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The FM21 Youth Academy Challenge

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Chengfeng Season 33/34 Review

Table - Squad - U23 Squad - U19 Squad - Transfers - Finances

We survived another Season in the CSL. We actually startet off quite well, but it was a real struggle in the end. But hey, another season in the CSL is nice and I really hope the youth recruitement and facilitiy upgrades will kick in. Actually it startet already this season. After this preview:


We got this intake, and boy it looks nice


The standouts are Zhao Wenbin and Bao Boyang.

Zhao Wenbin looks like a future captain to me!



But they are a few other guys in this intake, who could stay here a while.

And a few guys from the 32 and 33 intake are progressing nicely and I think it wont be long until they will become first team regulars and actually get better than the boys we have now.

Fu Yibing 32A Solid Midfielder with a good Personality. He should be a regular starter next season

Bai Yang 32E Bad Personality but could become a starter if he progresses nicely

Bai Ran 33A Probably the best prospect at the club. He Sen is our best player and a striker, but I think Bai Ran could become better than him

Next season

Even tho Im exited about the last 2 intakes and I really feel we are making progress, it could actually always happen, that we go down. But i really hope we dont, since alot of players have relegation release clauses in their contract. But we will let some players go in order to save wages and try to work in the players from the last few intakes.

Overally I think if we can establisch ourself in the CSL, we could be on a good way.


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This is promising. Hopefully this means that I can get some more players in areas that I need improving.

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Just looking through my young players, and I have 6 players labelled as "the new.........." I have Kaka, Zito, Branco, Jorginho and 2 Casemiro's!

Is this common or do I have an excellent group of youngsters on my hands?




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Farnborough 2023 Youth Intake



Our Head of Youth Development earns himself another contract extension with this intake.  He nailed everything.  Top four players are a quality center back and full back, a good attacking midfielder and another good prospect in goal.  Reece Dukic is someone I'm going lock up for a long time.  See below:


From the intake directly to the senior team, he may even get a start or two in the last couple games of the season.  Class player for League Two already.







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I think I'm trying too hard to know all of the knowledge in the world. Got 50% world knowledge right now.

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Sannois SG 2022-23

Survival complete. We had a good start to the year but fell away around the middle stages and it was looking quite hairy for a moment. But a good run of form towards the end ensured Ligue 2 status.


We fell at the first hurdle in the French Cup, succumbing to a 1-0 loss at Nancy.


We had to lean on striker Yacine Bousnina this year with Willam Sea struggling with injuries. None of the youth prospects have yet made the breakthrough but Houari Mansouri 21a could feature next season.




Survival will be the expectation once again. I hope we can start bringing the youngsters through.


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1 hour ago, JLAB said:


I think I'm trying too hard to know all of the knowledge in the world. Got 50% world knowledge right now.

Does it help to have world knowledge for this challenge? I dont even hire a scout to save money :confused:

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15 minutes ago, Morpheus13 said:

Does it help to have world knowledge for this challenge? I dont even hire a scout to save money :confused:

Probably not, but I have over £70M at this point, so I'm hiring scouts and coaches to try and get other knowledge.

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1 hour ago, JLAB said:

Probably not, but I have over £70M at this point, so I'm hiring scouts and coaches to try and get other knowledge.

I also think (when have hundreds of millions in the bank) I would prefer to have the best scouts so the other clubs can't have them

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3 hours ago, JLAB said:


I think I'm trying too hard to know all of the knowledge in the world. Got 50% world knowledge right now.

Not enough Greenlandic scouts out there!

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Table | Squad | Finances | Transfers

Had an excellent start to the season, topping the league until round 16, when the form started to dip. Major collapse in the last ten matches or so, ending up in 12th position again. Disappointingly got knocked out by Chorley in the first round of the FA cup.



Youth preview | Youth intake

The youth intake looked ok. I think it'll take a couple of seasons to replace the less gifted players in the first eleven, and then I think we might really kick on. That is unless we have to sell half of them. The two wingers from the last intake has half them Championship interested in them, so I think it's only a matter of time... 

Starting to lose players now to bigger teams. Steffan Goodman 38a and Jon Llewellyn 40a both gone this season, but for a combined total of € 1,1 million. Got a 50 % sell on for Goodman, and a 30 % on profit for Llewellyn, so maybe we can eke out some more money from them down the line. Aston Villa sold Duncan Trotter 37a to Premier League side Bristol City, but only for € 725k, so there was limited funds coming our way from that. With money in the bank I managed to convince the board to increase recruitment again, so fingers crossed for next seasons intake!


