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The FM21 Youth Academy Challenge

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I take everything I get.

Currently we only got 11 players and I need to use grey players, if someone gets injured or booked...

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I was on the cusp of quitting this save at the start of Season 2. Playing poorly, first batch of youngsters were showing me absolutely nothing. But I've persevered, picked 3-4 of the best prospects and focused on them. It's working:


Dat growth!

He's gone from a 1 star player to 3 star in just under 12 months. Just wanted to share.

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Back in Jena!

After some months off, I'm finally going to continue this save.

Short recap, we finished 2nd in our first season and got promoted to 2nd tier of German football. Hamburg is back to second tier after one season in Bundesliga, even Frankfurt got relegated, so I expect some heavy losses. BUT with the results of last season, I'm optimistic to avoid relegation, stay in 2. Bundesliga and get the prize money to improve the facilities. That being said, this season we have to play together with Erzgebirge Aue in their stadium, cause our new local stadium (Hans Meyer Stadium) is currently being built. Funfact: Aue is over 100km away from Jena, means we have to travel an hour to play "at home".

Quick reminder: I started this save at the very beginning of FM21, means players under 17 are not eligible to play in German professional football. 


Time to prove them all wrong.

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Berwick Rangers - Youth Intake 2022


Great first intake.

Roberts and Franks-Arnold will slight right into the first team.




All over the UK & Ireland.


Intake Map - 2022:


https://i.gyazo.com/223b5a2e1b8b9c231a40e553786cd575.png https://i.gyazo.com/76f1ffae3b7971ddc3eaa18c9a4dc8e7.png



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Intake 2026/2027


Top Prospect


Two good GK prospects in as many years, and still not a single anything with finishing above 8





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Berwick Rangers - Season 2021/22



Transfers + Released // Media Prediction



National C Licence

YR Fairly Basic > Adequate

YC Average > Adequate


Challenge Cup


Results // KO Tree

We managed to beat the Northern Irish 1st tier side Crusaders, but look to Championship side Raith.


Scottish Cup

We got all the way into the 4th round, where we lost unlucky against the League 1 side Airdrieonians.

Results // KO Tree



League 2


Results I + Results II







Really thin squad atm.

Lewis Allan is a madman, he is too good for this level.



Top 3 Regens:




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Season 2026/2027



That was simultaneously easier and harder than I thought it was going to be, considering how lucky I was with some results thanks to an over performing defense



The second half of the season was brutal, with our ability to score whatever few chances each game seemingly gone and our defense's luck finally running out



plus ça change



In our deepest run in the cup yet, two easy draws saw us through to the quarter finals where I got lucky against a Nice team that was out of form only to lose against Lille in the semis



Meanwhile elsewhere in France


Beginning to think winning the CL is going to be easier than beating PSG


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Morpeth Town FC (England)
Season 3 - 2023/24


Another 10th place finish. But this year around, we struggled a lot more. This can be seen by the league chart, where we were never higher than 9th for one round. The leading, aging squad members are declining and the youth prospects are still not quite ready to fully take over. But I will take this season. Bottom line is that we survived another year enabling us to develop the youngster even further.

League (Results 1, Results 2, Results 3, Cups, League Chart) - We struggled a lot more. But we managed another midtable finish and we made it respectably to the first round of the FA Cup.

Team (Details) - This was the year when Chema Ruiz took over from our old goalkeeper Dan Lowson, who is no longer at a sufficient level to compete. I don't think he is quite ready yet, but he is clearly better than Dan Lowson. Lee Stewart in midfield/attack, from our first intake, has quickly developed into almost our best player in the squad. Liam Noble and Jeff Henderson are still going strong, but this was also the year when Liam Henderson slid out of the starting eleven. He hardly played this season compared to other years.

Facilities - Again I managed to upgrade the Junior Coaching to Exceptional and Youth Recruitment to Excellent. Really fantastic. Though now I really have to hope that we can churn out high potential youngsters who are able to take us to the next level.

Finances - Not good, but to be expected. The chairman has chipped in to cover the daily operation. But I have to hope that the current intake setup can get us promoted at some point. Or hope for a cup run.

Youth Intake - What a strong intake. The upgrades to the intake facilities are starting to show. The highlighted players is spanish striker Yael Brea, but also Marc Coghlan, Alan Bradshaw, Charlie Phillips and Geslin Mbayo all look very strong. My coaches are already saying that Geslin Mbayo is already better than Chema Ruiz. 

