juanma Iparragirre (MC)  |
2022/23   | Segunda B Grupo II |  14  |     n/a        |  Lander Goikoetxea (GK)   |
2023/24   | Segunda B Grupo II |  3   |     n/a        |  Lander Goikoetxea (GK)   | Lost in playoff semi final

Season    |  Coaching     |  Recruitment      | Training Fac.  | Youth Fac.    |  Stadium
2021/22   |  Excellent    |  Fairly basic     | Adequate       |  Adequate     |  3000
2022/23   |  Excellent    |  Fairly basic     | Adequate       |  Adequate     |  3000
2023/24   |  Excellent    |  Fairly basic     | Adequate       |  Adequate     |  3000


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1 hour ago, JLAB said:

Got me a bit of money too...

Jesus christ! Think I never got anywhere near that much in all my times of playing this challenge, or even had a former player sold for that much on FM. I'm guessing you don't need the money though since you've been in Serie A for a while?

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3 hours ago, dkouv said:

Jesus christ! Think I never got anywhere near that much in all my times of playing this challenge, or even had a former player sold for that much on FM. I'm guessing you don't need the money though since you've been in Serie A for a while?

We have about £377M, so money really isn’t an issue at this point. We could get relegated and fail to get back into Serie A and it wouldn’t hurt us financially for at least a decade give it take on how we manage the squad.

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FC Locarno Season 3 (2023-24)




The goal for this year was to attain promotion by any means, and we did it. We stuck to our good ol' reliable 4-4-1-1 most of the year and it worked well for us, giving us the second best defense in the league. We found our selves in the top 2 spots all year, however with about 6 games ago we had several key injuries happen at once. Naturally I was afraid we'd completely blow it, but we switched to a 4-2-3-1 and just barely managed to hang on. The first round of the playoffs saw us beat BSC Old Boys 5-0 on aggregate, and the finals saw us beat FC Zurich U21 4-1 on aggregate. Overall we got the job done so it was good year in my book.

Swiss Cup


This year saw us draw against FC Basel in the first round of the Swiss Cup. Once again we lost by a lot to a team a couple divisions above us, but at least we weren't shut out this year. I'm hoping for a deeper run next year, and a much easier draw.

Youth Intake Preview

Another promising group of players this year, however we desperately need some even half-decent central midfielders. The lack of quality we've gotten through the middle has me relying on older players who've been here since the beginning.

Youth Intake


Overall a pretty solid intake this year. Bernath is instantly our best keeper and Milic provides solid backup already. I would've like to have seen some better personalities. Once again though no decent central midfielders, which is starting to concern me a little. We now also have more wingers at the club than I know what to do with.

Alexander Bernath - Nikola Milic - Albin Hajdini


I sent a lot of players to our U18 affiliate this year to try and cut down on the size of the squad. But the owner still refuses to create an U18 team, so we're stuck with a pretty large squad. I feel it's also worth noting that we are starting to see some of our players being called up for their countries' youth teams. Most notable is Daniel Schultz, who now has 8 caps for Liechtenstein's U21 team, and hopefully a senior team call up isn't far behind.


We had a few of our players being scouted by first division teams, and some put in offers, but none actually offered us any money. So no transfers out this year. I noticed that the division we're being promoted into had players actually being sold, so maybe we can start cashing in next year.



We finally got promoted and I'm excited about that. Hopefully us moving up another division will convince the owner to actually spend money on the club. I did convince him to allow me to study for a new qualification but he's shot down everything else. So we're still just merely adequate. The finances also continue to show red, but hopefully that changes soon.


I liked the nation map idea I saw in other posts on here and was inspired to add my own. I envision collecting nations like they're Pokemon to add an extra layer of fun to this save.




We added Croatia and Serbia this year

Continents: 3

Nations: 18/227 (7.93%)

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Brazil - FC Mirassol

2039 - Season 18

Serie A - 2nd

Season Summary

So close!

State Championship - we were really good again, dominating unitl the QF where Santos humped us 4-0 at home. Ah well, it's a silyl competition anyway

Serie A - We got our revenge on Santos quite quickly. We had a tough opening set of fixtures but won the first five, including against Santos to take us top. We stayed there for the first half of the season as we tended to win games that last season we were drawing. 10 wins and 2 defeats from our first 12. Internacional kept hanging around though until after 25 games the league looked like this:-


Next game was against Internacional and we won 2-1 to go top! We then immediately lost the next to Cruzeiro who were in the relegation spots and Inter went on a run of 10 wins and 2 draws to take the title





Copa Libertadores - we were brilliant, all the way to the semi final against Flamengo. We were away first, so I went for a slightly more cautious, less attacking tactic. it had done wonders for me in the league so I was fairly confident we coud get a decent result. We lost 6-0. We won the second leg to salvage a bit of pride but our heaviest defeat since I was manager saw us go out

Copa Brasilia - lol. quarter final this time!


Le 29B - an injury hit campaign but was still my best player

Aucione 31E - one of those players whose spent seasons on loan and eventually became a half decent player. He was Le's back up this season and so played a lot, and did really well. How am I going to keep both happy next season?

Vitor Hugo 32D - Monster of a centre back, another hugely impressive season from him

Naldinho 34B - my fourth wonderkid! Not a surprise, he's been a mainstay in defence alongside Vitor for two seasons now and has been great. Their partnership is fantasitc

benicio 34A - The class of 2034 was a good one. My fifth wonderkid here, although his performances have been hit and miss. I've been struggling a bit in midfield to be hnoest.

