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When are you going to Uninstall FM20?

When to uninstall FM20  

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  1. 1. When have/will you unistalled fm20?

    • Already Have
    • Going to in a few days
    • When the FM21 beta drops

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  • Neil Brock changed the title to When are you going to Uninstall FM20?

I don't think I will uninstall it at all. Even if I do buy FM21 I'd like to keep FM20 as well, if only to be able to load up and reminisce this beautiful 35 year save I've got going.

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Not for a while, still got a good few years to go before I reach my goal of winning the Champions League and Premier League with York City, will move over to FM21 when I have finished that. Been a brilliant save and don't want to part with it early, I won't have the will power not to play FM21 if I order it.

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Probably wont . I still have FM17 and play FM20 . Got rid of FM19 almost straight away as it was a waste of money ( My Fault ) . Occasionally i load up FM15 and FM18 . I think FM21 is going to be a lot like FM17 in a way as it will mainly be a refinement of FM20 as FM17 was a refinement of FM16 . And that is fine for me as FM17 set a good benchmark to go by in the franchise of games made by SI . So if FM21 is a great game then it might be bye bye to FM17 to make room for graphics etc . 

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Usually I only uninstall something once I go to install another game and it tells me the drive for games is full. So FM20 will probably sit around idly for a while on my PC.

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The poll is missing an option — some of us won't uninstall it. I still have FM06, 18, 19 and 20 on one of my PCs. I could probably uninstall FM18, but I still play the other versions on occasion.

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Probably be a good year or so (unless something drastic happens) I'm playing enjoyable solo and network games and whilst my focus will switch to FM21 with the Beta release I'll at least continue the Network Save. 

To be honest, I still have FM19 installed (and CM01/02 and CM 03/04!) so... :idiot: :lol:

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