No Transfers.

Goal for next season: Another midtable finish. Get more youth prospects into the starting eleven.



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ACN Siena 1904 - 2040/41 Youth Intake


My latest youth intake arrived, and I honestly find myself feeling a little disappointed by what I've been given. Despite how little information I was given, I was still hoping for more than this.


Still, I can't be too upset with one of the two young talents that arrived through the youth intake that looks like they might have great potential. Federico Di Girolamo being the man who comes to mind immediately as someone that could be a good player for the left side of the pitch.


Though the best player of the bunch in terms of current ability is Antonio Margiotta. He looks amazing, even if he has the wrong role for my tactic. I am hopeful that this young talent can bring a lot to the dance in the future.


Davide Donato is a fullback who can provide a lot of good things in the future hopefully, even if he needs to work on his strength of 1. We need to work on a lot of players.


The last player of any interest is Manuele Natali. He's not amazing and needs a lot of work, but could have been a lot worse.

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ACN Siena 1904 - 2040/41 Season Review


So after last season's disappointment, we managed to secure our best ever finish in Serie A to date, even if we at one point had a chance of getting Champions League football. Though that being said, I actually only really wanted to get Europa Conference League football at best as a result of finishing bottom of my Europa League group the year before. I'm finding that I've lost a lot of confidence in myself as a result of that season. Hopefully this season we get a kinder group.


During this season I managed to reach 800 games in charge, which felt like a special occasion. After 20 seasons in charge of Siena I suppose things like this doesn't feel as special anymore.


Though we did managed to win the Manager of the Year award as well, so that was pretty cool.


What I wasn't expecting was that my chairman of 10 years was going to retire as our chairman. He had overseen my two promotions and the last 8 years of consolidation in the Serie A. So it made me realise just how close our relationship would have been, given that he was the man who I had to go to in order to get more facility upgrades over the years and he was the man that was my constant ally on the board.

It made me feel sad.


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Real Jaén Club de Fútbol

Season 2 - 2022/23

Media Prediction - 13th

Actual Finish - 1st - lost in Playoff Semi-Finals
(yes, the top team only qualifies for the playoff, wtf)

Squad - Transfers - Table



We won the league! It was incredible. After the final game of the season it was confirmed, and we were going up!!!! Except we weren't. Apparently, in the godforsaken wastelands of the Spanish lower leagues, the team that finishes top still only qualifies for the promotion playoff. Fine, I was confident in my team.

We went 3-0 up at home after 57 minutes. Job done, time to rest the stars for the 2nd leg.




I think I cried when the 3rd goal went in. We drew the 2nd leg 1-1, conceding an 80th minute equaliser from a poxy long ball deep free-kick. And that was it. We're playing in the 4th tier once again next season.

As an aside, we had an incredible run in the Copa del Rey. Knocking out La Liga side Elche and taking 2nd tier Osasuna all the way to penalties in the 3rd round. Didn't get any money, though. Stingy gits.

I also want to point out a retirement. Juanma Espinosa has been the lynchpin of my team for the 2 seasons, but at 38 he's decided to retire. I did try and convince him to stay another year, but his mind was set.



Farewell, you absolute legend. And thanks to this challenge for making me get the most of a player who would have been replaced in any other save. I think I will move my existing AM into DLP, but his are mighty big boots to fill.




The Youth


I learned so much this season. Mainly about personalities. If a player doesn't have a good personality, they are basically trash. My Perfectionist right winger has come on leaps and bounds and even the Balanced lads are doing ok. I don't have the established older lads for mentoring, so I'm going to focus on the lads with solid potential and a good personality.


I am tagging player in tiers. A-B are stars of the future, C-D are squad players, E-F are trash.

I am most excited by:




I needed a new AM, due to Espinosa's retirement. Will see plenty of games next season.




My centre-backs are solid but we need the next generation to push through.




I've never had a natural finisher as strong as this come through my youth.


All in all, an exceptional season. I don't think another season in the 4th tier is a bad thing. It gives us another year of peril-free development. I think the 3rd tier would have torn us a new one, tbh.