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He is valued at £2.6M.  Has another 4yrs on his contract. He is unhappy and complaining to team mates because we rejected an offer from Man City.  Barca come in with a £46M offer... do we accept?  NEVER!


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Sannois SG 2023-24

Another season of consolidation in Ligue 2. We never really saw ourselves in the bottom two places but it was touch and go for the relegation playoff place after an horrendous run of form late on.


We fell at the first hurdle once again in the French Cup. This time losing 2-1 at Paris FC. 


Star player this year was 19 year old Senegalese Striker Michael Galvez-Diarra. He wants to leave for a bigger club and newly promoted Angers SCO are circling.

Special mention also to MC Yoann Vardin who bounced back from a difficult season last year and GK Will-Cesaire Matimbou who firmly cemented the number one spot in the team this year.





Looking to survive once again. The odds have us bottom of the league every year so far.

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NK Dravograd - 2026/27

League Table (2nd) | Slovenian Cup (First Round) | Transfers | SquadBest XI | Finances | Moments to Remember

Well then... where do you start with this season? We were fancied to be mid-table, and I completely agreed with the predictions. I told the players we should be avoiding a relegation battle and they agreed. We lost Damjan Rozman 23B to Mura just days into the new season for just £90k and no sell on - this wasn't a forced sale but he'd be making noises about leaving for basically the entire previous season and it began to affect his performances towards the end of it. So I decided to let him fly, and he jumped up a division where he played a grand total of five minutes over the season. Silly boy. Anyway, the season for us was absolutely incredible as you might be able to tell, we opened with six wins on the bounce before drawing with Smartno. But we continued to pick up points and it was mid-October before we lost, bit of an unexpected defeat at home to Nafta given our form. But while October brought our first loss, it also never delivered us a win as we drew the remaining three games in the month, and it was this inability to turn draws into wins that ultimately cost us the title. We were confirmed to be in the playoff at the very least with four games to go, but a defeat to Radomlje in the penultimate game would give them the title and see us face Mura. They are a top side in Slovenia despite their lowly league position this year, they were third the year before and just three points seperated them from the top half.

Dravograd 3-1 Mura | Mura 6-1 Dravograd

We pulled off an excellent win in the home leg to give ourselves a great chance of reaching the top flight but Mura proved to be far, far too good for us in the away leg. 6-1 flatters them, but we definitely weren't good enough to be defeating them. 

Key Players

Cene Kitek | Domen Bevk | Luka Ivanusa 23H

Honourable Mention - Marko Kalin 25CMarko Lah 22A

Kitek, as always, a regular at the back and a regular in the key players part of the update. He's outstanding, given he wasn't a centre back when I joined the club. Domen Bevk is just as good in the central midfield spot. He opened the season with a hat trick - they were all penalties but it still counts - and went onto provide a league record 13 assists over the course of the year and was named in the team of the season, our first player to do so. Fantastic. Luka Ivanusa 23H continued his great form of scoring, this time firing 20 for the season. His stats for some reason haven't counted the two goals he scored against Mura in the playoffs.

Honourable mentions went to Marko Kalin, who broke into the team late in the season and performed brilliantly. His progress has been remarkable which I think is a result of his high determination and professional personality. Marko Lah 22A gets a mention too, his progress had stuttered between 18-20 and he hadn't really developed at all, but the departure of Damjan Rozman 23B saw Jakob Rajbar 23A pushed up into the AMC spot and Lah took his chance in the centre of midfield. His stats aren't amazing by any means, but he joined Bevk in the Team of the Season which gains him a shout in the honourable mention spot.

Youth Preview | Youth Intake

Alen Milinaric 27A | Denis Krizaj 27B | Dominik Tomazic 27C

Milinaric 27A is our second best goalkeeper at the club already (behind last years A product) and will compete for the number one spot eventually. Krizaj 27B is an okay prospect but not expecting any immediate fireworks. Same goes for Tomazic 27C, we have some decent strikers in our ranks already. 

Other News

We got our junior coaching and youth recruitment improved, Milan Sirk 26A became our first Slovenia international for the U18 side and he was quickly followed by Benjamin Poljanec 26E, who is actually heading to the U20 World Cup! Which speaks volumes for how good he can be.

