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Best Match Engine?

Best Match Engine?  

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  1. 1. What game has the best/most realistic match engine?

    • FM 20
    • FM 19
    • FM 18
    • FM 17
    • FM 16
    • FM 15
    • FM 14
    • FM 13
    • FM 12
    • Other

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it's very hard to me to analyze what is the best ME, simply because i tend to think the best one is the one that gave me more hours of fun when playing the game.... 

Logic tells me that probably the best ones are the latest, FM18... 18 or 20.... but my heart goes with FM10.

It was the one where i have the best saves, the one where i've seen the best combos.... i remember having a 4123 wide DM formation.... oh back then it was called 41221 with a AP(s) playing in the left wing position... and a CM(a) playing in the same side in the midfield and it was a joy to see those guys playing.... and supplying by DLF(a).

So.... FM10 for me!

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Trying to be objective here and put aside feelings of when I had my most enjoyable saves.

I'd actually go for FM14 - with the caveat at the time it was written (its not realistic now, football has changed a lot in the intervening years). Its the first one I recall that wasn't dependent on central striker goals i.e. the IFs and Wingers could score a bucketload as well.

I did play a few seasons of this during lockdown and enjoyed it - one thing bugged me though that sometimes it took over 10 mins to make a substitution, I think because the ball doesn't go out of play as much in this ME as IRL, which is a major flaw.

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