Season League Cup Top Av. Rating Top Scorer Most Assists Training Fac Youth Fac Youth Rec Junior Coa Av. Att Finances
2021/22 Segunda Division B - 4th 1st Round J. Espinosa - 7.41 J. Cambil - 16 J. Espinosa - 12 Adequate Adequate Adequate Average 6150 -£430,293
2022/23 Segunda Division B - 1st 3rd Round A. Puñal - 7.38 J. Cambil - 27 J. Espinosa - 11 Adequate Adequate Adequate Average 6236 -£1,472,945


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Morpeth Town FC (England)
Season 4 - 2024/25


This was a tough season. We were poor. The old guard were by now actually the too old guard forcing me to introduce youth prospects, and the youth players were still not overall at a level to be competitive.

League (Results 1, Results 2, Cups, League Chart) - A struggle. In many games we were harmless going forward creating next to no chances. We survived because the bottom four were poorer still, and because Yael Brea had a killer season in attack and Lee Stewart bossed the midfield. We made it to the Quarter Final of the FA Trophy though. Quite unexpected.

Team (Details) - I have to mention Yael Brea from last years intake. What a season. He was our topscorer and developed rapidly throughout the season. Lee Stewart had a good season in midfield and attack. I think in the long run, that he is a midfielder. Early in the season Geslin Mbayo overtook Chema Ruiz, so I made the decision to sell Chema to AFC Wimbledon, when they offered me 50% of the next transfer fee. I have to start selling on some players in the hope that one of them at some point will generate all-changing sell on fee when sold to the big clubs.
Also there were mini breakthroughs to prospects Bruce Jones and Anthony Hurley. Jeff Henderson and Liam Noble are still delivering, but they cannot keep it up for long I fear.
My problem this season was that too many of the starting players were simply too old or not good enough any more, and the youth prospects except one or two were still not at the required level to step in.
I hope this will be better next year, because we cannot afford to be much poorer than now or we will get into serious relegation trouble.

Facilities - I cannot afford more upgrades. But if we can maintain the current facilities the incoming youngsters should at some point be more than good enough to get us promoted to the Vanarama National League.

Finances - Not good. I am getting a bit worried. It is starting to impact our wage budget, and I fear, that the chairman will start selling off our most promising youngster for ridiculous amounts. But still, I will rather be producing the talented youngsters in the first place.

Youth Intake - Another strong intake. Defender Tom Williams looks strong together with Terry Jones in midfield, and Daniel Thompson looks like a very promising irish winger.

Transfers - As already mentioned, the emergence of Gesling Mbayo meant, that when Chema Ruiz started complaining about playing time, I made the decision to sell him to AFC Wimbledon with a 50% of next transfer fee clause. Hopefully he will develop and play there.

Goal for next season: A more comfortable season. We are getting too close to the relegation places to my liking. And our performances must not deteriorate further.



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Berwick Rangers - Youth Intake 2023


WOW...just WOW


Holy fn sh..!


Here are the other players, to make this post not that long:
















Intake Map - 2023:


https://i.gyazo.com/e45582dca9f90f046ff4dba8421aa793.png https://i.gyazo.com/34292eec572d52de51e222c8f8fdaa82.png



Intake Map - All:


https://i.gyazo.com/f619ff5a6b8e1ae86fda8084ada62932.png https://i.gyazo.com/c55a81aacf8067df2dee647751a339ef.png



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Dorchester Town - Season 21/22

Dorchester Town (semi-pro) add a new manager. Manager page.

TF        Average
YF        Basic
JC        Average
YR       Fairly Basic

When taking charge of the club, the game had generated a total of 11 players, 3 of them no-contract. I lost two for free so I had 9 left and I had to use gray players from the start. Using gray players sounds worse than it actually is because the overall level of football is rather bad in VNLS. It's still annoying. Since I had only one striker I decided to use 4-3-3 DM Wide (possession) as my main tactic. Luckily I had two very good DCs and decent fullbacks so I was hoping to stay competitive until the youth intake. I really needed more players, especially a winger and at least one MC to avoid using gray players all the time. I also had only one striker, Emile Ngoy, so could use some backup there as well.

Surprisingly Ngoy started the season with two consecutive hatricks and I was steamrolling in the league with no losses after 23 games! On the other hand, I lost my first game in FA Cup against Aldershot and also in FA Trophy to Southend. So clubs in higher division beat me quite easily.

According to youth intake preview, there could be some decent wingers and a couple of strikers coming through! It did say however, "don't expect too much from this intake". My assistant manager's advices to "focus on transfers due to poor youth facilities" weren't encouraging either.