Carlos Cesar 35A - He's going to be a superstar. Only 19, Liverpool and Chelsea chasing after him, refuising to sign a new contract. He looks like there's no limit to how good he can be

Bae Hung-Swa 31B - Disapppointing season, but not entirely his fault. Injuries and international games meant he never really managed to get a run in the side. 20 goals in 36 not really good enough for a player of his ability

Bibi 37A - After such a brilliant breakthrough season last year i was really looking forward to what he could do this year. Very little, it turns out. He was poop on a stick for a long part of it, only scoring against minnows in the cup. Complained about not getting enough game time then played 8 games straight without scoring or getting over a 7 rating, including missing two penalties in one game. Really, really, rubbish and disappointing



2039 won't be seen as a vintage year in seasons to come....




Career Progession

Surely this team can do it? They're still young and improving all the time. If I can keep hold of my best players I have every chance. let's see!




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Vikeologist's 2052/53 and possibly final Folkestone Season Report

See the source image

We went into our last match of the season needing a miracle to get into the playoffs. We needed the two teams above us to draw at best, but we also needed to win, and none of these things came to pass.


I’m tempted to give up on this challenge now. It’s not just that we looked like winning the league at a canter for the first half of the season before again collapsing in the 2nd half.

Despite all the improvements to our facilities, we don’t have any good players. Really none of them are good enough for the Premier League. I don’t need a squad of excellent players, but I do need at least a few.

Also, despite the facilities, and supposedly good coaches, and excellent squad and player personalities, the players just don’t improve much. My belief is that this is simply because they just don’t have that much potential. I can get them to reasonable players, and then their development just hits a ceiling. I could be wrong, but this is my guess as to what is going on. My players are just not good enough, and even if my next intake or even the next three produce wonderkids, it might get us back to the Premier League, but that’s about it. The needle’s just not going to move much at this point.


Top Goalscorer – Dave Jackson 21b – 26

An alright total, but disappointing given we were back down a division.

My 3rd highest scorer was a central defender with 19 goals, 16 of which were penalties. He missed 3 penalties. I feel this must be a record for penalties in a season.

Highest Average Rating (minimum 10 matches played) – Dave Jackson 21b – 7.09

Man of The Match – Dave Jackson 21b – 5

Most Valuable Player– Dave Jackson 21b

But only because he was the best of a bad bunch. I hate them all.


Most Appearances (Regens) – Jason ‘Nepotism’ Ramsay 1a – 719

This record can basically never be beaten. It’s unlikely any player is going to make 50 appearances a year on average, so they’d have to play for at least 15 seasons.

One of my starting central defenders has started more or less from the start f his career. Maybe he broke through half way through his first season. He’s 30 years old now, and he only has 509 appearances in his thirteen and a half seasons as a starter because of injuries, suspensions and the like. If I continued the save, he might get close, but he’d probably have to start for another 5 full seasons.

Most Goals (Regens) – Michael Morgan 9a 463

Dave Jackson at 27 is on 277.

Barry Ramsay 29k (Son) Update

Has improved steadily but still only at Vanarama National level, and still no loan or transfer interest from clubs.


Absolutely nothing in this report has made me want to continue this save.

Season	Division		Position	Notes							MVP										
21/22	VNL South		18th		Steered clear of relegaton thanks to good start.	Callum Davies
22/23	VNL South		16th		Only 2 places better, but a lot more points.		Henry Newcombe
23/24	VNL South		18th		Big step backwards in points.				David Smith
24/25	VNL South		15th		Consistently mediocre.					David Smith
25/26	VNL South		14th		Just outside playoffs for most of the season.		David Smith
26/27	VNL South		16th		Otherwise known as the year 1AD (After Discipline)	Ellis Andrews 2c
27/28	VNL South		19th		Narrowly avoided relegation places all season		David Smith
28/29	VNL South		15th		Tried different tactics. Didn't find a magic bean.	David Smith
29/30	VNL South		7th		Lost playoff semifinal, but a great improvement.	Ellis Andrews 2c
30/31	VNL South		12th		Second half slump into mid-table disappointment		David Smith
31/32	VNL South		7th		Lost in S/F of playoff					Ellis Andrews 2c
32/33	VNL South		9th		Didn't threaten playoffs				Ellis Drake 10a
33/34	VNL South		2nd		Lost last 2 matches of season and 1st playoff game.	Michael Morgan 9a
34/35	VNL South		4th		Knocked out Playoffs 1st round on penalties		Michael Morgan 9a
35/36	VNL South		6th		Knocked out in Playoff semifinal			Michael Morgan 9a
36/37	VNL South		5th		Knocked out in Playoff semifinal			Giorgos Kragiopoulos 11a
37/38	VNL South		1st		Won the league by a mile. 17th time lucky.		Michael Morgan 9a 
38/39	VNL National		1st		Back to back comfortable promotions			Jack Collett 13a 
39/40	League 2		2nd		Won last 5 matches securing automatic promotion.	Jack Collett 13a 
40/41	League 1		11th		Pushing for promotion most of the season		Jack Collett 13a 
41/42	League 1		5th		Lost in playoffs semifinal				Michael Morgan 9a 
42/43	League 1		8th		Losing streak, winning streak and then injuries		Kevin Spencer 17d
43/44	League 1		7th		One place outside playoffs.				Kevin Spencer 17d
44/45	League 1		12th		Outside playoffs all season. New stadium.		Pete Larkin 18d
45/46	League 1		2nd		Promoted last day of the season. 			Dave Jackson 21b 
46/47	Championship		20th		Plummetted near to relegation zone			Dave Jackson 21b 
47/48	Championship		15th		Terrible start but mid table safety after that.		Steven 'Shamrock' Larkin 21d 
48/49	Championship		14th		Good start but dropped away from playoffs.		Liam Carter 25d 
49/50	Championship		15th		Boring & disappointing season				Dave Jackson 21b 
50/51	Championship		4th		Promoted through playoffs.				Ross Gethins 22c
51/52	Premier League		20th		Won once in 2nd half of season and relegated.		Dave Jackson 21b
52/53	Championship		8th		Typical second half of the season collapse.		Dave Jackson 21b 


