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Finally, the answer to the question "why is my tactic so crap?"

Football Manager is incredibly frustrating when the tactics you spent hours putting together aren't working and the threat of the sack is looming. Worse still, the assistant's advice in-game is proving to be of no help and the plethora of contradictory advice online just leaves you with more questions. Well fear not fellow manager, RATE MY TACTIC will show you where you can improve your tactic when you're struggling.

RATE MY TACTIC builds on the fantastic guides available at guidetofm.com and guidetofootball.com. If you'd like to learn more about football tactics and how to create a successful one for Football Manager, then we highly recommend visiting both of those sites.


While it hasn't been too useful to me personally, and even though what tactical setup you choose may depend on more factors than what seems theoretically right, this tool may help people at least see the surface level issues they may be having with their tactics. What is your opinion on this? I hadn't found a thread on this; not that the forum search tool is particularly effective, so I started one.

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It does not seem that bad actually. I'm usually pretty suspect of things like this, but this one seems to talk some sense. I plugged in my own tactic and what it told me is pretty much correct in terms of what I designed and what I see. I'm not sure how much use I would find it personally, but I guess people who want to check if their roles and duties have a glaring fault could use it. 

It is quite interesting though. 

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It would be nice if we could at least input Player Instructions. It's my personal bias, but I often like to tell my WM(A) to Dribble More without them necessarily having to Cut Inside or Run Wide With Ball, but at the same time and while more versatile, they're not as dangerous offensively as a Wingers or Inverted Winger on Attack duty. It made me think about my preferred formation, the flat 4-1-4-1 DM  bit more: it's probably not the easiest to use to play higher on the pitch compared to formations with AML/AMR, which are positions I really don't like. It hasn't been easy in FM20 to make it work as well as I'd like really. That being said, the app made me reconsider using FB(A) instead of WB(S), regardless of what the game says about my tactic being Highly Structured. FB(A) is no more of a liability defensively than WB(S) in my experience. I'd have to tinker a bit more with it, even though I don't have a save at the moment. When I started playing FM, I was adapting the tactics to the players a lot more. Nowadays I almost exclusively do the opposite: I have a favourite formation and I fit players in it; even if I have to clean the club of all the players I don't want when I take charge.

Also and to no one's surprise, the default tactics like Default Gegenpress in a 4-1-4-1 DM Wide make the app scream. :onmehead:

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