Next Season

Next season will be a huge indicator of whether this season will be a fluke or not. I told the players I expected a top half finish and they were upset with this. I think if we can hold onto our core group of players and introduce a couple more players, we can definitely achieve more of the same. If not better!



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Kozakken Boys logo.png

2028/2029 review

Manager profile | Squad pt. 1 / pt. 2 | U18 squad | Matches pt. 1 / pt. 2 / pt. 3 | Youth intake | Table

It will just be a brief update; The Kozakken Boys are moving forward to such an extent at the moment that we took a big step forward in relation to league rankings. Play-off was secured, where we were knocked out by FC Eindhoven on the rule of away goals.

However, the progress has meant that I have had the opportunity to extend the contracts of several young profiles. Only Bederka and Pannekoek seem to leave us in the near future with contracts expiring in 2030, but Mestdagh, Mulder, Van Bakel, Ploeg, Haar, Linkers and Janssen seem to stay in the club for a few more years. Our intake continues to impress, not least due to a lot of dual citizenships - could it be because we play in the Netherlands? At least it opens up a lot of talent access from every corner of the world every year.

The future is bright - we are establishing ourselves in the top half, and I am gradually spotting a promotion before 2035. I would rather not move up too early, as it can create disruption with a rapid relegation.


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5 hours ago, karax268 said:

JS Hercules 2026 Youth Intake






I normaly do the Intake in the season report but I got very excited by this one. A good amount of talent all around but the jewel of my Youth setup is Teemu Kolehmainen pictured above.

He can slot right into the team and be the best one on the field. Easily.



Got the new Sami hyypia on your hands there 

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Farnborough 2032-33 Season Review



Fixtures 1, 2, 3 - Relegation was never really a concern this season.  After a strong March, we were in position to push for the playoffs.  However, an April where we took four points from five matches saw us slide in the middle of the table.

Papa John's Trophy - Used solely player rotation and the results show.

League Table - We scored more points than last season but finish one position worse (12th to 13th).  Fleetwood ran away with the league table scoring 99 points to Coventry's 83 points.  Coventry and Forest Green move up to League One via automatic promotion.  Doncaster and Cambridge fall down into non-league football for the 2033-34 season.

Playoff - 4th place Wycombe rolled through the playoffs to claim the last promotion place.  Moving down to League Two for the 2033-34 season will be Plymouth, Lincoln, Tranmere and Oldham.

xG General Performance - For the first time in a long time, our defense outperformed our offense.  The defense was very consistent throughout the season.  The offense went through highs and lows as they just couldn't consistently put home the chances given to them.  Other times, they would make a lot of pretty passes but never make the pass that would send an attacker through on goal.  Frustrating to watch.

xG Expected vs Actual - We were pretty much on par with how we were supposed to perform.

xG Attacking Efficiency     xG Defensive Efficiency

Stats 1     Stats 2

Transfers - Just some loan deals.  No sales.

Player of the Year - Center Back Josh Hewitt 30B was a rock on the back line all season.

Newcomer of the Year - Right wing/forward Duncan Wiggett 32A was a breath of fresh air on the attack this season.  Now to get some consistency which will hopefully come with age.

Youth Intake     Youth Intake DNA      CB Reece Dukic 33A     RB Olivier Ross-Sharpe 33B     AM Dylan Adams 33C     GK Roman Hayter 33D     LW Pedro Javier Santos 33E

Moments to Remember     Best XI     Accolades




Joe Baitup 23D should just limp over the 400 appearances mark.  He has lost the starting job to Wade Andrews 31B.  


Reece Dukic 33A made his debut with the USA U20s at the U-20 World Cup making all five starts.


Nothing new here.


I've gotten a lot of interview requests from domestic clubs.  Toulouse is the first foreign club to request an interview.  It was declined.

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FC United of Manchester ; season 2040/41

Errea is named new technical sponsor of FC United of Manchester!

League Table ; Squad ; Starting 11TransfersYouth Candidates

My first season in the Premier League and it was all about survival, thankfully we just about managed to stay up. A huge amount of draws during the season that proved to be extremely valuable in the end.

A great youth intake too, with great personalities on my top 4 prospects.

The top 2 prospects Roberts and Mitchell are already good enough to be getting first team minutes, so very excited about them!

