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Young Player becoming Coach only

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Background: I have an unsettled superstar. Wants a transfer but no one makes an offer because the players current salary is off putting. He's only on 50k, must be a bug somewhere because previously I had a 150m bid for him, only worth 46m. but anyway....

I thought I'd try offering him a player coach role. I clicked coach and all of a sudden, at the age of 26, he is a coach. anyway, he was still unhappy so I click 'sack coach' as I did previously, to make him a player only again.

But it appears he was ONLY a coach and left my club. I have lost my superstar. Funnily enough, with only a coaches profile, I tried to sign him again and he claimed I couldn't afford him. I wonder if he still thinks he's a player?

I did keep a save just before I offered him the coaching role.

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