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Hi guys, I’d like to give this a go after buying the game today. Is there a plug and play type tactic you would recommend?


I remember using tactics by TFF to win the Seria C, B and A one after each other with San Marino, but I can’t find anything by him this year.



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21 minutes ago, IOA said:

Hi guys, I’d like to give this a go after buying the game today. Is there a plug and play type tactic you would recommend?


To be honest, one of the appeals of this challenge is you often have to build tactics to fit your players so plug and play don't tend to work as well.

Saying that, once you find a tactic you like you can get a HoyD with the same preferred tactic and you should have a steady stream of players to fit

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FC Locarno Season 4 (2024-25)




Before this season I had a feeling that we would struggle this year, and I was right about that. This was our first year where we didn't have an immediate chance at promotion, and the gulf in quality between us and the best teams was very evident. I started the year deploying a 4-4-1-1, but I wasn't getting good results. After switching to a 4-2-3-1, we started to pick up some more points, but we were never above 10th in the table. I have a feeling we may be here for a couple years.

Swiss Cup


We managed to get out of the first round of the Swiss Cup this year, beating FC Grenchen 15 on penalties. I was excited to maybe go on a decent run until we got drawn against FC Basel. Again. Unsurprisingly it went just like it did last time. Oh well, there's always next year.

Youth Intake Preview

I've been needing a decent central midfielder for a while now, so this was great to see.

Youth Intake


Some pretty decent players this year and some positions that needed to be filled. Fabrizio Salierno is our second best attacking midfielder, and I'm expecting him to take over when Facundo Pinto retires. This was the first year where not every player was signed.

Fabrizio Salierno - Behar Halimi - Pietro Giuliani


I sent a lot of player to our affiliate club and released a few, but our first team is still massive. About Half of these players would be sent to the U18's or U21's, but we have neither of those and the owner still refuses to form one (I've asked about 15 times.)



We finally managed to make our first player sale, with Tobias Aufhauser joining Vaduz. I know that it says he was loaned back to us for the rest of the season, however this clause was included by Vaduz and I just forgot to remove it. After he returned I failed to register him and terminated his loan as soon as I could, so he never played a game for us after his transfer.



We're in a bit of a tough spot here. Our training facilities actually got worse this year but everything else stayed at adequate. We aren't making any money and the owner refuses to do anything to improve the club at all, because the finances are in the red. Unless we keep getting promoted, it just feels like we may begin to stagnate. I'm also a bit frustrated at the fact that we are drawing under 500 people on average, when the stadium has a capacity of 5,000. We could really use the gate receipts from the missing 4,500 fans.



We added Angola and Congo on our map this year, but everything else remains the same.

Continents: 3

Nations: 20/227 (8.81%)

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South Shields Season 2039/40 Review - Premier League


LeagueI feel there is a lot to get through this season so this may take a while. Sorry. We stayed up last year but it wasn't pretty, we lost our last 8 games of the season as my tactic of trying to soak up pressure and use our pace to score worked in the respect we scored lots and stayed up but also didn't work in that we had the 2nd worse defence and would often give up 20+ shots a game. A new idea was needed, and because I'm me and also because I'm currently reading the Brilliant Orange book about Dutch football so have been inspired to try and create a total football style tactic - becasue this challenge isn't hard enough clearly! :D The new tactic did the job of making us hard to break down, we had the 6th best defence but the 7th worst attack now. It also wasn't that great at keeping the ball either as half the games we had less than 50% of the ball so it's a work in progress. We ended 7th in the end but missed out on Europe which is a little frustrating as it's the first time in 15 years the team in 7th didn't make Europe (hell even 8th has made it a couple of times) because for the first time in a decade a team from outside the top 6 won the FA Cup. Probably for the best as we massively over performed this season. Our expected points should have had us 15th but we managed to win a lot of games by a single goal and I don't think we'll be able to repeat that next season. I think we're in for a tough time next year unless something clicks with our attack. We also had a takeover and have new Danish owners who seem to like me and agree to all my upgrade requests so for now I like him :D 

League CupSame as last season as we lost early

FA Cup Made it to the quarter finals again. Lost to the first Premier League side we faced again. That they won the cup and took our European spot as a result just annoys me even more

Transfers Sold a fringe player or 2 and sent many, as usual, on loan

Squadslowly getting there, probably have 6 players capable at this level right now (though one of them is injury prone) but need more to step up next season (a couple of the ones out on loan I think will be around the starting 11 next season though) 

Financesjust great, got youth and training ground upgrades coming in the next few months as the goal now is to just max out everything as soon as I can

