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[Poland] Data Issues

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Please post any data issues related to Poland here.

As much of the data is subjective we’d ask that you respect everyone’s opinion and accept that the final decision is that of our club researchers and our heads of research.          

We also request you please adhere to the following three point plan when posting in the data topics:

·        State what you think is specifically wrong with a particular piece of data.              

·        State what you think the data should be.                            

·        State reasons/proof for your suggested corrections/improvements.                         

Please note that any non-data issues for Poland should be posted in the appropriate thread within the League Specific Issues forum. This would include issues such as league scheduling, league table sorting rules and match rules.

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I have noticed that all the Polish Ekstraklasa Players have very low value which looks bad and ruins the and realism.

It can be seen on the attached screenshots based on Lech Poznań but it applies to all other Polish teams. I know in FM Polish players were always lower valued than in reality, but this is way too low.

Anything that can be done about it? Maybe reputation tweaks?



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1 hour ago, Akisek said:

Wrong cup winner. In game its Lechia when in reality it was Cracovia, which means there is wrong team in supercup as well



Hi @Akisek.

Just to check. Is it showing that for the 2019/20 season?

The final of the Polish FA cup was played on 27th July because it had to be delayed, so if you're using a 6th July start date then the final won't have been played yet in your save game.
When you go past that date, you should find that it will generate with the correct winner.

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42 minutes ago, luiseitor212 said:

Elana Torun has wrong name, it is called "Aleksandrow" in game

Shows up alright in my game and in the database - have you used some editor files, etc. ?

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If an English version is required, I will translate later.


Jeżeli któreś atrybuty są losowe to z góry przepraszam za zamieszanie.

Trałka ma zbyt słabe rzuty rożne - 8. Jest głównym wykonującym rogi w zespole a grze lepszych od niego jest 9 Warciarzy.

Grzesik dysponuje bardzo mocnym wyrzutem z autu w okolicach pola karnego rywali.

Kuzdra powinien otrzymać umiejętność gry na lewej obronie. źródło

Ławniczak wygląda gorzej od Ivanova. W rzeczywistości razem z Kielibą tworzy podstawowy duet obronny.

Szczepaniak ma zbyt wysokie atrybuty. Jest przesunięty do rezerw a w grze jest najlepszym napastnikiem klubu.

Do grona ulubieńców można dopisać Bartosza Kielibę który jest kapitanem i występuje w klubie od 4 poziomu rozgrywkowego oraz trenera Tworka.

Obiekty młodzieżowe , szkolenie i wyszukiwanie jeżeli nie zostały troszkę poprawione to powinny zostać. Warta w Wielkopolsce jest daleko za Lechem w tych aspektach ale wygrywa z innymi klubami z województwa które są w DB.

Do etosu klubowego powinno zostać dodane szkolenie własnych piłkarzy, stawianie na młodych Polaków.



za: „PLAN ROZWOJU 2020-2023” str. 29

Frekwencja na stadionie w Grodzisku do zwiększenia. Po awansie na mecz z Lechią wyprzedano bilety. Na Piaście 1800 (w grze nie cały 1000). Widzę, że na Lech-Legia w grze wchodzi komplet ludzi. Skoro tak to mecz z Lechem w Grodzisku także powinien przyciągnąć komplet widzów.

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So here is what I've noticed wrong with Jagiellonia players (mostly positions).

First Team:

Bartłomiej Wdowik - he's still a left winger in game, while in real life his main position is left back.

Przemysław Mystkowski - he rarely plays as central midfielder, he plays mostly at left wing right now.

Jakov Puljić - he's an attacking midfielder, but since joining Jagiellonia he had never played there. He's a striker now.

Fernan Lopez - In his last club (Gabala) and now - he's a central midfielder or attacking midfielder. He never plays as right winger.

Reserves/Youth Team:

Maciej Bortniczuk - He's a striker or attacking midfielder, not a CM

Przemysław Chyrchała moved to Znicz Biała Piska.