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Decided to try my hand at the challenge in FM 21 and decided to play in a country I've never managed in and that's Sweden. From what I researched I think Solvesborgs GOIF currently plays in the 5th tier league in real life but came up the Swedish 2nd League (Technically the Swedish 4th League). Solvesborgs GOIF has been around since 1915 but from what I can find have only reached as high as the Swedish 2nd tier league and that was in the late 60s. Located in Solvesborg, Sweden the city is located close in the southern part of Sweden and shares a lot of culture and history with Denmark, hopefully a few Danes make their way up north.






Key Players: Gustav LindrothFilip NilssonMarcus Ekenberg

Top Prospects Fun fact about Guajardo is he's are only dual national player (Chilean nationality)




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ACN Siena 1904 - 2036/37 Youth Intakes


Our latest Youth Intake has arrived and while there isn't a Fedele Landi turning up in the intake and being good enough to slot into the first team straight away, we still have plenty of prospects that can be good enough to be on the verge of being involved in the first team, which for me is really promising.


Carlo Musu is the most exciting of the bunch, even if he is considered an Inverted Winger, I am still plotting on using him as a striker. He has grown an inch since he arrived in the intake and as a result his jumping reach has gone up by 2 already. If I can improve his finishing, then I think that we will have a really good striker on our hands here.


Daniele Calandra is considered a good Defensive Winger first and foremost, while my backroom staff think he can be a centre-back, which I can see, but I also don't need. I personally see this guy as a central midfielder that I can make into a box-to-box midfielder if I can play him in the role easily enough. He's not amazing in any particular role, but if I needed to, I can make this guy a ball-winning midfielder too. He's a player that I have a lot of options with.


If Calandra wasn't a ball-winning midfielder, then Hailu Ayalew absolutely is. He's a defensive midfielder at heart, but I can see him being a player who I can play as a deep lying playmaker in the DM role if I needed to. He's also likely to be called up for the Ethiopia national team in the future too, since that is his birth place and as such, his second nationality.


Oreste Mangoni is clearly a winger who plays on the wing that I don't use wingers, which is rather unfortunate to say the least. Still, that won't stop me from developing this young man and potentially using him in the first team too. This can easily change, especially my tactics, so if I decide to use defensive wingers or normal wingers in the future, this guy would easily find himself on my radar, much like Calandra would as well.


Daniele Petroni is another goalkeeper who has found his way into my youth intakes and like many other before him have got some good potential ability. Given the division we are in, he would be good enough to play in the Serie A in the future if he is given the game time and the development that he needs. Whether he will get that or not remains to be seen, but it's nice to dream.


The last player that has caught my eye, but is also the most interesting player for the idea that he has come from my affiliate's youth intakes. I want to talk about Patrick Fuchshofer because he arrived from my affiliates Sportverein Wals-Grünau, who are a semi-professional side. He's now considered to be a 4.5 star potential player, but even so he has the makings of a good player about him. My backroom staff want to make him into a right winger of all things, which did surprise me, but I don't plan on doing that because of all of the stuff that he is lacking in those areas. I can see that this guy is only going to be good as a left-back or left wing-back, but there is potential to be had here.

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End of Season Review

Season 2027/28

Friar Lane & Epworth

Image result for friar lane & epworth fc logo

Season Summary

A decent showing in the cups though it was the league where we really excelled.  We dominated the league and secured promotion to the eighth tier with ease.

Season Details

League Table - We topped the table from start to finish and won the league by fourteen points.  The title and promotion was secured with four games remaining.

League Fixtures 1 & 2 - As usual, consistency was the key as we picked up wins, even when we played poorly.

F. A. Cup - A narrow loss away to AFC Sudbury, who play three levels above us, put paid to any cup run in the second qualifying round.

F. A. Vase - We made it through to the fifth round, which is the last sixteen, before a poor performance at northern side Hebburn Town saw the club eliminated.

Midland League Cup - A cup I really wanted to win though it was not to be.  Coleshill Town, who play in the same division as we do, defeated us by one goal to nil at the quarter final stage.

Pre Season Friendlies - I scheduled a tough pre season campaign with thirteen games, with just over half against higher league opponents.  We only lost four games, so I was delighted.

Squad - We now have a lot of quality and we just need the players to develop.

Squad Dynamics - It is rather nice.

Transfers In - None.