My first league defeat was against Chelmsford away when my only left fullback was injured in the middle of the game leaving me with 3 gray players. At the end of the year, almost every player was complaining "there is no depth in central midfield". No ****, there is no depth in any position. My dream start and unbelievable league form ended at the end of January when I won only one of the next six matches. Because of that I dropped to second place behind Bromley who lost only 1 of their last 15 matches.

Youth intake arrived at the end of March and said: "this could be a golden generation". It certainly felt like it since I didn't have enough players to begin with. I immediately signed 8 youth players, few not that great but still better than the grey players. I moved 6 of them to first team, Paul Ramsdale being the best, and he can play as a winger as well. Declan Stanley and Jon Scorey aren't bad either (for this level). I now have a backup goalkeeper too! I released other 8 players.

After February's nightmare my reinforced team played well rest of the season and I was topping the table with Bromley before the last match of the season. It was a home match against 24th Welling United, worst team in the league. Now that's a sure win, right... right? And it was! 5-1! I won the League by goal difference! Bromley had more wins, more goals scored and better results between teams. I can feel the pain. But rules are rules. Hahhahaha, later they lost in the playoff final against Chelmsford!


Season   Div       Pos      Most l.goals            Most l.assists           TF       YF        JC          YR          Av.Att    Finances        
21/22      VNLS    1st        Emile Ngoy (45)       Daniel Delve (21)      Avg     Basic   Adeq+   Adeq+   468         123 000

22/23      VNL      ???




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Berwick Rangers - Season 2022/23


Transfers // Media Prediction



National B Licence + National A Licence + Continental C Licence

YR Adequate > Average

JI Greenock Morton + JI Motherwell + JI Dundee Utd.


Challenge Cup


Results // KO Tree

Same round as last season.


League Cup


Results // Groups I + Groups II // KO Tree

Unlucky group for us with 


Scottish Cup

4th Round *forgot the picture*

Results // KO Tree

Same round as last season


League 1

Results I + Results II


Im not happy with the second part of the season.

https://i.gyazo.com/ff2c3a6a79581d158018d2bc31b8e477.png https://i.gyazo.com/3e2805d98e436d8eb84b8be42530b599.png


Finances are looking decent.



Lewis Allan with another great season, he even scored 1 more goal then last season.

With the new players I can slowly put in my favorite formation which I used at Lyn and Wits.

Top 3 Regens





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FC Novokuznetsk - Season 2039/40 Review

Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances

We are slowly improving, and this season kept that going. As we did last season, we avoided the relegation playoff, and have at least one more season here. I do hope we can start slowly pushing up the table in the future. The finances are just about keeping about even throughout the season, so I don't think I can improve much more without going into the red. So a slow push up the table is really needed to take the next step.

In the Kubok Rossii we won our group ahead of Neftekhimki and Irtysh Omsk, then we beat Akhmat before losing to Krasnodar in the quarter final.


Another good preview for us.


A good intake once again.


Yegor Peukhov 40b is a talented player, and especially his professional personality and high determination should come in handy.



They finished 16th in the Russian U21 Division.


In the RPD U18 Cup they finished 2nd in their group and qualified. However, they lost against Krylya Sovetov U18s in the quarter final.



Nothing new, but another Turkmenistani is nice.



Record Breakers:


Trophy cabinet:

Russian Second Division - Group 1 - 1 (2034/35)
Russian U18 Division (U18s) - 1 (2035/36


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Farnborough January 1, 2037 Update




Our defense is good except when it isn't.  We are very bi-polar on defense....it's either a clean sheet or we allow 3+ goals.  There's no in between.  The offense has been consistent.  It's just below average for the Championship.  That said, we've been able to piece together a decent start to the season and sit mid-table.  The advanced stats say we should regress in the second half of the season.  We shall see if that actually happens.



After a few sub-par intakes in a row, we've got a golden generation coming through.



Gavin Allen 27I should have 400 appearances but he suffered a three month injury and missed most of the first half of the season.  Austin Power 31G has become the academy's leading scorer.


Power is now tied with Anthony Kyprianou 35G for the most U20/U21 caps with 14.  He hasn't netted another goal to tie Stephen Lynch 30D for seven U21 goals.  Lynch is still struggling to break through into the Derby senior team.


Kyprianou and Power have made their senior international debuts.  Mike Johnson 29E has been selected for the Nigerian team going to the 2037  African Nations Cup


Surprises: Romania and Scotland

Disappointments: Holland


Germany win back-to-back European Championships

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23 hours ago, Cheez3y said:


Another GG

And one good striker from Argentina!

