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What position/role should I use this regen in?

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My star striker Lucas Fernandez has led Ligue 1 in goals for 2 years now, but I feel like he's not getting as involved in the passing game as I'd like with his attributes.


I've been running him as a complete forward on support, and he is excellent at getting on the end of crosses hoofed by my wingbacks, one of which has led the league in assists twice now, but I feel like if I were to run him as an attacking midfielder in my 4231 he could make great use of those mentals and passing attributes. He's really hard for me to find an optimal position for as outside of his aerial game, he's super well rounded. Any thoughts on ways I could use him as an AM would be appreciated, or even ways I could get him more involved in the passing game while not losing out on his heading abilities from the ST positon. For reference, he wins 9 headers a game (~6 of which are key), and leads the league in both /90 by a healthy margin.


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Thats a deeplying forward on attack or a complete forward on attack rather than support (preferably Complete forward on attack for more goals IMO) . Both roles would allow your regen to use both his creative as well as goal scoring ability. 

As an AM a trequartista perhaps with "Hold up ball" as an instruction would be best in a 4-2-3-1. Basically any role you play a player of that ability in should allow for as maveric a setup as possible, you shoud be allowing a player like that to decide as much as possible where to be and what to do.



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You could even play that guy as a ball playing centre back, and he'd do a decent job. Lowish tackling, but that's about it. Big, strong, great passer, good in the air. A complete all rounder you have there, even of the dots on the pitch don't represent that

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3 hours ago, WizbaII said:

What a player you've got on your hands!

I would say his Concentration and Tacking are a bit low for midfield work. Because of that, I'd play him as a striker (DLF, specifically).

It’s funny that you say that actually, I completely agree but he plays as a MCL left for Argentina as a Mez.

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