Transfers Out - Quite a few departures, mainly loans, though a few players were sold, all of whom, will never be good enough for the first team.

Youth Candidates - An amazing intake.  So much quality.  Nick Wilkins YP28B98 is the best in the group.

Finances - We are in the red so I expect the chairman to start accepting bid for our players.

Key Players

Tom Taylor YP25E53 - Another fantastic season from the striker.  He has now scored 178 goals for the club, in only 147 appearances.

Orri Rúnarsson YP25G55 - The form of the Icelandic right winger was incredible throughout the campaign.

Kyle Joseph YP24E37 - Centre back who is highly influential in the dressing room.

Peter Sokol YP26A65 - Centre half who has a tremendous partnerhsip with Joseph.

Michael Buron YP24C35 - Playing in central midfield, the teenager dictate games beautifully.

Next Season

I honestly believe we can challenge for another promotion.

Personal Coaching Data

Season     Reputation            Qualifications    Att   Def   Fit   GkD   GkH   GkS   Tac   Tec   Men   WWY   Ada   Det   PlK   YoK   LoD   MaM   Mot
At start   Minimal   (0.25*)     None                1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     4     1     1     1     4     1     1     1
2021/22    Minimal = (0.25*) =   National C ↑        2 ↑   2 ↑   2 ↑   1 =   1 =   1 =   2 ↑   2 ↑   2 ↑   4 =   1 =   2 ↑   2 ↑   4 =   4 ↑   2 ↑   3 ↑
2022/23    Minimal = (0.50*) ↑   National A ↑↑       7 ↑   6 ↑   3 ↑   2 ↑   1 =   1 =   7 ↑   6 ↑   7 ↑   4 =   1 =   6 ↑   6 ↑   8 ↑  13 ↑   7 ↑   7 ↑
2023/24    Minimal = (0.75*) ↑   Continental B ↑↑   10 ↑   9 ↑   6 ↑   2 =   1 =   1 =   9 ↑   9 ↑  10 ↑   4 =   1 =   8 ↑   8 ↑   9 ↑  19 ↑  10 ↑  10 ↑
2024/25    Minimal = (0.50*) ↓   Continental B =    10 =   9 =   6 =   2 =   1 =   1 =   9 =   9 =  10 =   4 =   1 =   8 =   8 =   9 =  19 =  10 =  10 =
2025/26    Minimal = (0.75*) ↑   Continental A ↑    10 =   9 =   6 =   2 =   1 =   1 =  10 ↑  10 ↑  10 =   4 =   1 =   8 =   9 ↑   9 =  20 ↑  11 ↑  13 ↑
2026/27    Minimal = (0.75*) =   Continental Pro ↑  12 ↑  10 ↑   7 ↑   2 =   1 =   1 =  11 ↑  11 ↑  11 ↑   4 =   1 =   8 =  10 ↑  10 ↑  20 =  12 ↑  15 ↑
2027/28    Minimal = (1.00*) ↑   Continental Pro =  12 =  10 =   7 =   2 =   1 =   1 =  11 =  11 =  11 =   4 =   1 =   8 =  10 =  10 =  20 =  13 ↑  16 ↑

Club Facilities

Season     Training Facilities  Youth Facilities  Youth Level  Corporate Facilities  Junior Coaching  Youth Recruitment  Club Reputation
At Start   Poor                 Poor                   0       Basic                 Basic            Limited            Local   (0.50*)
2021/22    Poor =               Poor =                 0 =     Basic =               Fairly basic ↑   Basic ↑            Local = (0.50*) =
2022/23    Poor =               Poor =                 0 =     Basic =               Average ↑        Fairly basic ↑     Local = (0.50*) =
2023/24    Poor =               Poor =                 0 =     Basic =               Adequate ↑       Fairly basic =     Local = (0.50*) =
2024/25    Poor =               Poor =                 0 =     Basic =               Good ↑           Adequate ↑         Local = (0.50*) =
2025/26    Poor =               Poor =                 0 =     Basic =               Good =           Adequate =         Local = (0.50*) =
2026/27    Poor =               Poor =                 0 =     Basic =               Excellent ↑      Average ↑          Local = (0.50*) =
2027/28    Poor =               Poor =                 0 =     Basic =               Excellent =      Average =          Local = (0.50*) =