Youth Intake - our worst for a while tbh, only 2 tagged in the end

Andrew Gore 40A - a full back, mainly right back (as we seem to love those) but can play on the left so could solve our issue there
Phil Hillier 40B - wrongly labelled as C not B in the pic but was only the 2nd one tagged. Another CM but with our few of ours have adapted yet having another can't hurt

Career Overview

Season		League		Position	Youth Recruitment	Youth Coaching		Notes & Achievements 

2021/22		VNLN		5th 		Adequate		Adequate		First coaching badge
2022/23		VNLN		2nd 		Adequate		Good			Promoted via playoffs, FA Trophy runners up
2023/24		VNL		16th 		Average			Excellent 		2nd coaching badge
2024/25		VNL		12th 		Average			Excellent		3rd coaching badge
2025/26		VNL		6th 		Average			Excellent		Promotion via playoffs
2026/27		League Two	1st 		Good			Exceptional		Promotion as champions
2027/28		League One	11th 		Good			Exceptional
2028/29		League One	14th 		Good			Exceptional
2029/30		League One	7th 		Good			Exceptional
2030/31		League One	1st 		Good 			Exceptional		Promoted as champions. Completed all coaching badges
2031/32		Championship	18th 		Excellent		Exceptional
2032/33		Championship	8th 		Excellent		Exceptional
2033/34		Championship	7th 		Excellent		Exceptional		Training ground upgrade, Academy up level 3, new ground announced
2034/35		Championship	6th 		Excellent		Exceptional		Lost in playoff semi finals
2035/36		Championship	9th 		Excellent		Exceptional 
2036/37		Championship	11th 		Excellent		Exceptional		Moved into new stadium
2037/38		Championship	3rd 		Excellent		Exceptional		Promotion via playoffs
2038/39		Premier League	16th 		Excellent		Exceptional		Youth Academy rating from level 3 to level 2
2039/40		Premier League	7th		Excellent		Exceptional 


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I still have my Greek save with AO Kavala, I did an introductory post (the link above) and just got lost playing and didn't end up posting any updates. Since then I have also started one with Terrassa in Spain so have two on the go at the same time. I'm currently in 2031 in Greece and last year we came 2nd in the league (my highest finish so far) and have been in Europe for the last 4-5 seasons. 

My best player has been wanted by every single top club in the world at some point or another and I somehow managed to get another 5 years out of him after we mounted a title challenge and got into the Champions League. He is a striker and his goal scoring stats are ridiculous. I'll post them below with a screenshot of him right now.

Right now.


At 16 years old.


At 17 years old.


At 18 years old.


At 19 years old. 


At 20/21 years old. (Current season)


Anyway enough of the main man and onto how the save has progressed.


Also a picture of the transfers so it shows I haven't bought anyone up until now.



I just wanted to get it up to date so I can do seasonal reviews from now on! 

Sorry for the long read! Haha!

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Season 1 - 2021/22

For some reason I have no screenshots of the first season

We finished 6th and lost in Play Offs

Season 2 - 2022/23

15th place finish. Nothing to really report

Intake doesn't look great bar top two players




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Atlético CP – Season 4 – 2024/25 Season Preview


The season preview of our 4th season as the Atlético CP manager in our 2nd season in the Terceira Liga is not looking great, but I know that we have the tactic that I believe will get us into a top-half finish with maybe even a look at the top 6 if we get the performances that I know we can with the talent at our disposal.


Though we did have an issue with our backup keeper who has a lot of potential making noise about wanting a move to a lower division so he can get more first team football.


I'll probably be using him in the first-team in the near future if I don't decide to just loan him out. I've been openly calling him out for his unprofessionalism in the media, so we do not get on with each other.


Still, things are looking good for myself and I think I will be a 3 star coach in the near future if I can keep getting my coaching badges. It's a good time.

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Nuneaton 2027/28 Season

Another good season. I believe that in both relative and absolute terms this is the best Nuneaton team to have taken to the field. I reckon half the squad are good enough for Championship level at the moment and a few more will develop into that level in the coming year. We pretty much walked the league and the Papa Johns Trophy this year and consistently competed with good Championship sides in the cups. All in all, a good season. We didn't lose anyone this season as well thanks too captain Koo Keun-Ho dissuading every attempt. The only problem is most of my best players are unwilling to sign new contracts, most of which will expire in the next two seasons. I hope this changes once we are in the Championship. One of the lads asked for a new contract but demanded a release clause of a measly 700k (he would get snapped up in an instant for that). That is the only looming problem at the moment. 

We had a poor intake compared to other years. None of these guys can come into the team yet, but this speaks to our quality as a squad more than anything. Take a look:


Will Day has finally taken over for Koo Keun-Ho as our best player. Every game he is in he seems to contribute a goal or an assist, even when coming off the bench tired. Fantastic. 


Final news is that in one season I jumped from being favored personnel to being a club legend. I think this is the first time I've achieved that status at a club since FM 15 when I took Stockport to the Prem.

Next season

We will be in the Championship. The goal. as always in our first season in a new league, is to avoid relegation. I want to get a feel for the competition and let our young squad mature. After this season, we will have a better sense for what we can achieve. I also hope our finances will be a bit healthier so I can finish upgrading youth recruitment and start upgrading the training facilities. We will also have a new keeper this season as Chris Mooney is no longer developing and his younger backup Troy Thompson (who is taller and is developing well) is performing better in games. 

