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Finance Options and Feeder clubs


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Currently the only finances that can be effected in game are the transfer funds/wage bill slider and would like further options.

Player clauses are able to be bought before financials come out to reduce the amount being taxed.

Loans/debts can be paid off completely, reduce payments or reduce term length. 

When requesting board for improvements or extra staff and the board refuses the option to use transfer/wage funds towards it.  (ie staff on 1k a week offered a year contract will take 52k from funds)

 Ability like Man City to buy clubs as feeder clubs. 


On subject or feeder clubs it could be more informative.

Clearly display number of years to gain countries nationality.

When clubs say they boost merchandising sales an estimate amount would help.

Advertise (like staff) for feeder clubs.


Any other suggestions welcomed

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