Season Record

Season     Played     Won     Drawn     Lost     Goals For     Goals Against     Goal Difference     Win Percentage
2021/22      29        9         6       14          55              53                  +2              31.03%
2022/23      30       20         4        6          87              55                 +32              66.67% ↑
2023/24      45       29         7        9         145              75                 +70              64.44% ↓
2024/25      55       42         6        7         161              72                 +89              76.36% ↑
2025/26      47       40         2        5         144              40                +104              85.11% ↑
2026/27      58       41         8        9         193              80                +113              70.69% ↓
2027/28      50       38         7        5         157              52                +105              76.00% ↑

Overall Career Record

After Season   Played     Won     Drawn     Lost     Goals For     Goals Against     Goal Difference     Win Percentage     Time At Club
2021/22          29        9         6       14          55              53                  +2              31.03%             302 days
2022/23          59       29        10       20         142             108                 +34              49.15% ↑           667 days
2023/24         104       58        17       29         287             183                +104              55.77% ↑         1,037 days
2024/25         159      100        23       36         448             255                +193              62.89% ↑         1,426 days
2025/26         206      140        25       41         592             295                +297              67.96% ↑         1,790 days
2026/27         264      181        33       50         785             375                +410              68.26% ↑         2,154 days
2027/28         314      219        40       55         942             427                +515              69.75% ↑         2,493 days

Trophy Haul

Season     Competition Won
2022/23    Leicestershire Senior League Premier Division
2024/25    East Midlands Counties League Cup
2025/26    East Midlands Counties League
2025/26    East Midlands Counties League Cup
2027/28    Midland League Premier Division

Trophy Cabinet

League Titles
1 x Midland League Premier Division (2027/28)
1 x East Midlands Counties League (2025/26)
1 x Leicestershire Senior League Premier Division (2022/23)

Cup Competition Victories
2 x East Midlands Counties League Cup (2024/25, 2025/26)

Career Overview

Season     Champions League    Europa League    Europa Conference League             League                                          Position     F.A. Cup                    League Cup        Achievements
2021/22           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Leicestershire Senior League Premier Division     11th         N/a                          N/a            First round of Leicestershire Senior League Cup.
2022/23           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Leicestershire Senior League Premier Division      1st ↑       N/a                          N/a            Promoted as champions.  Quarter final of Leicestershire Senior League Cup.
2023/24           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       East Midlands Counties League                      3rd ↑       N/a                          N/a            Fourth round of F. A. Vase.  First round of East Midlands Counties League Cup.
2024/25           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       East Midlands Counties League                      2nd ↑     Second qualifying round        N/a            Quarter final of F. A. Vase.  East Midlands Counties League Cup winners.
2025/26           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       East Midlands Counties League                      1st ↑     Extra preliminary round ↓      N/a            Promoted as champions.  First round of F. A. Vase.  East Midlands Counties League Cup winners.
2026/27           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Wessex League Premier Division                     3rd ↑     Fourth qualifying round ↑      N/a            F. A. Vase runners up.  Wessex League Cup runners up.
2027/28           N/a               N/a                    N/a                       Midland League Premier Divison                     1st ↑     Second qualifying round ↓      N/a            F. A. Vase fifth round.  Quarter final of Midland League Cup.

Record Number of Appearances (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                    Cumulative Number of Appearances
2021/22    Lucky Eze YP22F6                          3
2022/23    Abbas Ismail YP22B2                      31
2023/24    Anthony Lovatt YP22A1                    72
           Abbas Ismail YP22B2                      72
2024/25    Abbas Ismail YP22B2                     126
2025/26    Abbas Ismail YP22B2                     171
2026/27    Abbas Ismail YP22B2                     227
2027/28    Abbas Ismail YP22B2                     273

Record Goal Scorer (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                          Cumulative Number of Goals
2021/22    Lucky Eze YP22F6                             5
2022/23    Kane Senior YP22D4                          23
2023/24    Mahmoud Best-Noble YP23P32                  58
2024/25    Mahmoud Best-Noble YP23P32                 117
2025/26    Mahmoud Best-Noble YP23P32                 129
2026/27    Mahmoud Best-Noble YP23P32                 129
2027/28    Tom Taylor YP25E53                         178

Record Number of Assists (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                        Cumulative Number of Assists
2021/22    Gary Davison YP22J10                        2
2022/23    Gary Davison YP22J10                       10
2023/24    Brenton Beckford YP23M29                   22
2024/25    Mahmoud Best-Noble YP23P32                 29
2025/26    Lorenzo Price YP23I25                      40
2026/27    Lorenzo Price YP23I25                      58
2027/28    Michael Buron YP24C35                      66