Personal Coaching Data

Season     Reputation            Qualifications       Att   Def   Fit   GkD   GkH   GkS   Tac   Tec   Men   WWY   Ada   Det   PlK   YoK   LoD   MaM   Mot
At start   Minimal   (0.25*)     None                   2     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     6     1     1    1     1     1
2021/22    Minimal   (1.25*)     National B             6     6     2     1     1     1     6     6     6     1     1     7     5     5    11    6     6  
2022/23    Minimal   (2.00*)     Continental C          9     9     3     1     1     1     9     9     12    4     1     9     8     7    17    9     9  
2023/24    Minimal   (2.00*)     Continental B          10    10    4     1     1     1     10    10    14    4     1     10    9     8    18    10    10  
2024/25    Minimal   (2.00*)     Continental A          11    11    4     1     1     1     11    11    15    4     1     10    9     9    20    11    11
2025/26    Nominal   (3.00*)     Continental Pro        12    12    5     1     1     1     13    13    16    4     1     11    10    10   20    14    13
2026/27    Nominal   (3.00*)     Continental Pro        12    12    5     1     1     1     13    13    16    4     1     11    10    10   20    14    14
2027/28    Decent    (3.00*)     Continental Pro        13    14    5     1     1     1     13    13    17    8     1     11    10    11   20    16    15

Club Facilities

Season      Training Facilities  Youth Facilities  Youth Level  Corporate Facilities  Junior Coaching  Youth Recruitment  Club Reputation
At start   Basic                Basic                  4       Basic                 Basic            Basic              Local      (1.00*)
2021/22    Basic                Basic                  4       Basic                 Adequate         Fairly Basic       Local      (1.00*)
2022/23    Basic                Basic                  4       Basic                 Adequate         Adequate           Local      (1.00*) 
2023/24    Basic                Below Average          4       Basic                 Good             Average            Local      (1.00*)
2024/25    Basic                Below Average          4       Basic                 Exceptional      Good               Regional   (1.25*)
2025/26    Basic                Below Average          4       Basic                 Exceptional      Excellent          Regional   (1.25*)
2026/27    Basic                Below Average          4       Basic                 Exceptional      Excellent          Regional   (1.25*)
2027/28    Basic                Below Average          4       Basic                 Exceptional      Excellent          Regional   (2.00*)

Season Record

Season     Played     Won     Drawn     Lost     Goals For     Goals Against     Goal Difference     Win Percentage
2021/22      56        27       18       11         110              75                 +35              48.00%
2022/23      57        22       12       23         108              123                -15              38.60%
2023/24      50        20       12       18         124              116                +8               40.00%
2024/25      59        34       14       11         124              91                 +33              57.63%
2025/26      62        31       14       17         140              117                +23              50.00%
2026/27      54        23       10       21         102              110                -8               42.59%
2027/28      62        42       11       9          130              78                 +52              67.74%

Overall Career Record

After Season   Played     Won     Drawn     Lost     Goals For     Goals Against     Goal Difference     Win Percentage     Time At Club
2021/22         56        27       18       11         110              75                 +35              48.00%             348 days
2022/23         113       49       30       34         218              192                +26              43.00%             732 days
2023/24         163       69       42       52         342              314                +28              42.33%             1038 days 
2024/25         222       103      56       63         466              405                +61              46.00%             1423 days
2025/26         284       134      70       80         606              522                +84              47.00%             1796 days
2026/27         338       157      80       101        708              632                +76              46.45%             2138 days
2027/28         400       199      91       110        838              710                +128             49.00%             2502 days

Trophy Haul

Season     Competition Won
2022/23       FA Trophy 
2024/25       Vanarama National League, FA Trophy
2027/28       Sky Bet League One, Papa Johns Trophy

Trophy Cabinet

League Titles
1 x Vanarama National National League (2024/25)
1 x Sky Bet League One (2027/28)

Cup Competition Victories
2 x FA Trophy  (2022/23, 2024/25)
1 x Papa Johns Trophy (2027/28)

Career Overview

Season     Champions League    Europa League    Europa Conference League             League                             Position     F.A. Cup                  League Cup          Achievements
2021/22           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Vanarama National League North        6th       Fourth round                   N/a             Won promotion playoff.  Fourth Round of the FA Trophy.
2022/23           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Vanarama National League              19th      Third round                    N/a             Won the FA Trophy. Avoided relegation
2023/24           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Vanarama National League              11th      Second round                   N/a             Knocked out in Third round of F. A. Trophy Finished 11th.
2024/25           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Vanarama National League              1st       Second round                   N/a             Won the FA Trophy. Won the National League
2025/26           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Sky Bet League Two                    5th       Fifth round                    Second round    Knocked out in second round of Papa John's Trophy. Won promotion playoff.
2026/27           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Sky Bet League One                    11th      Third round                    Second round    Avoided relegation.      
2027/28           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Sky Bet League One                    1st       Fifth round                    Third round     Won League One. Won Papa Johns Trophy.

