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Football Manager 2021 Early Access Beta Official Feedback Thread

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19 minuti fa, Dagenham_Dave ha scritto:

There's a bit of a difference between not using an overly aggressive attacking tactic to give you a more realistic gaming experience to putting a striker in goal. 

The fact I'm having to explain this speaks volumes. 

No. Cause in real life there are example of very attacking. But are examples that dimostrate that you have to have a very strong team (Brazil 70, Hungary Golden Team, modern Barca) otherwise  you will fall. So there is no rules agaisnt 3 striker formation in real world, but, of course, there is the game that punish you if you abuse it. 

If 3 striker formation were op in real life than for sure (example) Inter Milan would have played with Ronnie, Vieri (Zamorano) and Baggio instead left the Italian trequartista go. 

Inter played few games with the 3 strikers: Ronnie, Baggio and Zamorano smashed Venezia 6-2.
But it is possible only against weak team. 

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