Bartosz Gołaszewski moved to Olimpia Zambrów.

Eryk Matus should have both wings as his natural positions instead of AM.

Kacper Głowicki moved to Olimpia Zambrów.

Kamil Huczko is primarly a left back.

Krystian Maciejuk should be a left midfielder (can play there) and left back (natural). Not a CM.

Korneliusz Krasuski should be a right winger.

Błażej Żero is a right back.

Aleks Włodarczyk is AM (natural), not a CM.

Jakub Lutostański (2004) is missing from the youth team.





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Some of the positions for Korona Kielce players are wrong.

Zvonimir Petrovic is a central midfielder not a CAM or Left winger

Emile Thiakane is a striker not a CM/CAM

Piotr Basiuk is a CM not a winger

Jacek Podgorski is more universal along the right wing. He has been playing as a RB and RW

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11 minutes ago, Zysu said:

Some of the positions for Korona Kielce players are wrong.

Zvonimir Petrovic is a central midfielder not a CAM or Left winger

Emile Thiakane is a striker not a CM/CAM

Piotr Basiuk is a CM not a winger

Jacek Podgorski is more universal along the right wing. He has been playing as a RB and RW

Korona is thoroughly fixed in the newer database :)

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hace 2 horas, Sopel dijo:

Shows up alright in my game and in the database - have you used some editor files, etc. ?

I found the issue. This name is only corrected in English and Polish language, in Spanish is still the wrong name. I think I have then to report this on Translation.


Thanks and sorry for bothering you.

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Michal Frydrych (Wisła Kraków) height in Football Manager 2021: 182 cm

Transfermarkt 188 cm https://www.transfermarkt.de/michal-frydrych/profil/spieler/119862

Similarly on Wikipedia https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michal_Frydrych and 90minut.pl http://www.90minut.pl/kariera.php?id=33993

Jakub Błaszczykowski (Wisła Kraków)... a very large drop in the speed and acceleration attributes compared to FM 20 20.3.4. Is it really that slow winger?
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Some tweaks for Korona Kielce that should be implemented:

Grzegorz Piechna (ex player) should be a club icon if not a legend. He's a fan favourite, the league top scorer for our first season in the top flight. He is loved by the fans. 100% Legend status.

Jacek Kielb (player still at the club) is an easy club ikon, he's on this 12th season at the club, current club captain, he's the second highest goal scorer in the teams history. Again loved by the fans.

Pawel Golanski, Kamil Kuzera, Maciej Korzym (ex players) are also players I would place in the icon category. Less important then the 2 named above but still worth considering.

Owner Status: The club was recently (last week) saved from bankruptcy by the town of Kielce who bought the the shares of the club and now own 100%, the chairman is no longer Marek Paprocki but Sławomir Gierada along with Łukasz Jabłoński. Because the club is now owned by the town council they are looking to sell the shares on to a private investor so that the club isnt financed by the local taxpayers money. The owner status should reflect the owners wanting to sell the club.

Rivalries: Fierce Rivalries should include Wisla Krakow for historic reasons (Wisla Krakow fans killed a Korona fan in 2006, ever since then the matches between them have been big events with mass police mobilisation around the grounds to protect fans) The players are always made aware of this before playing Wisla so that they understand how much the games matter to the fans.

Misc: Iwo Kaczmarki Is the youngest player to debut for Korona not Karol Angielski

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I've noticed that the coaching staff of Poland youth national teams are incorrect. For example, there is no U-20 team at the moment in the federation (since May), while the complete and correct staff of the U19 you will find on the FA's official website. 



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1 hour ago, Sopel said:

The reserve team of Chrobry Głogów (Polish "I liga") has been put in wrong league - it's currently put in "Polish Fourth Division (dolnoslaska West)" when it should simply be put in "Polish Fourth Division".


@Ed Hewison

Cheers @Sopel. We have this one under review at the moment.

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