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Is there a way to have a utility player train for all roles I might need him for?

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I loaned George Williams from Forest Green Rovers to have a sub that can play almost anywhere. He's a natural at 6 positions: M RL, AM RLC, and ST.

However, due to the Role mechanic, his familiarity level is zero (Awkward) in every position I need him to cover for except MR Winger Attack.

Am I supposed to manually train him in every position/role by keeping track of this stuff myself and rotating the trained position every X weeks? Isn't there there some way (I don't care if it's a mod) that I can have him train for a list of roles, so that when I sub him on he's somewhat prepared in any one of those roles? If I have t do this manually for all my subs then this feels like a waste of time.

Bonus question: on the Tactics Familiarity screen, I can guess that the light green is his current familiarity level and the dark green is the maximum he can reach, but what determines that max? His attributes?


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There isn't a way to train for multiple roles at the same time, no. The only option is to rotate which role he's training for, or pick a role that covers the most attributes used by all the roles you want to use (to hopefully boost those attributes), and put up with him being awkward.

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