Im hyped!

Ray Farningham! Your HoYD scored the first ever goal i saw at a live match, playing for Partick Thistle in 1992! Legend! 

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Our first ever capped player is....... Doniyor Rahmatov 39d for Tajikistan! And he even scored on his debut!


Here is his majestic goal!


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1 hour ago, aldojags said:

Ray Farningham! Your HoYD scored the first ever goal i saw at a live match, playing for Partick Thistle in 1992! Legend! 

Wow, thats cool.

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ACN Siena 1904 - 2041/42 Season Preview


As I begin another season in Serie A, we have found ourselves having a prediction that tells me that the media do not rate us that highly, which is perfectly fine. Though there is a reason for our big drop in the odds.


This is Carlo Musu, he was at the beginning of the season our star player, he had just one year left on his contract and was requesting to leave us.


He has since left us for Schalke 04 for £30M. It's not ideal, but he had just one year left on his contract and was trying to force a move to a new club, so I wasn't too upset, especially since we had players that had the potential to replace him.


We also have a new club in our collection of affiliates, with St. Gallen being the latest club to join our collection of affiliates and Switzerland being the latest country to be opened up as an option for my next Youth Academy Challenge save.


Though we got another tough Europa League draw and it was also against our former player Carlo Musu. So that's really fun.


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I love my new board, I've already added a new club to my list of affiliates and they are looking to add another team to our collection. It feels like I am blessed to have a chairman who wants to expand our reach to other clubs.

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Am I right in assuming that we can't do this challenge in Republic of Ireland because of their lack of relegation from their second tier?

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Dorchester Town - Season 22/23

Starting my second season there were some problems: club atmosphere wasn't very good due to 5 players wanting to play in a better division. I decided to try to keep them no matter what, because I still didn't have much squad depth. I would sell players only if there was absolutely no other way. I made minor changes to my main tactic, 4-3-3 DM Wide.

In VNLS Ngoy scored two hatricks in two games to kick off the season, now he scored 9 goals in the first three matches. With 4 good defenders and a dedicated DM, my tactic worked very well defensively throughout the season, as we conceded only 24 goals. Now I also had quick Ramsdale, mostly playing at the left wing and more options in other positions as well. We had only some minor injuries and Ngoy was lethal as a lone striker, although 12 of his goals came from penalties. Apart from terrible cup performance like last year, our team was winning most of the games easily and I ended up netting a total of 111 points.

Intake preview said: "One good Spanish defensive midfielder from Mostoles" who turned out to be Mauricio, clearly the best of them. I signed 4 other youth players and released the rest. I could use a couple of dedicated fullbacks, hoping to get some from the next intake.

The club also turned to professional at the end of the season and decided to reconstruct the stadium for more seats (2000 total).

I requested the board to update all the facilities and junior stuff but the answer was always: "finances aren't good enough."

Next season will be interesting since I will lose all the unhappy players who won't sign new contracts. Ramsdale is already getting attention from some big clubs so I will probably have to sell him at some point.


Season   Div       Pos      Most l.goals            Most l.assists           TF       YF        JC          YR          Av.Att    Finances        
21/22      VNLS    1st        Emile Ngoy (45)       Daniel Delve (21)      Avg     Basic   Adeq+   Adeq+   468         123 000

22/23      VNL      1st        Emile Ngoy (45)       Daniel Delve (19)      Avg     Basic   Adeq     Adeq      663         20 000

23/24      L2         ???       

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58 minutes ago, JLAB said:

Am I right in assuming that we can't do this challenge in Republic of Ireland because of their lack of relegation from their second tier?

No you can as Im told.

You need to holiday 1 season and then pick the last place team.

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14 hours ago, Cheez3y said:

No you can as Im told.

You need to holiday 1 season and then pick the last place team.

This is not for vanilla leagues, for those you have to have relegation from the lowest tier. However, in downloaded leagues that are really poor or far down a pyramid, then it's allowed. It happened originally in Iceland, I think, where it was a 5th tier download, but the 5th tier didn't have relegation. So instead of having users just load tier 4 and have relegation there, we agreed that users in those extremely lower leagues can take over a team that has finished last in those.

Sorry for the confusion, and hope this clears it up.

@darren1983, you can correct me, if I've missed something.

