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[England Isthmian League – Levels 7 & 8] Data Issues

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Please post any data issues related to England's Isthmian League (Levels 7 & 8) here.

As much of the data is subjective we’d ask that you respect everyone’s opinion and accept that the final decision is that of our club researchers and our heads of research.          

We also request you please adhere to the following three point plan when posting in the data topics:

·        State what you think is specifically wrong with a particular piece of data.              

·        State what you think the data should be.                            

·        State reasons/proof for your suggested corrections/improvements.                         

Please note that any non-data issues for England's Isthmian League (Levels 7 & 8) should be posted in the appropriate thread within the League Specific Issues forum. This would include issues such as league scheduling, league table sorting rules and match rules.

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Cambridge City are listed as playing at Sawston Stadium

This stadium hasnt even been built yet it is suppose to be the ground they move to eventually but planning issues seem to be making it take forever.  They actually play at Histon's ground now Bridge Road

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Kieran Monlouis (Horsham) has 2 caps 0 goals for Saint Lucia, debut was 16/11/19 against Dominican Republic: https://www.national-football-teams.com/player/76209/Kieran_Monlouis.html

Kadell Daniel (Kingstonian) now has 11 caps 2 goals for Guyana: https://www.national-football-teams.com/player/69494/Kadell_Daniel.html

Gary Noel (Lewes) now has 11 caps 0 goals for Mauritius: https://www.national-football-teams.com/player/63704/Gary_Noel.html

Chris Bourne (Harlow) now has 25 caps 3 goals for Guyana: https://www.national-football-teams.com/player/27508/Chris_Bourne.html

Chikosi Basden (Hertford) now has 4 caps 0 goals for Bermuda, debut was 25/02/19 against Cuba:https://www.national-football-teams.com/player/73691/Chikosi_Basden.html

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