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Bundesliga Kit Pack works for all teams except my team (BVB)


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Hi there, 

Firstly apologies if this is the wrong place to post.

Really pulling my hair out here. I have tried 3 different Bundesliga kit packs on FM 20, all of them update all the teams except the team I am managing Borussia Dortmund!
I have tried clearing cache etc. I don't have any other kit packs. I have even tried naming one of the Dortmund Kits as RB Leipzig kit and it shows under them. No kit will change Dortmund's default cartoon kit to a picture of the kit I put in.

I can only assume I am doing something incredibly stupid and missing something obvious! As you can see from the below the Bayern ones work fine but the BVB ones do not?
Any advice would be really appreciated! image.png.ef9f922089ff8e48cb2bae2fd62f9c72.pngimage.png.b17b541e6a15730bf0190cd9ee84f8a7.png



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2 hours ago, michaeltmurrayuk said:

- Check to make sure you don't have any duplicate entries in your config files for dortmund kits.

- If you have the IGE make sure you have ticked the 'Allow Licensed Kits' option.


Absolute top man! It was the allow licensed kit thing! 


Thanks so much 

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