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Real Jaén Club de Fútbol

Season 3 - 2023/24

Segunda Division B (4th tier) - 1st - won Play-offs - Promoted
Copa Federación - Winners
Copa Del Rey - 2nd Round


Squad - Transfers - Table




What a season. a league and (minor) cup double. We had a right ding-dong battle with 2nd place Melilla throughout the season. Their manager played mind-games constantly and was extremely immature and bitter when we beat them. Even better, they also got promoted so we might play them next season.

Once again, finishing top is just a fancy way of qualifying for the promotion play-offs, so we were tasked with 4 matches to earn our spot in the Spanish 3rd tier.




A thoroughly professional job done. We are up.



The Squad


Our defence is imbalanced. I'm happy with the centre-back pairing but our 3rd choice has asked to leave and we lack cover beyond that. Right-back is very strong, Rubiera came through this season and became undisputed 1st choice.

Midfield is solid. Eloy Miguel dominates the middle of the pitch, even though he can't tackle or pass and Antonio Javier is our leading goalscorer and assister playing as an IW(A) on the left. Lorenzo Herrera has disappointed, barely grown and perfomances have been underwhelming.

In attack, well, it'd weird. Eloy is the lad who is growing massively and I've really worked on his finishing (which started off at 6). Beyond that, our top-scorer of the last 2 seasons went missing for large parts of this season, and Nereo has gone from balanced -> unambitious, so he's basically a write-off.


I think we are good enough to stay up next season, but the loss of a few key players would prove catastrophic.



The Intake


I'm now at the point where I'm being picky about who I bring in. I go by the 3 P's:

Position, Potential, Personality


(I forgot to take a screenshot of the youth candidates before I signed them up....)



This is the guy with the most promise, who will see plenty of action next season offering cover at CM(D) for Eloy Miguel.



My coaches believe this chap to have the most potential from this intake, but I'm not sure how to develop him.

Season League Cup Top Av. Rating Top Scorer Most Assists Training Fac Youth Fac Youth Rec Junior Coa Av. Att Finances Notes
2021/22 Segunda Division B - 4th 1st Round J. Espinosa - 7.41 J. Cambil - 16 J. Espinosa - 12 Adequate Adequate Adequate Average 6150 -£430,293  
2022/23 Segunda Division B - 1st 3rd Round A. Puñal - 7.38 J. Cambil - 27 J. Espinosa - 11 Adequate Adequate Adequate Average 6236 -£1,472,945 Lost Playoff Semi
2023/24 Segunda Division B - 1st 2nd Round A. Puñal - 7.39 A. Javier - 20 A. Javier - 15 Adequate Adequate Adequate Average 7692 -£965,117 Promoted, Won Copa Federacion




Oh, as an aside, the board won't let me take a coaching badge. This is their reasoning. Idiots.




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Dorchester Town - Season 23/24

Matches were certainly harder in League Two - we lost 3-0 at home against AFC Wimbledon - but we managed to keep a good momentum and win most games, especially at home where our record was 18-1-4. We went over two months unbeaten from December to end of February. Being absolutely rubbish in cups so far, I expected a big loss against Leeds in FA Cup but we somehow won 3-1! Then we won Huddersfield too. Fifth round game against Arsenal was too much though, we had no chance. Good cup run got us a nice amount of extra money so the board accepted some upgrades later.

I was forced to sell my best promising player Ramsdale as the board started to automatically accept bids that were 200k or bigger. He moves to Rennes for "200k + 50% profit from the next sale". It's not much but I'm  hoping the next sale clause will help us in the future. I also sold two unhappy players: Lewis Moon (DMC) and Daniel Delve (MC) as their contracts would have ended in the summer.

We got worst youth intake preview so far and I signed only 3 players from the actual intake: lightning fast Max Geddes, Johnny Evans and Fabian Acosta (forgot screenshot). I released other 13 players.

We finished first in the league with 95 points. Lower league goal machine Ngoy played some long periods without scoring but he still managed to find the net 22 times, 5 from penalties. Ramsdale scored 18 in 31 matches as AML! I wish I could have kept him.

Board decided to expand the stadium again, to a total capacity of 5000. We also updated youth facilities, coaching and recruitment.

On paper this save looks almost perfect, but as I was forced to sell/release 5 important first team players, we won't be winning League One. I have a feeling we might "get stuck" for some time now unless some kind of miracle happens. The board is expecting a mid-table finish and it sounds reasonable.