Record Number of Appearances (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                    Cumulative Number of Appearances
2021/22    Ben Molloy & Matt Ashworth              1
2022/23    Romaine Gater                           36
2023/24    Chris Mooney                            49 
2024/25    Chris Mooney                            108
2025/26    Chris Mooney                            156
2026/27    Chris Mooney                            201
2027/28    Ben Molloy                              258

Record Goal Scorer (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                    Cumulative Number of Goals
2021/22    No one                                  0
2022/23    Jack Thorpe                             5 
2023/24    Ben Molloy                              16 
2024/25    Ben Molloy                              38
2025/26    Ben Molloy                              63
2026/27    Ben Molloy                              90
2027/28    Ben Molloy                              119

Record Number of Assists (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                    Cumulative Number of Assists
2021/22    No one                                  0
2022/23    Romaine Gater                           3
2023/24    Ky-mani Calder Shenton                  12 
2024/25    Ky-mani Calder Shenton                  19 
2025/26    Ben Molloy                              33
2026/27    Ben Molloy                              48
2027/28    Ben Molloy                              54

Record Number of Clean Sheets (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                    Cumulative Number of Clean Sheets
2021/22    No one                                   0
2022/23    Chris Mooney                             1
2023/24    Chris Mooney                             7 
2024/25    Chris Mooney                             23
2025/26    Chris Mooney                             29
2026/27    Chris Mooney                             37
2027/28    Chris Mooney                             47

Ticket Sales

Season     Season Tickets/Price                    Average Attendance/Price           
2021/22    166/$358                                    716/$18
2022/23    204/$354                                    830/$19
2023/24    206/$354                                    1008/$19 
2024/25    218/$376                                    1161/$19
2025/26    643/$416                                    2337/$21
2026/27    1079/$460                                   3258/$24
2027/28    1343/$483                                   3908/$25

Player Wages

Season    Highest Paid Player (per annum)            Cumulative Wage           
2021/22    Ravi Shamsi - 30k                           $242k
2022/23    Koo Keun-Ho - 32k                           $345k                                                    
2023/24    Koo Keun-Ho - 41.5k                         $327k
2024/25    Koo Keun-Ho - 62.5k                         $362k
2025/26    Koo Keun-Ho - 62.5k                         $656k
2026/27    Koo Keun-Ho - 93.5k                         $965k
2027/28    Koo Keun-Ho - 93.5k                         $1.04 mil
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13 hours ago, holidaysong said:

FC United of Manchester ; season 2047/48

Errea is named new technical sponsor of FC United of Manchester!

League Table ; Squad ; Starting 11TransfersYouth Candidates

Challenge Complete !!!

The season brought a runner up finish in the league (3rd consecutive finish in the top two) and retaining the FA Cup

However, lifting the Champions League was the holy grail and we achieved it with a 2-0 final win over Spurs to make it a European and Cup double winning season

100% focus on the Champions League really hampered our defence of the league title due to resting the entire starting 11 before and after European matches. But of course it was worth it! In our journey through the competition, we lost one group game when playing kids after qualification was secure. In the semi final vs. PSG it took penalties to advance. However, playing a completely fresh side in every match worked out well. :)

In other news, we gained our fourth wonderkid in the current squad with Mel Sinclair. Our new stadium is already being expanded so we will be spending a year sharing with a Man City.

I'll probably play the save for one more season as I have the Club World Cup in one year and would like to see how we do. After that though, I'm off to do a save where I can sign some players! :D

I've really enjoyed this save. It helped me learn and improve a lot on player development even though I have been playing since the CM days. Richard Roberts is easily the greatest new gen I have ever produced in all editions of the game! For that player alone, it'll never be forgotten.

There were a few dark seasons struggling at the bottom of the Championship and actually being relegated back down to League One at one point but I'm so glad I stuck at it!

Best of luck to everyone with their saves.

Congrats @holidaysong :applause:

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And we're through to the next round! We played really magnificent in the home match against Linfield. Away we played with some reserve players. Next round against RB Salzburg!


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Season 6 - 2026/27

Slightly better season in the fact I spent more time in the middle of the table for longer but the inevitable happened and slipped down finishing 19th

Not getting anything bar very average players from intake



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We almost did it!! But we lost on away goals. But I'm very proud, because we performed way better then expected. We didn't lose against RB Salzburg, so that's very positive. And we received € 1.4M, so I can't complain.



EDIT: I didn't see this coming. I thought that our European campaign was over, but we are now in the Europa Leauge Playoff! We face Aberdeen, so let's see how we can do against them!

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17 hours ago, holidaysong said:

FC United of Manchester ; season 2047/48

Errea is named new technical sponsor of FC United of Manchester!

League Table ; Squad ; Starting 11TransfersYouth Candidates

Challenge Complete !!!

The season brought a runner up finish in the league (3rd consecutive finish in the top two) and retaining the FA Cup

However, lifting the Champions League was the holy grail and we achieved it with a 2-0 final win over Spurs to make it a European and Cup double winning season

100% focus on the Champions League really hampered our defence of the league title due to resting the entire starting 11 before and after European matches. But of course it was worth it! In our journey through the competition, we lost one group game when playing kids after qualification was secure. In the semi final vs. PSG it took penalties to advance. However, playing a completely fresh side in every match worked out well. :)

In other news, we gained our fourth wonderkid in the current squad with Mel Sinclair. Our new stadium is already being expanded so we will be spending a year sharing with a Man City.

I'll probably play the save for one more season as I have the Club World Cup in one year and would like to see how we do. After that though, I'm off to do a save where I can sign some players! :D

I've really enjoyed this save. It helped me learn and improve a lot on player development even though I have been playing since the CM days. Richard Roberts is easily the greatest new gen I have ever produced in all editions of the game! For that player alone, it'll never be forgotten.

There were a few dark seasons struggling at the bottom of the Championship and actually being relegated back down to League One at one point but I'm so glad I stuck at it!

