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[Italy] Data Issues

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1 hour ago, SoloTitano said:

Hi all,

thanks for some very late comments.

As you can imagine, the game is going live tomorrow so database has been closed last week.

We'll keep your objective data for future patch and will also discuss about subjective opinion

Sorry, I realised yesterday after posting was probably past the deadline. Hopefully looked at for next time. Will probably change their attributes myself on this one.

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2 hours ago, j_t_87 said:

Hi @SoloTitano @legend_killer82


I feel Morata finishing at 13 is abit harsh. He has 6 goals in 9 matches this season and thats not even including 6 var goals that has been ruled out.

Chiesa in general has been worse than fm20 but this season he has 3 assist in 5 starts compared to 6 assist 31 starts last season


I think Morata's finishing has always been his main weakness ever since he became a professional footballer and the main reason, why he didn't cut it at Chelsea and not really at Atletico. Raising it up based on 9 matches would probably be a bit too optimistic. I think if he keeps his goal scoring form until winter and it's not only good short-time form, in the winter update it should definitely be upped.

Agree on Chiesa, he seems to be the best winger at Juventus right now.

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On 13/11/2020 at 18:55, legend_killer82 said:


Hi, i'm the Inter researcher :)
Lukaku this season has an average of 0,1 crosses at Inter, 0 assists and even passing is not accurate at all with a 78% of completed pass. Last season he had an average of 0,2 crosses, 2 assists and 79% pass accuracy in 36 matches. Crossing 7 was definitely accurate

But there is too many variables going into that - statistics in isolation will tell you nothing. Passing accuracy is remotely unrelated to crossing ability (as crosses are the lowest output possible for a centre forward), meanwhile assists are even worse at giving an indication - for the same reason. And total amount of crosses is put into consideration for that argument to. This is not a correct way to score someone's crossing ability. There are major flaws in the way this is being looked at.

The only time that assists and passing accuracy can give an indication but not a statement is if the crossing output is high. Mostly seen on winger and full back roles. For a role such as a centre forward, that becomes void. How can you argue in the same way that Kolarov has like ~17 crossing playing as a centre back?

Anyone who watches Inter games (and I have watched him at Everton and Man United too) will confirm you that Lukaku is one of the best crossers in our entire team. Heck, Man United fans wanted him to play on the wing because he was better at crossing than any of their wing options.

Shame this is the way ratings are given, but I suppose it's not easy to watch every team.

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