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[FM10] Help with some details on a previous version skin details


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Hi all,

Hopefully this doesn't seem a little strange - but whilst cleaning out some boxes recently during Lockdown - I found my old copy of FM2010.

Wanting to revisit my old days - I've installed it - and am in process of getting logos etc. loaded into it.

As downloads and information is a little light on the ground now due to it being an older version - I am hopefully looking for help on one thing from those who were active in the community back then.

Basically - as my new laptop runs at a higher resolution to when the game came out - I've got more information showing on each screen.

I'd like to know of the steps I have to take to make the header bar and the logos in the header bar (mainly on club and player screens) to be a lot larger than the default - but show in full.

I know that this involves editing some of the skin xml files to make the header bar container higher - but I'm unable to remember what to edit!

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