Best of luck to everyone with their saves.

Well done mate. Had added you to the HoF:applause:

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18 hours ago, holidaysong said:

FC United of Manchester ; season 2047/48

Errea is named new technical sponsor of FC United of Manchester!

League Table ; Squad ; Starting 11TransfersYouth Candidates

Challenge Complete !!!

The season brought a runner up finish in the league (3rd consecutive finish in the top two) and retaining the FA Cup

However, lifting the Champions League was the holy grail and we achieved it with a 2-0 final win over Spurs to make it a European and Cup double winning season

100% focus on the Champions League really hampered our defence of the league title due to resting the entire starting 11 before and after European matches. But of course it was worth it! In our journey through the competition, we lost one group game when playing kids after qualification was secure. In the semi final vs. PSG it took penalties to advance. However, playing a completely fresh side in every match worked out well. :)

In other news, we gained our fourth wonderkid in the current squad with Mel Sinclair. Our new stadium is already being expanded so we will be spending a year sharing with a Man City.

I'll probably play the save for one more season as I have the Club World Cup in one year and would like to see how we do. After that though, I'm off to do a save where I can sign some players! :D

I've really enjoyed this save. It helped me learn and improve a lot on player development even though I have been playing since the CM days. Richard Roberts is easily the greatest new gen I have ever produced in all editions of the game! For that player alone, it'll never be forgotten.

There were a few dark seasons struggling at the bottom of the Championship and actually being relegated back down to League One at one point but I'm so glad I stuck at it!

Best of luck to everyone with their saves.


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Well, no Champions League and no Europa League for me. Aberdeen was just too good. We didn't deserve a win in both matches.

But we qualified for the Conference League Group Stage, again! So I'm still very happy with the European campaign so far. And we'll meet Basel again :)



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Brazil - FC Mirassol

Season 19 - 2040

Serie A - 3rd

Season Summary

We fell just short, again. But my first 11 now has 7 ex or current wonderkids, surely it has to happen soon?

State Championship - We went unbeaten through the league stage, won the quarter and semi final ties and then drew both home and away in the final. We lost on penalties but went unbeaten and, added on to the end of the season before, we were unbeaten in something like 30 games

Serie A - So we came in to the league season unbeaten in 30 and in great form. So of course that went straight out the window. The first 9 games saw us win 2, draw 5 and lose 2. Internacional won 7 and drew 1.  For the rest of the season we never looked like closing that gap and they never looked like slipping up either so really the season was over in those first 9 games. We finished the season with an unbeaten run of 10 games, including a victory over Internacional, so maybe next season?


Copa Libertadores - Breezed through the group, got Corinthians in first knockout. Lost first leg 2-0 and drew second 1-1 to go out. D'oh

Cup - Our best ever run, all the way to the quarter finals!! Where we lost! on penalties to Santos!!



Le 29B - What a player. 27 now so in his prime and still getting better. Got 28 assists in 48 starts, which is pretty, pretty good.

Bibi 37A - It's official, he's a wonderkid! Put his disappointing season last season behind him with an amazing 51 goals in 57 games. And yet the game put Bae Hung-Swa in the team of the season, with his massive 4 goals in 22 games.

Naldinho 34B - Cracking season again from our centre back, still only 21



A golden generation and a 4 star prospect! whoooop!

Forgot to take a screenshot though, whoops



Career Progression


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                                                                                         Season 2027 / 2028

                                                                                              1st in Serie B


Serie A here I come. I dont feel very confident but atleast I will finally see green numbers in the finances.

Have been  scoring alot of goals alot of goals in Serie B so crossing my fingers it will continue.

Last couple of intakes have been pretty bad, looking forward to some upgrades. Only one player to highlight.




GL ALL!!! :) 

last ned.jpg

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Season 8 - 2028/29

Another 19th place finish. Started ok but then a steady decline

Simon Steele looks decent in the intake but nothing else to report



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FC Locarno Season 5 (2025-26)




We finish this season with the exact same record we did the previous season. At least we're consistent? I've been struggling to find a tactic that works consistently. Heres hoping we overperform next season.

Swiss Cup


Another year, another first round loss to a higher division team. Whoever's in charge of the draw must not like us very much.

Youth Intake Preview


Some things to look forward to. We desperately need a new LB though, as it's our weakest spot on the field.

Youth Intake

I forgot to take a screenshot of the whole intake, but overall it was pretty decent. No total standouts, however there were a few players I liked. Goodridge is a player who looks good, but at 5'7" I see him as more of a fullback then a central defender.

Ronaldo Goodridge - Corsin Herzog - Ivan Bandelier



We sold another player for decent money this year, but we're hoping he gets sell for a ton more in the future.



I've complained about the lack of investment or desire to improve from the owner in my last couple updates, and nothing has changed in that regard. We saw a decrease in attendance this year which hurts. On the plus side, we saw our first international cap. Our central defender Daniel Schultz now has 3 caps for Liechtenstein's senior team. But overall we seem to have hit a bit of a wall with our progression and I'm not quite sure how to get around it.