Season   Div       Pos      Most l.goals            Most l.assists           TF       YF          JC          YR          Av.Att    Finances        
21/22      VNLS    1st        Emile Ngoy (45)       Daniel Delve (21)      Avg     Basic     Adeq+   Adeq+   468         123 000

22/23      VNL      1st        Emile Ngoy (45)       Daniel Delve (19)      Avg     Basic     Adeq     Adeq      663         20 000

23/24      L2         1st        Emile Ngoy (22)       Jon Scorey (11)          Avg     B.Avg+  Good+   Avg+      1194       342 000

24/25      L1         ???

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The only way is to get bigger and become the poaching club. That guys sucks though, 4.5 silver star is less than 1 gold star PA so don't worry about it.

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FC Carl-Zeiss Jena

Season Review 2022/23

First season in German second tier went pretty good. Despite the odds seeing us dead last we managed to avoid relegation by finishing league in 11th place. Winning the first few matches, we never were in real relegation struggles. Thanks to Halle (promoted together with us last season) and Sandhausen, who both had a really poor season, we only had to avoid relegation playoffs. In the last two matches we could line up some of the youth prospects. At the start of the season I was unsure about our chances against Hamburg and Frankfurt, but we managed to beat Frankfurt once in our game of the season, where GK Verstappen got a 9.3 by saving EVERY FCKING shot. Off the pitch it was basically a financial battle, unfortunately we weren't able to upgrade any of the facilities. We got some offers for Slamar and Bergmann, who together with Grösch are the only players considered 2nd tier players, but none of those offers was any good. The rest of the team is just "not good enough" for the rest of the league, so we kept all of them. 

TLDR; overperforming, financial trouble, mid-table, same squad

League Results




Key Players



Best Player


Top Scorer


Top Creator1


Top Creator2


Favourite Player



Youth Intake




#1 Prospect


#2 Prospect


Still no foreign player spawned at my club but let's see in the future...



* Erzgebirgsstadion Aue until new stadium is built (2024)

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club logo added
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1 minute ago, olabje said:

Long time reader, first time try-hard'er. Thought I'd give it a go with Anzhi in Russia.


Welcome to Russia, grab your vodka and warm clothes, you are in for a ride! :D

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2 hours ago, JLAB said:

How is the prize money in the 2.Bundesliga these days?

I guess the range is like 8-15M depending on position at the end of the season

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2 minutes ago, heutheo said:

I guess the range is like 8-15M depending on position at the end of the season

Speaking from personal experience, that will be what you will be relying on for the next couple of season as you build up your squad with intakes over time. The £13.55M each season for avoiding the bottom 3 will do very nicely for your finances.

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10 minutes ago, JLAB said:

Speaking from personal experience, that will be what you will be relying on for the next couple of season as you build up your squad with intakes over time. The £13.55M each season for avoiding the bottom 3 will do very nicely for your finances.

Yeah sure, I think most of the financial issues were caused by the rapid promotion in third tier, everybody got his promotion pay rise of like 30%, then the board took some money to build a stadium

So I would assume it's not always that good to get promoted as fast as possible, as long as you aren't RB Leipzig IRL

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On 23/04/2021 at 16:35, XaW said:

All confirmed reset dates are in the first post and will be updated whenever someone reports it. I can't see Greece of that list, so I guess no one has reported the reset date to @darren1983 yet. Feel free to do so if you try it and find out.

@XaW@darren1983 Greece: Reset date 20th June 2021. Save on 26th May 2021 to get different teams.

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22 hours ago, Proffa said:

Is there a way to stop this poaching (son of Davor Suker btw :P) happening? :seagull: This is the first time it happened to me, sorry if it has been talked about before.

I've had 10 players poached.  They have made a combined 0 league appearances for the club that poached them.  Don't worry about it.

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End of Season Review

Season 2022/23

Cardiff Draconians


Season Summary

A safe, boring mid table campaign was just what we needed as we start to develop our players.

Season Details

League Table - We were never in danger of going down, now were we close to challenging for promotion.

League Fixtures 1 & 2 - A long winless stretch from October through the World Cup break to February threatened to curtail our season, though we recovered our form.

JD Welsh Cup - A poor performance away to Port Talbot Town in the second round ended our interest in the cup.

Nathaniel MG Cup - A third round home defeat by perennial champions TNS put paid to our cup run.

Pre Season Friendlies - Just the one loss in a competitive pre season campaign.

Squad - We have a lot of potential, it is time to see if they players can develop.

Squad Dynamics - Superb, as always.

Transfers In - None.

