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Scouting national pool - national reports filling inbox

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I'm managing a national team and in order to see the (star) ratings of players in the national pool, I have to request a National report on each of them. This means that I get their match reports into my inbox. However, if I want to find good players for the national team, I have to scout hundreds of players - therefore I am constantly getting loads of player reports.

I have tried using my club's scouts (which have much better stats than those available for the national team), but the star ratings don't show in the national pool - the only way to be able to sort players by ability in the National pool is to have their (recent) National reports.

Is there a way to stop getting those reports into my inbox while keeping the national reports up-to-date? I only need to know the abilities of the players whenever I need to confirm the national squad for a match (e.g. to choose a replacement for an injured regular; I want to be able to compare only players that are ranked at certain star-level and not bother with the rest). 

Or, better yet, is there a way to see the players' star ratings for my club in the national pool (because my club's scouts are much faster and more accurate in generating ability/potential assasments)? 

Also, since the players' abilities change, can I somehow assign the (national) scouts to scout each selected players periodically, i.e. update his National report every few months, not every game he played (and also avoid getting a match report from the scounting into my inbox)?


I have googled this and found a suggestion that I can somehow "unsubscribe" to those reports via a settings button somewhere in the emailed report, but I can't find it. The reports that I get always start "Please find attached my match report for [player], who is currently playing for [team]".

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