I forgot to add a map screenshot, but we added Cameroon, Guinea, and Jamaica in our intakes this year

Continents: 3

Nations: 23/227 (10.13%)

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Íþróttafélag Reykjavíkur
End of season 2026 review

League Table | Competition overview | Transfers | Facilities | Finances | Youth intake | Manager profile | Club Overview

Again a fantastic season! For the second time in a row we are crowned as champions! This time on goal difference. On the final day we played 1-1 against our rivals Leiknir R. but it was enough. Fantastic! We also won the League Cup and the Super Cup, so a treble for us this season!
I already posted about our European campaign. After some very unexpected wins in the Qualifying Rounds of the Champions League, we were knocked out in the Third Qualifying Round. Then we played against Aberdeen in the Europa League playoffs, but they were way too good for us. But we did qualify for the Conference League Group Stage! Our finances are now very healthy because of this European run. Hopefully I can upgrade our Training- and Youth Facilities soon.
The Conference League Group Stage is still going on, so I'll update about that later. Last season we gained only 1 point after 6 matches. Hopefully we can win a match this season.


Youth intake

A very good intake again, with Bjarki Jóhannesson 26a who really stands out. What a player already!

Best players
Well, before he left: Kristján Lárusson 24c. But he wanted to leave when Brann Bergen came for him. So he left voor 500k. But he scored 25 goals in 29 matches for us this season.
A lot of other players had a very good season.
Brynjar Brynjarsson 24b scored 17 goals, together with 11 assists. A lot of clubs are interested in him.
Emil Magnússon 23k came in place of Larusson 24c. He did quite well, and he is developing into a realy nice player for us.
Gunnar Unnarsson 23d is one of my favorite players at the moment. He's my right wingback and had a very good season with 11 assists and 2 goals.
Árni Þór Eyjólfsson 23j has developed into a very good defender for us. He's still only 18 years old, but already very important for us. My favorite club IRL(SC Cambuur) came for him, but I don't want to lose him.
Vilhjálmur Gunnar Davíðsson my number one goalkeeper. The Iceland manager already checked him out for a call-up for the national team.
Ivan Petković 22b is finally showing his quality. He had a very low determination(3), so his development was very slow. But after some fining it's 8 now. But this was his breakthrough-season. I really like his technical skills. He's playing as a mezzala and is also finally scoring goals for us.


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Hi all, I've been away for a while since my last update of Wuhan Three Towns, in the end the game had just become a real drag so I decided to shelve it.  Saying that though I have decided to have another crack at the challenge but this time in England where I generally don't play on FM.  The reason for this is that I thought it would be fun to have a go at it with a team where IRL I am a season ticket holder and after seeing them play last weekend for the first time in 6 months it got the cogs turning in my head.  So I'd like to introduce you to Stafford Rangers.




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Season 10 - 2030/31

Backwards step, finishing 18th.

Potential of decent striker in intake, Leighton Durnin

Consortium takeover which was needed



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Stafford Rangers - Season 2021/22 Review

Manager Profile - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - 2 - 3

National League North - 13th


Our first season began pretty well with us picking up plenty of points and even being unlucky in the games we were losing up until around the 20th game of the season.  From there we went on to lose 13 of 16 games in all comps before we eventually picked up a slight bit of form towards the end of the season.  A positive was that we were the third highest goalscorers but we also managed to have the fifth worst defence and I'm sure they could pick the Puskas Award nominees just from the teams that scored against us.  In the end though a mid table finish in this league, with the same squad that should have been relegated from the league below IRL for two seasons running but for Covid cancelling the season, is a pretty good achievement.

In the FA Cup we had a good draw in the qualifying rounds before getting Fylde in the First Round and we played out a 6-3 thriller that knocked us out.

In the FA Trophy we got knocked out by the league winners Kings Lynn in the first match we played.



A relatively threadbare squad, I had only two players at the beginning of the season that could play right back and one of them left the club after he wasn't impressed with me fining him, after that happened I moved to put as many of the players on a part time contract as I could just to stop anyone else doing the same.  I'm sure it would have happened too because three players have put in transfer requests after not being happy with me fining them.  The leaving of that one right back was problematic because Michael Williams spent quite a few games away playing for Montserrat so I had to retrain Cieron Keane to play there.

The pick of the players was Ben Forrest who was the best of the defenders, Alex-Ray Harvey who was the best of the midfielders as well as top assister and finally Mitch Candelin who is on a non-contract because it expired at the start of the season and he has no interest in signing a new one, fortunately for us he didn't leave and bagged 29 goals.


Youth Intake


Our first intake was a Golden Generation and exciting at how many five star potential players there are.  What I really like is that I finally get some different nationalities coming through the intakes after my last save where I had one other nationality other than Chinese (including second nationality) in 16 years.  I wasn't quite expecting an American goalkeeper to be the top rated prospect though as well as having a five star potential Finnish player too.  For the immediate future Mark Fairclough 22f is the player that will make the most difference I think as he is already good enough to be in the first team regularly.





Youth Intake Map





We made a healthy profit this season which was nice, even taking away the prize money from three rounds of the FA Cup we would have made a profit so that's encouraging for the future.  The board have doubled the wage budget for next season which I'm not sure I'll need but it is nice to have that leeway.  Every player in the first team that are on contracts have got them until the end of next season when I imagine I will get rid of a few of them.

Next Season

Survival is the number one objective and also blending the youth players into the first team as soon as possible to see who of the current lot I can afford to let go.



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So I just noticed that when either extension clause is triggered, the other extension is canceled/removed.. :confused:  I was under the impression that both extensions could be triggered separately, meaning  I would be able to extend his contract until 2030..

Just tested both scenarios and that's exactly what happened. Guess I'll have to force a 2 year optional club extension for every player from now on.

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