Transfers Out - None.

Youth Candidates - A decent intake with a clear stand out player.  Alastair Weatherstone YP23A17 looks very good indeed.

Finances - We are in the red as we continue to lose money.

Key Players

Martyn Lapslie - The left back is the best player at the club by some distance.

Phil Brown - The Australian left winger was good for most of the season, though he did disappear occasionally.

Panagiotis Goulas - Another strong season from the striker.

Ryan Quigley - The central defender had a solid, if unspectacular campaign.

Danny Hunt - The goalkeeper was decent enough.

Next Season

Another mid table season would be great.

Personal Coaching Data

Season     Reputation           Qualifications     Att   Def   Fit   GkD   GkH   GkS   Tac   Tec   Men   WWY   Ada   Det   PlK   YoK   LoD   MaM   Mot
At start   Minimal   (0.25*)    None                 1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     4     1     1     1     4     1     1     1
2021/22    Minimal = (0.50*) ↑  National C ↑         5 ↑   5 ↑   2 ↑   1 =   1 =   1 =   5 ↑   5 ↑   4 ↑   4 =   1 =   4 ↑   4 ↑   6 ↑  12 ↑   5 ↑   5 ↑
2022/23    Minimal = (0.75*) ↑  National A ↑         8 ↑   8 ↑   3 ↑   1 =   1 =   1 =   8 ↑   8 ↑   8 ↑   4 =   1 =   7 ↑   6 ↑   8 ↑  19 ↑   8 ↑   8 ↑

Club Facilities

Season     Training Facilities  Youth Facilities  Corporate Facilities  Junior Coaching  Youth Recruitment  Club Reputation
At Start   Poor                 Poor              Basic                 Basic            Limited            Local   (0.50*)
2021/22    Poor =               Poor =            Basic =               Fairly basic ↑   Basic ↑            Local = (0.50*) =
2022/23    Poor =               Poor =            Basic =               Average      ↑   Fairly basic ↑     Local = (0.50*) =

Season Record

Season     Played     Won     Drawn     Lost     Goals For     Goals Against     Goal Difference     Win Percentage
2021/22      34        12        8       14          68              56                 +12              35.29%
2022/23      35        13        8       14          47              52                  +5              37.14% ↑

Overall Career Record

After Season   Played     Won     Drawn     Lost     Goals For     Goals Against     Goal Difference     Win Percentage     Time At Club
2021/22          34        12        8       14          68              56                 +12              35.29%             302 days
2022/23          69        25       16       28         115             108                  +7              36.23% ↑           667 days

Trophy Haul

Season     Competition Won

Trophy Cabinet

League Titles

Cup Competition Victories

Career Overview

Season     Champions League    Europa League    Europa Conference League             League                             Position     JD Welsh Cup     Nathaniel MG Cup                    Achievements
2021/22           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       JD Cymru South                        9th       Third round      First round                         Survival assured with one league game remaining.
2022/23           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       JD Cymru South                       12th ↓     Second round ↓   Third round ↑                       Survived comfortably.

Record Number of Appearances (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                         Cumulative Number of Appearances
2021/22    Giuseppe Costantino YP22N14                    2
2022/23    Macauley Massaro YP22C3                       31

Record Goal Scorer (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                    Cumulative Number of Goals
2021/22    Rhodri Proctor YP22B2                  1
2022/23    Rhodri Proctor YP22B2                 12

Record Number of Assists (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                    Cumulative Number of Assists
2021/22    Rogan Werndly YP22D4                    1
2022/23    Macauley Massaro YP22C3                 5

Record Number of Clean Sheets (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                    Cumulative Number of Clean Sheets
2021/22    No one                                     0
2022/23    No one                                     0





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Fowler replaces Eaden as Nuneaton Borough boss | Non League Daily


Decided to give this a go again this version of FM! Tried last year with Hyde (sacked in 1st season) and Tamworth (lasted two seasons) but trying this year with Nuneaton Borough.

Started poorly but picked up and went on a great run, sitting 6th before the turn of the year. They started with a deep squad which was why I chose them!

Apologies, I took some of the screenshots a couple of weeks after I started save:




Youth intake preview


Also, the pre game editor is NOT ON even though the screenshots show the icon, even after I have removed the icon appearing in preferences!

Edited by keon
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Another golden generation, but last year's amounted to "one good player" in actuality, so we'll see how it goes. A nice balance of positions mentioned just praying for some decent personalities.

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