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[Serbia] (Official) League Specific Issues

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Please post any specific issues for Serbia competitions here. This is for any issue which does not relate to data and is for areas such as:

- Competition Rules (Leagues and Cups)
- Disciplinary Rules
- Transfer Rules

We would request you all to adhere to the following three point plan when posting in here:

- State what you think is specifically wrong in your league.
- State how you think it should be working.
- State reasons/proof for your corrections/improvements.

Please note that specific data issues for Serbia should be posted in the Database and Research Issues forum.

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14 minutes ago, nikolaww said:

If you play as Partizan and move player to Teleoptik (reserve team) his contract will stop affecting your wage budget. 

This would be one for the All Other Gameplay forum.  Thanks.

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hey dusan, thanks for quick reply. as you might noticed from yesterday there is a official statement from FSS president Matijasevic about new rule that is gonna be implemented next season probably.  


so i was wondering if there is a chance that SI will make changes as well if it gets official in incoming days before last mega patch

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this might bi similar to when VAR gets implemented after 2nd season.. there are only announcements that it will be in season or two, nothing official 

they probably won't say anything in public until end of season.. hoping then for next version it will be implemented 

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VAR implementation has been confirmed for 2021/22, but still, we know that this might mean nothing :-)

We can do the same for the EU citizens at the start of 2021/22, hoping that the FA won't change their minds.


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