Record Number of Clean Sheets (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                    Cumulative Number of Clean Sheets
2021/22    Daniel Thern YP22M13                       1
2022/23    Daniel Thern YP22M13                       3
2023/24    Dave Clayton YP23A17                      14
2024/25    Dave Clayton YP23A17                      26
2025/26    Dave Clayton YP23A17                      48
2026/27    Dave Clayton YP23A17                      61
2027/28    Dave Clayton YP23A17                      61






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Sannois SG 2026-27

Comfortably sat around mid-table all season. Never in any danger of relegation but never threatened the top places. Although we had one win in the last dozen games.

Lots of prospects looking to move to bigger clubs so trying to get as much as I can for them and re-invest in the youth facilities and junior coaching.


In the French Cup, we were disappointed to lose to National team SC Bastia in the eighth round.


SC Julien Sere 22b was the main man again up top, supported by MR Frederic Aubert 24b who unfortunately had his season cut short with injury.

New number one GK Mohamed Fernandez 23c had a decent showing and our most gifted player so far would have to be ML Pierre Vidal 24a.






Much the same next year I think. A few more youngsters may be sold so we'll try and reinvest in the youth.



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So I havent completely given up on this, I just have been busy to document much of anything at all, good to see you lot stuck with it

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ACN Siena 1904 - 2036/37 Season Review


The end of the season has come and gone and we've secured ourselves a second 11th place finish in a row. We managed to beat Roma on the last day of the season, who sacked their manager as a result of their poor season, so we got the pleasure of being the side to put the nail in the coffin of the Roma manager's time at the club. We've still got to consider whether or not we need to start trying to get consistent top half finishes going forward, or if we need to ensure that we try to aim for something higher instead.


Easily my best player at the club and we're still waiting for his official professional contract to be signed. Fedele Landi is clearly going to be considered a wonderkid at this point, it's more of when he's going to be called that at the end of the day. If we can keep him at the club, then we can build the club around Fedele Landi to ensure that the club has a future as a major power in the world of football.

In other news, we've on the verge of complete state of the art youth facilities, just a few months after we completed state of the art training facilities. Everything is almost upgraded to the max.



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JS Hercules 2-26 Season Review: So, so close.



Pos Graph |Fixtures prt 1 Fixtures prt2 | Finances | transfers

On the Field

Suomen cup: a very disapointing outing as we went out in the group phase. 

Veikkausliiga: We got third with two points behind the champion. In fact we went into the last matchday of the championsgroup with the possibility of becoming champions. HJK and Inter Turku had to lose and we had to win. We did but so did Inter Turku. A massive achievement for our little semi-pro outfit but it does need a caveat. Champ Inter Turku has 12 points less than HJK had the year before and 17 less than 2 seasons ago. 

We did improve by 2 points compared to last season.

Third gave us a place in the final of the european playoffs against SJK. we lost 3-1 away and won at home 1-0. we were close to the second goal there but it wasn't to be.

Player Highlights

Top Scorer: Harri Kauppila YP1F. The winger scored 16 times, often stepping up whenever our striker had an off day. 

Best Player: Aleksanteri Patronen. He was a close second the past two season and now takes the top spot. I think that sums up our talent base and tactics over the years. He broke several records during the season. He got most PoM and most clean sheets in the season. And he keeps increasing his lead in most apearances for the club.

and to finish, a small mention of Teemu Kolehmainen YP6A. The young talent I showed a while back in the youth intake. He played 7 games at the end of the season, getting a 7.16 rating. My hopes for him get higher every day.

Off the field

I managed my 200th game this season. Also, I extended my contract for another 4 years.

The finances remain a shambles. We're ranked insecure for the first time as the board can't keep up with their cash injections. without the cash injections we would lose 400K each season. (our youth setup costs 900K, whoops)

Next season

I'm confident HJK will get back to form next season, so I won't expect a title push just yet. I do expect to get European football next year. It's the next step, and we need it to grow.



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Back in The Netherlands, it is nice to see a takeover result in some investment.  A shame the new board insisted on bidding for two players.  Thankfully, I was able to cancel the deals when they were ready to be finalised.  So no new arrivals!


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